Wolverine (Vol. 2) #2
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  • Writer: Greg Rucka
  • Penciler: Darick Robertson
  • Inker: Tom Palmer
  • Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
  • Colorist: Studio F
  • Editor: Axel Alonso
  • Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada

    Who's in this issue?
  • Sycamore Blaine
  • Customer at Blaine's firearm shop
  • Customer and his son at Tom's gunshow stall
  • Cassie Lathrop
  • Tom Leeds
  • Wolverine


    What's interesting about recent comic books ... at least within the X-universe ... is how on the very first page of the book, it recaps in a brief synopsis what had occurred in the previous issue. In one way, this is very good because it means we wouldn't have to dig up our back issues to find the previous book and have to reread it again to figure out what had happened. And for those who might have forgotten to pick up that issue, they wouldn't have to fret and try to figure out what's going on in this particular issue, not knowing the events that led up to the issue. In another way, it means that it really doesn't matter for us whether we read the last issue or not. This does affect the overall storytelling, though, because we are not treated with the knowledge of everything that happened in the last issue except for the highlights. Regardless of how you view it, the recap does allow for me to write about this month's issue without forgetting the events from last month.

    Another thing that's caught my eye in this second issue is the amount of detail that Darick Robertson's been applying to his artwork. Maybe it's just something I haven't been keeping track of in other issues done by other artists, but in this issue, the attention to some of the finer details ... such as the the individual faces in the overview shot of the gun show, and the pictures on the wall at Blaine's office ... was more detailed that I would have thought of background images in needing. It was a nice touch to add more details to the background because to me, it tells more of the story and gives a crisper image of exactly what's going on.

    Regarding this issue, we learn that Logan is now conducting his own background investigation of who might have killed Lucy. He knows what kind of gun and magazine rounds were used from the ones that had hit him, and through his connections (Blaine at the gun shop), he was able to get a name of someone who might have the ability to get that type of firearm. now it's on to the buyer of those guns. As for Cassie Lathrop, an associate to Tom, she might be trouble for Logan through her secret contacts.

    One sidenote: it appears that Blaine, Logan's friend, must have been a Vietnam vet. In one brief panel shot, we see Logan looking at a picture taken during the Vietnam war, in Laos, 1971. The picture shows two soldiers in fairly good clarity. The taller guy, I suspect, is probably Blaine. The one on the left though ... is it just me, or does that soldier look a little bit like Logan? I know we've had plenty of references to him fighting in WWII, but how about the Vietnam war? To the best of my knowledge, he has never been linked to being an active participant in that war, but the picture might be saying otherwise ... hmm ...

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE (VOL. 2) #2:
    "Brotherhood: Part 2"


    Logan, in his "birthday suit", is doing surgery on his own body with the aid of his claws. He makes an incision in himself, and pops out a slug out of his chest. He examines the slug briefly before getting dressed and heading out. He drives over to a gun shop. Blaine, the owner of the shop, was having a conversation with a customer when Logan enters and asks to talk with Blaine in his office. He shows Blaine the slug, and asks Blaine whether he recognized it. Blaine identifies it as a soft-nosed, .45 slug, which appeared to have been in someone. Logan believed the slug came from a MAC 10, even though he never saw his assailants nor the weapon, based on his own experience from being shot at. He asks Blaine whether he knew of any organizations calling themselves "The Brothers", who had access to modified MAC 10s. Blaine tells Logan to check the local gun shows for dealers with kits. He tells Logan to look up Tom Leeds, a dealer who frequently visits the shows and had the ability to sell kits in volumes, who might be at a show in Klamath, that coming weekend.

    Meanwhile, that weekend, Tommy and his associate, Cassie Lathrop, are at the packed Klamath gun show doing good business. Tommy notices Logan at his stall. Noting how Logan looked like a man who didn't see what he wanted, he tells Logan that just because he doesn't see it doesn't mean he doesn't have it. Logan asks for AR-15s with modification parts and ammunition. Tommy tells Logan he could get them, even in his own private collection. Logan tells him he's interested, and agrees to meet with him later on that night. Logan purchases a gun from Tommy's private collection, and leaves.

    Later that evening at the bar, Logan meets with Tommy and Cassie. Logan asks Tommy whether he could get ten AR15s for him with modified kits. Tommy replies that he could, but it would take him two weeks. Logan doesn't agree, saying that it would take too long. Tommy tells Logan to stop playing games, and just cut to the real reason. He tells Logan that he could get Logan what he really wanted (actual M16s without the need of any conversions) and he had connections to get them to Logan by Tuesday if he had the money. Logan thinks about it, and agrees to give Tommy a 10% down payment by the next day at his shop if Tommy brings in a sample. As Logan leaves, he asks Tommy whether he had any MAC 10s available with the same conversion. Tommy tells Logan he had already sold all of them a few months ago.

    That night, Tommy returns to his room. As he was looking for the light switch, Logan grabs Tommy from behind. With the gun that he had bought earlier pointed at Tommy's head, he demands to know from Tommy the name of the person who he sold the MAC 10s to. Tommy denies any knowledge, but finally gives Logan the name of Dennis Terril in Westfall. Logan releases Tommy and begins to leave the room. Tommy pulls out a gun of his own, and threatens to shoot Logan, telling him he wasn't just going to walk away. With his back to Tommy, Logan uses one of his claws to cut the gun in his possession, tosses it to the floor, and leaves the room with Tommy staring at the severed gun on the ground.

    Outside, Logan gets on his bike and begins to leave. He catches a scent behind him. He recognizes the scent belong to Cassie, and she had a gun pointed at Logan. He tells her not to do it, and drives off. Cassie pulls out a walkie-talkie, and tells the person at the other end that they now have a problem.

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