Wolverine (Vol. 2) #20
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  • Writer: Mark Millar
  • Penciler: John Romita, Jr.
  • Inker: Klaus Janson
  • Letterer: Rus Wooton
  • Colorist: Paul Mounts
  • Editor: Jennifer Lee, Axel Alonso
  • Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada

    Who's in this issue?
  • Elektra
  • Nick Fury
  • The Gorgon
  • Shadowcat
  • Wolverine
  • Ichiro Yashida


    A new, extremely-talented creative crew of Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. takes over for Greg Rucka and Darick Robertson whose near-20 issue run of the second volume series of Wolverine came to an end as of the last issue. A quick rundown of this issue is this: Logan is brought to Japan to aid his late fiancé's cousin, Ichiro Yashida, in the recovery of his son. Logan is taken down by a mutant known as the Gorgon, whose employer, Hydra, has corrupted Logan's mind and reprogrammed him. Now, Logan is unable to stop himself from running loose and killing people to complete a still-unknown mission that Hydra has implanted into his mind.

    My first impressions of this new creative crew: Mark Millar has done numerous writing assignments for many different comic books. His work among the X-titles includes writing for the Ultimate X-Men title. Now, as the new writer for Wolverine, Mark Millar seems to be taking this title back to a more traditional Wolverine-style title, where action will be plenty and our ol' Canucklehead will be foregoing his civilian clothing in exchange for his Wolverine outfit. This should hopefully get the title moving in more of a fast-track pace. As for the new Wolverine penciler John Romita Jr., who has been a Marvel mainstay since the 1980s and whose probably best remembered among X-title fans for his work on the Uncanny X-Men title in the last two decades, he brings his own distinct vision of Wolverine to this title, favoring a cleaner, more animation-looking Wolverine over a heavily-detailed, more realistic look.

    All in all, I felt that this issue gives the reader a quick glimpse of what's to come. If Logan is under the programming of Hydra, whose organization itself is known for being ruthless and coldblooded, then whomever gets in Logan's way will no doubtly be in big trouble. (And yes, even though there's absolutely no continuity whatsoever with what occurs in this title when matched with other X-titles for this month, if we can put that aside, this should be fun reading). Already, we know that Elektra will be the first to have to face Logan; may we see what happens in the next issue and whether Elektra will survive the clash!

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE (VOL. 2) #20:
    "Enemy of the State: Part 1"


    Nagasaki, Japan, where Logan has been called in by Ichiro Yashida, a cousin of Logan's deceased fiancé, Mariko Yashida, to rescue his kidnapped son. Logan meets Ichiro's son's captors in a Christian-style graveyard, presumably to pay a ransom to them in exchange for the boy. Logan presents them with two bags filled with what the kidnappers thought was money. Instead, the kidnappers finds folded clothing inside. As the kidnappers draw their guns, Logan unleashes his claws and kills the head kidnapper's bodyguards. A few seconds later, the head kidnappers yells out, and numerous black-clothed ninjas appear with swords drawn. An all-out brawl ensues, with Logan tearing through each ninja one by one, but to Logan's surprise, they reeked of methane gas and bled green blood.

    The fight goes on until only Logan and the head kidnapper remained. Logan grabs the man, and with a fist on the side of the man's skull, threatens the man and demands to know where Ichiro's son was. Before he could get an answer, the man dies, and only then does Logan that an unknown figure had rammed a sword through Logan and through the head kidnapper. As Logan thinks to himself how anyone could possibly move so fast and so silently, the mystery figure behind him speaks up and tells Logan that he, The Gorgon, could, and that if Logan was wondering, Ichiro's son was already dead. Logan's last image, before he blacked out, was that of The Gorgon with his sword raised, ready to inflict a blow onto Logan.

    A week later, where Kitty Pryde is in Ichiro's household. She was interviewing Ichiro as to the whereabouts of Logan, who couldn't provide Kitty with much information other than Logan had been sought by him to locate his missing son, whom he and his wife now presumes is dead.

    A month later in Minneapolis, MN, where Nick Fury and Elektra were investigating the murder of thirteen church personnel inside a cathedral. They suspect that the killings were committed by the members of the Hand. They suspect that the person in charge of authorizing these killings was The Gorgon, whom they think is also responsible for the disappearance of Logan. As a member of a group called the Dawn of the White Light, Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D thinks that he has formed a pact with the Hand and Hydra, which is why Logan was missing. As they walked to their car, Nick Fury and Elektra were told by an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D that Logan had been located in South America.

    Aboard a S.H.I.E.L.D aircraft carrier, where Elektra had just arrived twelve hours later, Logan is seen in their medical facilities, body completely wrapped up in tape, badly injured from his encounter with The Gorgon. A nurse was tending to Logan, who had regained some conscious and realized he was in a medical facility. The nurse who was administering aid to Logan was unaware that Logan had realized something was wrong with himself. He was hearing voices inside his head to kill her quickly, and that his "Hydra mission started the second [his] eyes opened". As she brings a water bottle towards Logan's mouth, Logan raises a clawed fist and kills the nurse.

    From a security station, some S.H.I.E.L.D agents had just witnessed what Logan had done, and not too much later, their system goes offline. Elsewhere on the ship, where Elektra was located, the power suddenly goes out as Logan takes out their main power panel. Elektra realizes that Logan was in the same room that they were located, and as she looks up, she sees Wolverine, in his costume, claws fully extended looking down, poised to attack her.

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