Wolverine #147

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  • Writer: Fabian Nicieza, Erik Larsen
  • Penciler: Roger Cruz
  • Inker: Dexter Fridolfs, Andy Owens
  • Letterer: Richard Starkings, Comicraft's Oscar'n'Wes
  • Colorist: Wilson Ramos
  • Editor: Mark Powers
  • Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

    Who's in this issue?
  • Apocalypse
  • Archangel
  • Candy (A little girl)
  • Jubilee
  • Abraham Kieros (original War)
  • Moira MacTaggar
  • Ozymandias
  • Psylocke
  • Shadow King
  • Wolverine


    Well, this book certainly clears up some stuff about issue #146, which again, was a very confusing issue to me. First, Archangel was not possessed, but rather, he had become "light" or hope, (if that's possible). Logan kinda represented darkness. Both fought both realized what they had to do, and both returned to normal. Uh huh.... I guess the only thing I still don't understand is how Archangel became "light" in the first place. And although this short 2-part story arc was very concise in itself, it did not seem to blend in well with what's currently going on in the X-Universe (AOA) asides from Logan becoming Logan again and not Death.

    The appearance of the Shadow King very briefly might foreshadow a return of him. Since Psylocke came so close to releasing him to help Archangel and Wolverine, it is almost very likely that sometime in the future, a similar situation could come about again which may result in the return of the Shadow King from the psionic plane.

    Overall, some major sticking points were cleared up from the previous issue, but I still couldn't really get into this storyline since there was too many confusing issues which was not easy to figure out, even after rereading the issue a few times.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #147:
    "Into The Light"


    Archangel, with wings glowing as bright as light, flies around the city, not sure exactly why, but all he knows is that he's looking for something, "...like looking for day in the night." Wolverine finds Archangel and tries to bring him to his senses.

    Back at the Xavier Institute, Moira and Psylocke continues to monitor Archangel and Wolverine's activities. Psylocke monitors their activities with the aid of Cerebro, while Moira monitors Psylocke's telepathic abilities, making shre that she doesn't subconsciously tap into her abilities (since her abilities were disabled to prevent the Shadow King from being freed from the psionic plane). She tries to help Wolverine, but Wolverine told her to stay out of his mind. At that moment, Wolverine is hit by some of the glowing feathers that Archangel flung towards him, which allows him to see that Archangel was still full of Apocalypse's hate, as he was. Moira threatens to pull the plug on Cerebro to prevent Psylocke from going any further, only to be called away to assist Jubilee with Nightcrawler and Shadowcat.

    Meanwhile, Wolverine still gives chase after Archangel. Psylocke tries to help Archangel mentally, but she realizes that Archangel had become light, and he cleansed her of all the pain and darkness and replaced it with light, which meant that she had lost him. She returns to Logan to assist him in his chase for Archangel, and tells him that Archangel is a blank, despite his thoughts being very clear and focused. Wolverine feels he's looking for someone at a hospital because as he was giving chase, Archangel had stopped by various hospitals already. Psylocke probes deeper into Logan's mind for any clues since Logan told her that Warren had made him see the truth. In doing so, while tapped into both minds, she and Logan finds the person that Archangel was looking for: Abraham Kieros, the original man whom Apocalypse had chosen to be War.

    In a different hospital, Archangel had located Abraham Kieros, who had become a quadriplegic. When Archangel entered the room, Wolverine attacks Archangel. Psylocke could sense Apocalpyse's "wound" that ran deep in all three of them. Archangel unleashes some talons that Psylocke recognizes could rip through a person's psyche. She wants to probe deeper, but the only way to do it was to release the Shadow King, whom she could sense that he could restore all three of them to their original thoughts. Before she gives in to the Shadow King, however, Warren appears in her mind to stop her and to trust his actions. Psylocke tells Moira to shut Cerebro down, now that she understood what was going on.

    Logan and Archangel battles it out, as darkness would do so against light. The two battles to a point where both had their weapons drawn against each other: Wolverine's claws posed to go through Archangel's skull, Archangel's talons posed to slice into Wolverine's psyche. Archangel tells Logan that he realizes that Apocalypse's challenge to him was to overcome themselves. Logan tells him that his choice is his own choice, but he had to learn to trust people. And with that, the two ends their fight. Archangel approaches Abraham, and after speaking to him about whether he would want to walk again when it meant he would have to serve Apocalpyse again, his wings loses their glow, and Abraham comes out of his quadriplegic state.

    Dawn comes, and Logan and Archangel are on top of the hospital roof. Both wonders what exactly what they are to do next.

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