Wolverine #179
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  • Writer: Matt Nixon
  • Penciler: Ethan Van Sciver
  • Inker: Lary Stucker
  • Letterer: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Saida
  • Colorist: Avalon
  • Editor: Mike Marts
  • Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada

    Who's in this issue?
  • Demon in Astral plane
  • Puck
  • Sasquatch
  • Shaman
  • Snowbird
  • Talking Bugs
  • Wolverine


    Um, does anyone know exactly what's going on with this issue? So what we have learned: some twisted and sick villian (who seems to associate himself with a fly ...), once a shaman, has some ultimate plan to have the current Shaman's protege because the villian, a demon, believes that Shaman's protege is too powerful and he belongs to him, along with Snowbird. So Shaman and Wolverine team up to free Wolverine's friends, members of Alpha Flight, and defeats the Demon. Ooookay ... not sure where this is going ... hopefully the next issue will clear up what exactly is this story arc all about, assuming that the "To be continued ..." at the end of the book really does mean "To be continued ..."

    There's some really weird stuff in this issue. For one, Logan's got a serious case of sideburn growth going in this issue: first time that I've ever seen it extended all the way towards his mouth. (Come on, give him a shave!) Second, that scene with Snowbird as some huge fly, and the demon as a huge fly. Um, it doesn't take rocket science to figure out what's going on there or what is implied there, but the way they were drawn implies that this demon represents the all that is sinful.

    So we also are introduced to this new character whose name is Chuck Moss. A big guy who looks like your typical "rebel to society", Logan is supposed to train him. Now, how he is Shaman's protege, whom Shaman refers to as an "Omega mutant", and is in need of guidance to follow the right path. How Chuck Moss' role in the future remains to be seen, but perhaps we'll learn more about him next issue.

    Overall, I'm probably indifferent towards this book. What I wish this story had gone a bit more in depth about discussing was who exactly this demon that Shaman had gone against ... who was he? What is his origin? Why does he want Shaman's protege? Also, I had this feeling after reading this issue that this book might be another gauge by Marvel to see whether Alpha Flight might be worth another run. After all, we never really see Alpha Flight in any other comics anymore outside of Wolverine, so perhaps this is another sign just to keep Alpha Flight fresh in the reader's mind.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #179:
    "Of Lesser Demons ..."


    Logan is medidating in a forest in Westchester, NY, when he notices a Lizard with its mouth stitched together staring at him. Cutting the stiches off, the voice of Shaman, a member of Alpha Flight, comes out of the lizard's mouth. Shaman's voice had a sense of urgency in it, asking Logan to aid him as soon as he can.

    Several hours later, Logan appear in Canada with Shaman, standing on a cliff overlooking Alpha Flight compound. The compound had been surrounded with a protective spell that Shaman had casted to contain the evil within. Shaman informs Logan that their Alpha Flight friends, minus Vindicator and Guardian, had been captured and were most likely being mind-controlled by the demon who had transformed the Alpha Flight compound into something sinister. Logan was attacked by a cloud of some mysterious bugs, which Shaman captures and Logan realizes to be flies. Shaman mentions that the person or thing that they were dealing with had to be a demon who was once a Shaman. Wolverine looked forward to fighting the demon, but Shaman reveals that only to eliminate this demon's influence was for him to defeat him on the astral plane. As they parted ways, Shaman gives Logan some grubs (bugs) to place them on their mind-controlled friends to free them from the influence of the demon.

    As Logan makes his way deeper into the compound, Logan thinks to himself how he could smell Sasquatch's scent, but not Puck's. Suddenly, huge bugs (spiders and scorpions) appear, commenting on how loud Logan's thoughts were, and how they felt about him. Logan quickly dispatches of them with his claws. From behind, however, Sasquatch appears and with one fist, punches Logan through two trees. Logan takes a beating, though when Sasquatch grabs Logan by one leg and holds him eye-level, Logan reaches under his belt, grabs one of the grubs that Shaman had given to him, and embeds the bug into Sasquatch's fur, instantly freeing Sasquatch from the demon's mind-control influence. As Sasquatch and Logan now make their way to find Snowbird and Puck, Puck suddenly appears and belts Logan in the groin, leaving Logan bowing downward in pain (for Logan doesn't have adamantium protecting himself down there ...) The two give chase after Puck through a room, only to be left aghast after seeing Snowbird.

    Elsewhere in the compound, Shaman had psychically transferred himself into the Astral plane where he encounters a big demon. Shaman demands that the demon undo what had been done. In response, the demon demanded that Shaman give up Shaman's "protege", along with the half-godling (Snowbird), for in the eyes of the demon, those two were too powerful and would help him return to earth as a God. From his mouth, he unleashes a swarm of flies to attack Shaman.

    Back downstairs in the room, where Logan and Sasquatch sees Snowbird in the form of a big, overweight fly with another big, overweight fly on top of her. Sasquatch launches Wolverine towards the fly ("fastball special") in an effort to free Snowbird. With his claws, he manages to slash the overgrown fly off of Snowbird, and proceeds to fight off the fly while Sasquatch gives chase at Puck. Elsewhere, Shaman turns the swarm of flies that were attacking him against the demon, and the flies destroy the demon. At that moment, everything around the Alpha Flight compound reverted back to its original state: Snowbird reverts back to herself, Puck is freed from the mind control, and the compound returns back to what it was supposed to look like. The only thing that remained was the big fly, but now, Logan, Sasquatch, Snowbird, and Puck team together and destroys the fly.

    Later on, Logan is seen talking with Shaman on the roof of a building, asking him what the demon had wanted. Shaman points down below at an approaching vehicle. As the person steps out of the vehicle, Shaman informs Logan that the person was Chuck Moss, his protege, and one whom Professor X would call an "omega mutant". Shaman wanted Logan's help to educate Chuck Moss, to guide him on the proper path, which Logan agrees.

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