Wolverine #187
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  • Writer: Daniel Way
  • Penciler: John McCrea
  • Inker: John McCrea
  • Letterer: Richard Starkings, Jimmy Betancourt
  • Colorist: Avalon Studios
  • Editor: Axel Alonso
  • Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada

    Who's in this issue?
  • Bar Customer
  • Guilt-ridden drunkard
  • Wolverine


    *sigh* This is another one of those one-shot issues. It's almost as if the creatives teams are doing absolutely nothing for the last few issues of this title, especially with the full knowledge that a new creative team will be taking over for Wolverine and the title will be renumbered starting at issue #1. So, us fans are left having to drag ourselves to read another one of these one-shot issues which will fast find itself deep inside our comic book boxes, forgotten, never to be read again unless we were extremely bored.

    So what's this whole issue about? Essentially, Wolverine goes after this drunkard who had killed two people for no apparent reason, perhaps in a drunken state. The old man was guilt-ridden about killing those two people, and was drinking himself to death, waiting for either the authorities to capture him or for himself to commit suicide. The police never bothered looking for him, and he chose option #2. He couldn't do it himself, so Logan had to do it for him by driving the truck with the old man and the bodies over the cliff. That's about it. Why does Logan go after someone like this and helps him out? Who knows? The last few issues, we've seen Logan duel it out against relatively no-names, normal human beings, who had done something bad, or helping people with some strang circumstances. That just doesn't seem like the Wolverine that I'm used to reading about. Directionless title? The last few story arcs seem to be saying that this title is just that. I sincerely hope that the new creative team will bring some better creative stories in this title's direction. Yes, Wolverine is arguably one of comic fan's most favorite heroes to read about, and the main reason why the creative team and management can let this title hit the bottom like the last few story arcs, but please, spare us the misery and make an attempt to at least write a decent story for once which makes us actually enjoy reading the story.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #187:
    "Down the Road"


    Somewhere out in the rural back woods, Logan is seen getting off his motorcycle at a saloon, the Red Onion, after a long drive. As Logan gets off his motorcycle, he catches a scent which draws his attention, and investigates.

    Later on, Logan enters the bar for a drink. He overhears an old man, drunk, who had been telling his drinking friends a story. Logan follows the man into the restroom. He asks the old man whether he could get a ride with him after hearing his desire to head westward. The old man agrees, and the two board his truck and heads west.

    As the two journey westward, the old man comments to Logan how he was so quiet. Logan said he was never much for words. The old man says him neither, unless he was drinking. He pulls out a bottle of booze and begins to drink it as he was driving. Logan takes a sip of the booze, and nearly chokes on it, exclaiming how strong it was. The old man tells Logan how it was his grandfather's secret whiskey recipe, but then tells Logan, who called his bluff, that he found it in the back woods. The old man laughs, saying how he always loved a good story. Seizing the opportunity, Logan asks the old man why there was a dead body in the back of his truck. The old man tells Logan with a gleam in his eyes that there were actually two bodies in the back. Logan asks him why he had done it and why he had the bodies in the back. The old man responds that they had "done me wrong" back home and that he was driving to blow the flies off of the body. He starts another story with Logan, until Logan points out to the man that they were driving straight into the path of a big rig truck. The old man swerves at the last minute, crashing into a tree. Logan, slightly injured but nothing that his healing factor couldn't heal, takes the key and does the driving.

    Some time later, at a roadside gas station, the old man wakes up in the passenger seat of his truck. Looking in the back, he sees flies buzzing around the bodies. Logan reappears, and the two heads back down the road. As they drive, the old man asks Logan how he had knew about the bodies in the back of his truck. Logan replied that he had smelled it on him, to which the old man said he smelled it too on Logan. Logan says that he noticed one of them had been shot in the back. The old man said he had dshot him when that person had been getting into his own truck. Logan says that they, therefore, must have not been armed, to which the old man confirms. Logan asks him why he had done it. The old man thinks for a minute, then realizes that they didn't do anything wrong, that they were just two hitchhikers he had picked up alongside the road a few days back, and that he didn't know why he had killed them. Logan tosses his toothpick out the window, telling the old man that he knew exactly why. The old man looks down at the empty bottle in his hand, realizing that he probably does know.

    Pretty soon, Logan drives to the end of the road. The old man says that was his plan all along, and told Logan to pull over. Logan gets out, and as he was leaving, the old man asks Logan whether Logan had been looking for him because he had been driving on that road for so long that the police had not even taken the time to look for him, even though he wanted to be caught. Logan's reply was that he was always looking for him. The old man grins, telling Logan it took him long enough, and begins to drive towards the end of the road. But he stops, and tells Logan he couldn't do it. Logan tells him to move over, and begins to drive the car towards the end of the road. The old man apologizes to Logan for dragging him into committing suicide with him. Logan tells the old man that he'll be just fine. The truck careens off the end of the road, over the cliff, and bursts into flames as it hits the ground below.

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