Wolverine #164
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  • Writer: Frank Tieri
  • Penciler: Sean Chen
  • Inker: Norm Rapmund
  • Letterer: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Saida
  • Colorist: Raymund Lee
  • Editor: Mike Marts
  • Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada

    Who's in this issue?
  • Aryan
  • Axe
  • Axel (Tills' partner)
  • Montgomery Battle (jail warden)
  • Beast
  • Director Sharon Carter (S.H.I.E.L.D)
  • Crusher Creel
  • Nick Fury
  • Special Agent Brent Jackson (S.H.I.E.L.D)
  • Jail Guards
  • Misc. Inmates
  • No Money
  • Peepers
  • Sabretooth
  • Cales "Reb" Tills (lead jail guard)
  • Wolverine
  • Wrecker


    This book basically highlights Wolverine and Beast's stay inside a "superhuman incarceration" facility after their arrest, supposedly for Wolverine's murder of Sen. Walsh. What do we learn? It seems that their capture wasn't by accident, but it was purposely executed, as several hints in this book shows that the prisoners in this prison would be given some type of gimmick in order to see that Wolverine and Beast ends up dead. So the question is: who wants them both dead, and who's been dropping those mysterious notes to Wolverine?

    A lot of second and third-rated villians makes an appearance in this book ... villians which didn't cut it against other Marvel superheroes and found themselves imprisoned at this superhuman incarceration facility. Sabretooth is given back the adamantium (again, where the heck is this supposedly "rarest metal on earth" coming from???), so that means that we should look forward to seeing an adamantium-nized Wolverine and Sabretooth battle somewhere down the line. Peepers reminds me of the character "Gune" that was featured in the movie Titan A.E.: the big-eyed, stuttering speech character who seeked comfort in close friendships.

    There really isn't much to praise or rant about this issue. It simply expands on the mystery behind Wolverine's supposed murder of the senator and the mystery of someone now wanting him dead and him being the connection to everything. Beast is an innocent bystander of the entire ordeal, as he's stabbed in the gut in the very end, supposedly left for dead. Will he die? Most likely not since he's one of the original X-Men, and if he were to die ... well, let's just say it would be done in a mainstream X-title and not Wolverine. Lots of fights with prisoners of all faction, and prison guards, in my opinion, are stereotyped to a point. Just goes to show why no one wants to end up in prison! Fury now decides to do some internal investigation of his own personnel, in particular, Agent Jackson, utilizing the Shiver Man to do the investigation. I'll bet that Jackson will be found to have some type of connection to what's going on with Wolverine.

    Only minor gripe: I don't know much about this character Creel, or his background and what happened to him after his encounter with Wolverine in the distant past, but when he mentions that he lost his arm to Wolverine during the "Secret Wars" saga, I'd expect to see him one-armed. So what's he doing with two arms when beating up Beast and fighting Logan?

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #164:
    "The Hunted: Pt. 3"


    A normal-looking Beast is getting brutally beaten up by Creel, a prisoner. Wolverine steps in to defend Beast and fight Creel. Wolverine threatens to kill Creel, while the Wrecker threatens to kill Beast if Creel isn't set free by Wolverine. The warden of the jail, with some of his prison guards, steps in to break up the fight. Wolverine has a heated exchange-of-words with "Reb", the warden's right-hand man. The fight is broken up, and Wolverine and Beast are led back to their cells under supervision.

    Logan talks a bit about their ordeal, and how they found themselves in this prison known as "The Cage", located on a French island in the middle of nowhere, where all convicts inside are mentally dampened to prevent any of them from using any of their mutant superpowers. He makes a mention about the different "class" system among the convicts inside, and how their system now falls to the cons with the best fighting skills being the most powerful, even if in the outside world, they may be the weakest supervillians with the weakest superpowers, and makes a brief rundown of all the various supervillians in the facility.

    Back in their cell, Wolverine finds a note taped to his bed. The note, written by his friend and fellow Weapon X partner Maverick, mentions that he found that all the people that were being murdered recently, including the senator that Wolverine supposedly had assassinated, had a connection: all had mysterious inaccessible file which connected them all together, though what those files are remained to be seen. He also mentions that Sabretooth had also been kidnapped, though whether it was related or not, he was still investigating. Logan wonders what he had gotten himself into.

    Back to S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters, where Director Carter praises Agent Jackson for his capture of Logan and Beast, but is disappointed in the way he handled using Nick Fury's image to capture the two. Nick walks in, and promptly delivers a punch to Jackson, knocking him out cold.

    To the prison again, where Logan and Beast are having lunch. Another inmate, Peepers, asks to join them at their table. Beast remembers Peepers as a member of Mutant Force in the past. Peepers, also a mutant, seeked comfort in the fact that he wasn't one of the only mutants there anymore. As they were talking, Logan is dropped another note with the words "You are the connection" on it. He looks around to see who had delivered him the note. As he looked in the direction of Aryan and his men, Aryan thinks that Logan was eyeing him. One of Aryan's men pushes Peepers' face into his food. This prompts a brawl to break out. The prison guards begin to step in to break it up until Reb stops them, letting the situation play out for now since he thought this may be the chance for them "... to rid themselves of [their] little mutie problem." Axe, thinking that this was the way they could collect their "bounty", rushes in with a shard of glass to stab Logan from behind. Logan turns the guy that he was strugling with around, and that person ends up with the shard of glass stabbed into his head. This leads to Aryan and his men to attack Axe, No Money, and their gang. Reb and his men move in to break up the fight. Logan is tasered by multiple prison guards to subdue him.

    Meanwhile, Sabretooth is seen stirring from the operation table, after a successful adamantium-bonding process. Sabretooth tries to attack the shadowed figure, only to fall to the ground. The shadowy figure tells Sabretooth he was mentally inhibited from attacking himself or his men, mentioning to Sabretooth to listen to the offer he had to give to him.

    Back at the prison, as Reb and one of his men are yelled at by the warden, who blames them for losing control of the prisoners. The warden tells them he wants no more favors from the prisoners, and find a way to not involve the guards into it because they've been getting enough inquiries about prison riots lately. Reb and the other guard leaves the office. The other guard wonders how they could be able to stage two accidental deaths. Reb takes the guard to a locked up facility ... one which only he knew about ... to show him what he thinks would be their solution to ridding themselves of "the mutant problem".

    Logan, chained, is dragged and dumped into "The Hole", a type of lockdown facility, where Logan would be unable get out of. Logan fears that Beast, now by himself out there, is going to end up a dead man without his protection. Beast, now accompanied by Peepers, is surrounded by three prison inmates, who threatens to kill him. One other inmate leaps in to "save" Beast by taking out the three prisoners who had surrounded Beast. Beast thanks him for his generosity in saving him. The "rescuer" mentions that he wasn't going to let those prisoners cash in on the price for Beast's head ... when he could do it himself. He pulls out a daggar and propmtly guts Beast. Beast lies on the floor, gutted and unconscious, with Peepers trying to wake Beast up.

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