Wolverine #188
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  • Writer: Daniel Way
  • Penciler: Staz Johnson
  • Inker: Danny Miki
  • Letterer: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
  • Colorist: Avalon Studios
  • Editor: Axel Alonso
  • Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada

    Who's in this issue?
  • Apartment residents
  • Juwan Barnes
  • Tawanda Barnes (Juwan's mother)
  • Bartending maid
  • Chief Internal Affairs detective
  • Det. Lester Brown
  • Det. Scott McLawry
  • Det. Murphy (McLawry's partner)
  • Wolverine


    Logan doesn't actually appear in this issue until very near the end in two panels: a.) taking the physical hits for Det. Brown when Det. Brown had return to save Juwan and Tawanda Barnes from being killed, and b.) at the bar when Det. Brown and Det. McLawry had the confrontation. Other than that, the entire issue features Det. Lester Brown, a drunk internal affairs detective bent on exposing on of his colleagues, Det. McLawry, as a crooked cop. And oh joy, this is going to be a two-part story arc! *sarcasm*

    First of all, I don't know what the trend is of finding everyone seemingly drunk in the last few issues. Does the writer have some type of personal preference where at least one of his main characters has to be drunk all the time? Sheesh, this almost makes both issue sound as if drinking is the cure to everyone's problem, which obviously it isn't. Second, this story arc isn't turning out to be promising either. It is a safe bet that Det. Brown can't do anything about exposing Det. McLawry because of his own personal problems, and most likely Logan will be the one who does something about it. So once again, as I had asked in the previous issue review: why is Logan entangling himself with fighting against these people? Doesn't the last few issue seem like nothing more than mirror images of each other? At least the whole mob story worked on by that creative team had somewhat of a concrete story behind it, but the last few one or two-shot ordeals are probably as boring as you can get it to be. To me, these stories just do *not* fit the persona of Wolverine at all, and why we even bother reading about these situations boggles my mind. The countdown is certainly on for the next permanent creative team for Wolverine, and I sincerely hope that they do a much better job creating interesting stories for this character than the last few story arcs in the past two years have brought to him.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #188:
    "Good Cop, Bad Cop: Part 1 of 2"


    Detective Lester Brown is seen taking a long drink from a can containing alcohol as he surveys a ravaged, blood-stained apartment where a gun battle had ensued. Putting the drink away, he staggers to the apartment next door, but was turned away from its occupant after announcing himself as NYPD. He turns his attention down the hallway, where a boy was entering his apartment. The boy sees the detective, and bolts down the hallway. Det. Brown gives chase down the staircase, only to trip and fall onto the boy, injuring the boy's knee. The boy's mom, Tawanda, rushes out to check on her son. The detective asks the boy's mom why he ran if he didn't have anything to do with the shooting and murder a few apartments down. She says he was scared. He gives her his business card if they thought of any information they could provide him with in regards to the murder. Tawanda questions whether Det. Brown cared more about screwing his friends in the force or his "people" and other African-Americans. She says that her neighbor deserved what he got for selling drugs to everyone, including kids, though Det. Brown says that it wasn't how it works. As Det. Brown gets into his car, he receives a phone call from his superior that the case was now closed even though the investigation wasn't complete. Frustrated with the way the case was going and how the crooked cop he was investigating, Det. McLawry, was not going to get away with it, he heads over to a liquor store for another bottle of booze.

    Much later, a policeman knocks on Det. Brown's car window, telling the dozing detetive to move his car because he was parked in a police parking only zone. Det. Brown flashes his badge, still suffering from a hangover from his excessive alcohol drinking. Inside the police station, Tawanda Barnes was demanding to the front desk that she wanted to file charges against Detective Brown for police brutality and harassment, after what he had done to her son. Detective Brown walks in, and she promptly begins to yell at him. She storms out, blaming Detective Brown for being "jus' another crooked po-leece jus' like the one you say you after". Detective Brown rubs his head as his superior calls him into his office. The red-headed Detective McLawry was there with Murphy, and Murphy comments to McLawry how his "shadow" (Brown) had finally lost it. McLawry proclaims he never did anything wrong, and was leaving for lunch and to pick up his dry cleaning.

    Inside the chief detective's office, Detective Brown is blamed by his boss for drinking too much which influenced his handling with Juwan, and his boss sends Brown to a desk job for the time being until he could reassign him to another case. As he leaves, Detective Brown's boss tells him that he wonders whether Brown really hated cops that much, and by the looks of what he was doing to himself, it was probably true. Outside, Brown runs into Murphy, asking to see his partner, McLawry. Murphy told him he went to get his laundry, though where he was able to find a dry cleaner open on Sunday was beyond him. Detective Brown realizes something was wrong with that story, and rushes back to the scene of the crime.

    When he gets there, however, he finds that the Barnes' apartment had already been broken into, the entire place in shambles, and both Juwan and Tawanda were missing. At the doorsteps to the apartment complex, he finds out from the loiterers there that a red-headed cop had appeared before he showed up. He grabs one of them, demanding to know when the red-headed cop had shown up. Brown was then punched from behind by the friend of the person he was demanding information from. As the three loiterers prepare to beat up Detective Brown, a voice from behind asks them whether that was all they got. One of the loiterers pull out a revolver, and the three turn their attention towards the mystery guy challenging them [the guy being Logan].

    Much later, Detective Brown awakes from his concussion, realizing that he had blown it and was unable to save the Barnes' family. Once again, he heads to a bar to drink down his misery. It just so happens that McLawry was also at that bar, and McLawry had bought Brown a round of alcohol. Brown confronts McLawry, telling him he wasn't through investigating him yet and accuses McLawry of killing Tawanda and Juwan at the apartment as possible eyewitnesses to the murder of the drug dealer. McLawry whispers to Brown for his luck in finding the bodies of the people he had murdered behind his badge, and tells the drunk detective to get out of the bar. As Brown leaves, a voice behind McLawry asks whether he was going to drink the shot that he had bought for Brown. McLawry passes on it, and Logan consumes the shot for himself.

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