Wolverine #186
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  • Writer: Frank Tieri
  • Penciler: Terry Dodson
  • Inker: Rachel Dodson
  • Letterer: Comicraft
  • Colorist: Edgar Tadeo
  • Editor: Axel Alonso
  • Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada

    Who's in this issue?
  • The Punisher
  • Wolverine


    In order for you to fully understand exactly what is happening in this issue, especially with certain references that Wolverine makes to a "past encounter" with the Punisher, you will need to read up on Marvel Knights: The Punisher #16 and #17. In those two issues, which in my opinion was extremely graphic in what the Punisher does (true to his name), Wolverine and the Punisher "teams up" to fight a gang of midgets who were bent on cutting people's legs "down to size" at the kneecap with a chainsaw. And in those two issues, the Punisher does two things to Logan: a.) blows Logan's face completely off with a shotgun, leaving Logan with no flesh hiding his adamantium-laced skull, and b.) in the end, as Wolverine threatens to beat the Punisher to a pulp as soon as he healed up from his encounters against the midgets, the Punisher runs Logan over with a steam roller.

    So, as this issue states in the beginning, the Punisher wasn't very pleased with Logan letting Tony and Johnny off so easily from the last issue, and hence, wanted his revenge on Wolverine. This entire issue features Wolverine and Punisher going at it, "mano a mano". What they do to each other wasn't anything near as graphic as what occured in MK: The Punisher (censors would *never* let that happen in a mainstream issue like Wolverine), but ... well, you get the idea from the hits that each other takes in this issue. The bombshell at the end, though, shows the Punisher in possession of multiple muscle magazines featuring male bodybuilders. Punisher claims they're suspects that he's looking into. Wolverine thinks otherwise however, characterizing Punisher's "loner" behavior as someone who might be homosexual. Will we ever know? Most likely not, as arguments can be made for and against it (remember Punisher's origins ... how he came to be), and the writers have left it as such.

    Overall, nothing particularly great in this issue in terms of story development. It's simply a one-shot ordeal featuring the creative crew of what my guess is a husband/wife duo showcasing a fight between Punisher and Wolverine.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #186:
    "See Ya Around, Frankie"


    The Punisher is seen taking a few good hits, courtesy of Logan, as a "favor returned" for when Punisher had ran Logan over with a steam roller. Their fight spills into a toy store, where each of them trade insults towards each other: Punisher telling Logan to stay out of his "sandbox" and his disappointment for not doing away with "lowlifes" like [Johnny] Delacavva and for Logan to stick to fighting "megalomaniac mutant goofballs with buckets on their head", while Logan telling Punisher that he was a joke and that he was not the "cure" to the "disease" that the Punisher thought of himself as. The Punisher blames Logan for being a mass murderer, while Logan blames the Punisher for killing innocent people. Their fight spills into the mall that the toy store resided in. The Punisher ambushes Logan in the mall, ties a rope around his neck, and drags him behind on a motorcycle. [Now how the Punisher "just so happen" to have a motorcycle inside a mall facility is beyond my comprehension] Logan escapes, and manages to get the Punisher to crash his motorcycle into a store. The Punisher uses the motorcycle chain to try to cut Logan at the neck, but Logan manages to break free and send the Punisher crashing through another window, knocking him out. As Logan tells the Punisher that the world wasn't as black and white as he believed it to be, and that there will always be a mob, no matter what the Punisher did, Logan suddenly notices some content that had fallen out of the Punisher's bag when he crashed through the window. The Punisher opens his eyes as Logan, holding a bunch of male bodybuilding magazines that had fallen out of his bag, comments on how the Punisher had been making fun of him for wearing yellow tights. Logan thinks to himself how it suddenly made sense: how the Punisher was single, neat, and very organized. In his defense, the Punisher quickly says that those people were suspects, and that he was always looking for suspects. Logan flicks the magazine into the Punisher's lab, sarcastically saying that the Punisher should just keep telling himself that, and leaves.

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