Wolverine #160
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Who's in this issue?
  • A
  • Associate to Mike
  • Blok
  • Mike (associate to John from last issue)
  • Ms. Pennyfeather (secretary)
  • Platoon Major
  • Sabretooth
  • Street Gang Members
  • T
  • Wolverine
  • Mr. X


    Looks like a short review from me, right? Well, yep, that's the case. You really can't go into a detailed review about a fight without making it sound really boring. After all, that's what visual effects is for. Three different things happen in this issue: Sabretooth is captured, Wolverine goes face to face against Mr. X, and then the mysterious interlude with two more seemingly innocent victims are assassinated. Since this is a three-part issue, I will take a guess that Sabretooth will have something to do with the next issue; however, the "interlude" sections from the last two issues is a precursor to the next storyline after this one.

    To some extent, I was pleased, and also disappointed with this issue. There was plenty of pretty nice fight scenes, and in particular, the nice long fight scene between Blok and T / A versus Wolverine. It wasn't just mindless fighting, but rather a very strategically-planned attack on both sides. Mindless fighting without strategy, in my opinion, is old, and it's nothing more than "street brawls". Second, Mr. X, which I guess is that mysterious figure's surname, as stated in the "Next Issue!" excerpt, looks to be a very good formidable opponent to fight Wolverine. Heck, he was able to defeat Wolverine (which I would say was more on Logan's part because of his unplanned attack without any strategy), along with being able to knock out Sabretooth with knockout gas. With Sabretooth's abilities, that's no small feat. And third, although it was too much implied violence for my taste: Sabretooth's encounter with the street gang proves to all fans of Sabretooth why his nickname is "Sabretooth": savage, violent, and show-no-mercy fighting.

    The issues that annoyed me about this issue was simply this: way too much fighting. Yes, fighting is fun to watch within a Wolverine issue, but when you spend 1/2 of the issue with an extremely lengthy fight, that gets old real quick. Next, the cover artwork just wasn't very catchy. Somehow, the portrayal of Wolverine on this front cover just didn't work well with T and A. And Mr. X? Man, he is perhaps the most arrogant villian that I've ever had the (dis)pleasure of reading within this series! I can't wait to see this "pretty boy" get his @$$ whooped next issue. Sabretooth? The portrayal of Sabretooth in most X-comics lately has made him look a lot like the X-Men movie's portrayal of Sabretooth, both in costume and in demeaner. Personally, I'm more in favor for the classic Sabretooth look than this new "biker-image" look, but hey, I guess whatever is the latest "fashion trend" for Sabretooth is what the creators will stick with.

    One last thing: any long time Wolverine readers have this impression that the last few issues have been *much* more bloody than in past issues? If you look at this issue alone, there were plenty of scenes where the violence was just a little bit too graphic: for example, Sabretooth ripping off the arm off the street gang leader, the assassination of those two mysterious figures, and then when Wolverine is brutally beat up by Mr. X. I wonder if this is going to be the next trend for this issue ... hmm ...

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #160:
    "The Best There Is: Pt. 2 of 3"


    A mysterious figure in a hat and trenchcoach finds himself in a run-down neighborhood while he looks for an address. He is attacked by a street gang, who thinks they have him outnumbered and makes him an easy target. The mysterious figure reveals himself to be Sabretooth, who proceeds to dismember the lead gang member and kills the rest of the gang members. Sabretooth continues on his way to the address.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Wolverine is fighting Blok and the Lady Killers (codenames A and T). A very lengthy battle goes on, with Wolverine being tossed around like a rag between A / T, who assalts him with a barrage of weaponry, and Blok, who uses his brute strength to use Wolverine as a punching bag.

    Back to Sabretooth, as he meets with Mr. X. Sabretooth thinks that he was being hired to kill someone, but Mr. X informs him that they wanted him, and would work exclusively for his corporation only. Sabretooth is gassed with knockout gas, which had been modified to knock out Sabretooth, even with his healing factor.

    To Wolverine, where he is still being thrown around between A / T and Blok. Wolverine figures out the strategy that the three were using, and right before he is attacked by A and Blok from between, he dodges Blok's punch. A is the unfortunate receipient of the punch, and is knocked out cold. Meanwhile, the major reports to Mr. X about their situation. Hearing that three of his best assassins were being defeated by Wolverine, he thinks that it was about time that he meets Logan face to face. Logan finishes off T with a kick to her jaw, and against Blok, he uses Blok's necktie to choke Blok unconscious. The Major appears, who delivers an invitation from his employer, Mr. X, to invite Wolverine for a face-to-face meeting.

    Interlude, as Mike and an associate of his meets at a park bench. His associate mentions how "they" have already killed seven of them, and says how anyone was involved with whatever they were doing was not safe. The two are killed by a drive-by shooting.

    At a meeting location, where Logan meets Mr. X face to face. Logan recognizes the scars on Mr. X's body as those of scars associated with psychotic serial killers who makes a scar for every kill he makes. Wolverine attacks Mr. X, who dodges Wolverine with ease. Wolverine attacks three more times without success, only to have Mr. X attack Wolverine with a series of punches that leaves Wolverine bloodied and unconscious.

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