Wolverine #189
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  • Writer: Daniel Way
  • Penciler: Staz Johnson
  • Inker: Danny Miki
  • Letterer: Comicraft
  • Colorist: Avalon Studios
  • Editor: Axel Alonso
  • Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada

    Who's in this issue?
  • Chief Internal Affairs Detective
  • Internal Affairs Detective #1
  • Internal Affairs Detective #2
  • Det. Lester Brown
  • Det. Scott McLawry
  • Wolverine


    It was clever to have Wolverine volunteer himself as being one of McLawry's "victims" just for the sake of finding out where the bodies of Juwan and Tawanda Barnes were. However, from an investigating point of view, I honestly don't know how the evidence that Logan left behind could be used to convict McLawry: Brown's gun and a map to the two bodies. Now, unless those two bodies still have a bullet in them that could be traced back to McLawry's gun, there really isn't a case that could be build against McLawry since it could still be thought that Brown had used *his* gun to kill the two and buried them. And, since Logan cannot be an eyewitness to the crime or to McLawry's confession, there really isn't any hard evidence to convict McLawry. But, we'll just save this debate for the prosecutors and defense attorneys ...

    Anyway, as most know already by now, this is the last issue of Wolverine for this ongoing series. A third series is due to be released in the end of May, titled Wolverine again, but with issues starting off at #1. Throughout the course of this 189 issues, we've seen many things happen with Logan: from his Patch identity, to some references to his Weapon X past, then the loss of his life (Mariko Yashida), the loss of his adamantium and the discovery that his claws were of bone origin, then his transformation into a feral beast which mysteriously vanishes, then him regaining his adamantium skeleton, and then these miscellaneous stories to close out the title. The series started off slow, then came some great stories and some not-so-great stories, and finally closing off with these mediocre stories. This series, in my opinion, ended with not much of a bang, so maybe it will be a good idea to start fresh at #1 with a whole new crew to revitalize this comic. Sure, the Top 100 comics being sold each month does usually see this title within the top 15, but I think it is more because of the character's popularity than the creativity of this book which drives this book's sale. Let's just hope that the new series will start off with a bang, and that the new 3rd ongoing series of Wolverine will result in a title whose run will be just as long or even longer than this 2nd ongoing series had gone.

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  • WOLVERINE #189:
    "Good Cop, Bad Cop: Part 2 of 2"


    Detective Lester Brown is being interrogated by his superiors, who are now investigating the disappearance of Tawanda and Juwan Barnes. They interrogate Detective Brown, since he would have a motive after Tawanda threatened to press charges against him for what he did to her son. They asked where he was the previous night (at Sullivan's, a local bar), whether anyone could confirm his story (McLawry could since he was there), and how he had gotten hurt (by a bunch of gangbangers). Detective Brown's superior points out that McLawry had been cleared of any wrongdoings in his shooting against the drug dealer to which Brown was investigating. As the two interrogators leave, Brown is told by his boss that he was suspended and had to turn over his badge and gun. Brown said that he didn't have his gun, and he didn't know where it was. Brown, infuriated, tells them that if they wanted to press charges against him to do so, but the interrogators tell him that they didn't have anything to charge him with, though with Brown going back to their apartment the previous night, the two occupants being missing, and the fact that Tawanda Barnes had wanted to file charges against him meant that it didn't look very good for Detective Brown's situation. Brown retaliates, saying that he wanted to go back to warn them before they were killed by McLawry for being eyewitnesses to the slaying of their neighbor. The interrogators ask Brown whether he knew beyond a doubt that they were dead for sure since no bodies were ever found. As they all step out of Brown's superior's office, Detective McLawry tells Murphy that he felt like celebrating, and the two head back to Sullivan's for another drink.

    At Sullivan's, when McLawry went to wash up in the restroom, he is asked by Logan, using a urinal, how he felt getting away with murder. McLawry doesn't recognize Logan, so Logan refreshes his mind, saying he was the one whom McLawry bought the drink for, about an hour after he shot the kid, four hours after he shot the kid's mom, and eight days after he had shot their neighbor. McLawry gets right into Logan's face, demanding to know from Logan what he knew. Logan says he knows everything. Just then, Murphy enters the restroon to chcek on McLawry, and Logan leaves. McLawry leaves Murphy behind to give chase after Logan.

    Outside, Logan catches McLawry's scent, and allows McLawry to follow him. McLawry hits Logan from behind, knocking Logan out and dragging the unconscious Logan to the back of the trunk of his car. They drive out of New York to a rural area. McLawry pops open the trunk, and armed with a shovel, demands to know how Logan found out about everything. Logan calls McLawry a coward and a murderer, to which McLawry's reaction was to hit Logan with the shovel. McLawry said that if it wasn't for narcotic detectives like him, even if it meant killing a few drug dealers along the way, the streets would be far worse than it currently is already. He tells Logan that he had buried Juwan and Tawanda in this same location, and though it was the hardest thing he ever had to do, it had to be done. Logan tells McLawry that he knows he killed the drug dealer not in self-defense, and Juwan had known what he had done. Tawanda was killed just to eliminate any witnesses to his killings. McLawry congratulates Logan for figuring everything out. He pulls out a pistol, and shoots Logan twice at point blank range into Logan's head. He buries Logan's body into the ground, and drives off. Moments later, Logan digs his way out of his grave once Logan's healing factor had sufficiently kicked in to heal him of his wounds.

    Later on, Detective Brown is seen entering Sullivan's once again. The waitress asks Brown whether he wanted another drink. Detective Brown looks at her, and turns down the offer, saying he's not going to drink anymore. The waitress returns later on though with a glass of burbon, saying it was at the complements of the guy at the counter. She points to the spot where the guy had been, but there was no one there except for a package. Detective Brown heads over there, and opens the package. Inside was Detective Brown's missing gun, and a map detailing where Detective Brown could find the bodies of Juwan and Tawanda Barnes. Detective Brown dashes out, knowing he's got the evidence now to nab McLawry. Moments later, Logan steps out of the restroom after cleaning up himself. He notices the drink that he had bought McLawry had not been consumed, so he drinks it up.

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