Wolverine (Vol. 2) #10
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  • Writer: Greg Rucka
  • Penciler: Leandro Fernandez
  • Inker: Leandro Fernandez
  • Letterer: Rus Wooton
  • Colorist: Studio F
  • Editor: Axel Alonso, Warren Simons
  • Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada

    Who's in this issue?
  • Special Agent Aguinaga
  • Angel
  • Cassie Lathrop
  • Garcia Nestor
  • Angelica Rojas
  • Wolverine


    Common reoccuring theme of this current story arc: daring people to do things. In this paritcular issue, we now see Rojas daring Logan to do what he had come there to do: kill her, even if she was with child. She accuses Logan of being nothing more than a rabid dog who loves to kill, and that by killing her, a villian, it would make him more of a man, but to kill a poor, innocent, unborn child would make him more of a beast than a man. So, do you think Rojas brings up a good point? Personally, I think it does: Logan kills because he believes that the villians deserve it. But if a villian is a woman with an innocent, unborn child in her, does that mean she and her child deserves to be kill, even if the woman has shown absolutely no remorse towards life in general, whose views of people is that they are just cheap means of getting what she wants? This is the question that will eat away at Logan, at least within this story arc. In the end, we see Logan with a baby in his arms: presumably, the child which Rojas gave birth to later that night. We have to assume what Logan might or might not have done to Rojas since it was never told in this book, even though Cassie Lathrop believes that Logan was going to go back and kill her.

    Admittedly, I believed that this story arc was going to be very bland. Drug lord kills innocents, Logan avenges there death. Ho hum, not interesting, not original. Throw in these last two curves (drug lord turns out to being a woman, and a pregnant woman at that, who questions Logan's intent for killing and why he kills), and this makes for better storytelling and character development. I believe the central theme of this story arc is to make us think about what Logan really stands for: does he kill because he believes that they are evil and deserved it, or does he use that as an excuse to kill because in reality, he is nothing more than a beast who loves to kill just because he loves it? Good storytelling in this particular issue, love the zoom-in of the characteres during the tense moments, and the tension that is portrayed in the multi-panel drawing of Logan with Rojas at his mercy makes this a good issue to read.

    One final comment: at the end, we see that Logan has "taken" Rojas' baby, or assumingly it's Rojas' baby that she had just given birth to after her encounter with Logan that past night. It can be assumed that Logan did this to give this child, this innocent child, a chance at a better life, away from a family which does not know the value of a human life, believing that lives, as Rojas termed "across the border", were cheap, and just a means of them to gain money through drug trafficking. What is Logan going to do with the child? Certainly, I can't imagine him raising the child as his own. We could assume that maybe he has Cassie adopt the child and raise the child as her own with him being the adoptive father. But then, haven't we heard this done before? (reference: Amiko, his adopted daughter in Japan, and Yukio, who is the caretaker of Amiko) We'll see what happens in the next issue.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE (VOL. 2) #10:
    "Coyote Crossing: Part 4"


    Night was fast approaching, and Angel was closing up the bar. All the customers were shuttled out, with the exception of Cassie, who refused to leave the bar. Angel is sent home by Nestor, who grabs two shot glasses and a bottle of liquor. He joins Cassie at her table. Nestor asks why she was still here, even though she knew Logan was in Mexico. She figures that Logan would eventually have to return to Nestor's bar, and expects to wait there until he returned. The two continue with their drinking.

    Meanwhile, back in Mexico, Logan was confronting Rojas. Rojas walks back into her mansion, with Logan following behind, claws extended. Rojas asks Logan why he didn't just kill her right there on the spot. She doesn't deny killing those ninteen victims, saying that it was nothing more than an accident which cost her time, money, and resources. She admits that she's killed far more than that, and that she traffics all kind of drugs across the border, whatever makes her money. She claims that those nineteen people weren't even worth more than the ten pounds of heroin that they had been transporting across the border to sell. As Logan picks up a figurine of a pregnant woman, Rojas again questions why Logan didn't just kill her right now. She questions him whether it was because of her unborn baby. She tells Logan that even an unborn child is not without sin, life is cheap, and death doesn't care about the innocent or guilty. She accuses Logan of being soft, that he had no problem about killing her armed guards, yet a simple woman like her could stop him dead in his track from his relentless killing. Furthermore, she accuses him of being nothing but a rabid dog, and for him to kill a villian would make him feel more of a man than a beast, but only an animal would murder an innocent unborn child. Furious at her accusation, he unsheathes one set of his claws, and with his other hand, grabs a hold of Rojas' neck. She dares him to kill her.

    A tense moment, where Logan is rearing his right claw, ready to punch it through her head. At the last moment, he rams his claws through the recliner that she was sitting in. He falls into a feral rage, destroying most everything around him. He tells her to shut up as she once again accuses him of being a rabid dog. He tries hard to surpress the beast within him. Eventually, he controls his anger enough to resheath his claws, and with one final stare at Rojas, leaves the mansion. Rojas stares unbelievingly at the now-empty room. Suddenly, she feels contractions, as the stress she had just experienced induced her into labor. With no one around, she crawls her way to the telephone.

    Much later, as dawn approached, Logan returned to Nestor's bar, where Cassie was still awake, waiting for Logan, with another can of beer in her hand. Logan tells her to get out. Cassie, obviously very drunk by now, asks Logan whether he found Rojas. Logan tells her that he did, and that Rojas was actually a woman who was pregnant. Once again, Logan tells her to get out, but she refused, wanting to stay instead. Logan tired and needing to think about the day's event, tells her to sleep on the couch.

    A few hours pass, and the bar is busy again with customers. Cassie wakes up from the couch, and as she was about to call out Logan's name, she notices that he was gone already. She heads downstairs, where Nestor tells her that Logan had already left early before the bar opened to swim across the river again. Cassie realizes that Logan was going to back over there to kill Rojas. As she gets her coat and opens the door, Logan was already there, asking for help. In his arm was a baby girl whom he was trying to get to stop crying.

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