Wolverine #138

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  • Writer: Erik Larsen
  • Penciler: Jeff Matsuda, Steve Scott, Yancey Labat
  • Inker: Jonathan Sibal, Scott Elmer, Scott Koblish
  • Letterer: Richard Starkings, Comicraft's Oscar
  • Colorist: Mark Bernardo
  • Editor: Mark Powers
  • Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

    Who's in this issue?
  • An Alien child
  • Aria
  • Ch'od
  • The Collector
  • Corsair
  • Galactus
  • Hepzibah
  • Kerivak (one of the Collector's guards)
  • Raza
  • Sikorsky (medic on Starjammer's vessel)
  • Torgo
  • Warbird (aka Ms. Marvel in past)
  • Wolverine


    I honestly feel that this latest story arc was saved by that issue. Personally, I thought this was one of the best Wolverine issue that has come out in quite some time because of many reasons.

    First, not everyone lives through this book. Sure, we like to hear that in the end, all the heroes comes out okay. But, who wants to read something when you know the outcome at the end already will always be favorable? By putting a more tragic element in this story with the death of Aria, and even Torgo as well (since he died doing what he was recruited by the Collector to do: protect the "prisoners" on this world at all cost, even if it will mean his own death), a more realistic element is introduced where not everyone lives.

    Second, this book really foreshadows what is bound to happen in the future: Wolverine gets his adamantium back willingly. In the past, he had always thought of himself as being able to do anything he wanted to do, and in this issue, that's what he thought. He thought he could destroy the elemental converter. He thought they could defeat Galactus. Well, he got a nice strong dose of reality when he finds out his bone claws are useless in penetrating the elemental converter. His plan to stop Galactus failed. And, even worse, he finds that he bears a lot of the responsibility for the destruction of this planet and the loss of thousands of lives, even though his efforts were not totally in vain (since another few thousands were saved through his, Torgo, and Aria's efforts). I personally think the best part of this book was the scene where Logan realizes he couldn't destroy the elemental converter and, most importantly, realizes that he had relied on his own abilities too much: that he was the best at whatever he does, regardless of how well-informed he is to the situation.

    This issue was more or less a dose of reality for Wolverine, and at least gives him justification on why he would want the adamantium back. After all, he shouldn't get the adamantium back just because we want him to get it back. Wolverine, himself, must want the adamantium back in order to justify the return of the adamantium. Now, whether he gets the full adamantium skeleton or just adamantium claws or something else is another story, but at least after this one issue, he's justified in getting his adamantium back because he realizes he needs it.

    I think with the return of Leinil Francis Yu in the next issue as the penciler, we should be able to see artwork that fits the story situation much more closely. Although the current Wolverine artist, Jeff Matsuda, is a highly-talented artist, I just don't believe that his style of artwork fits well into Wolverine as this title has always been a more darker title, while his style of artwork may fit storylines of a more light-hearted nature.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #138:
    "Doomsday!: The Great Escape Pt. 6 of 6"


    With the arrival of Galactus, the prison planet is instantly in chaos, as the planet begins to fall apart and the inhabitants on this planet are scrambling for cover. Logan wonders exactly how tough Galactus could be. Torgo, from behind, says Galactus is defeatable, but highly improbable. His point was made as a ship tried to intercept Galactus, to stall the process that Galactus must go through before devoring the planet, but instantly disintegrates with a energy blast from Galactus's eyes. Torgo's advice to Logan was to get off the planet while he had the chance. Torgo heads off to slow down Galactus, while Logan rescues an alien child from being crushed underneath falling debris.

    Onboard Corsair's vessel, Wolverine tries to convince Corsair to help him fight Galactus, reasoning that the Fantastic Four had fought Galactus in the past and had managed to get Galactus to retreat. Corsair refuses, saying that the best they could do right now was to get as many of the stranded aliens off the planet. Logan leaves to figure out how to defeat Galactus on his own.

    Elsewhere, Aria accuses the Collector of holding the inhabitants like prisoners and breeding them like cattle. The Collector accuses Aria of destroying his plans to save these endangered species from extinction and promptly kicks her off of his vessel.

    Logan meets up with Torgo on Torgo's vessel. Torgo's plan was to obtain the help of the other pilots on the prison world to team up and destroy Galactus's elemental converter, the device which Galactus uses to absorb the planet's energy. That way, they could buy some time to rescue the prisoners who were still trapped on the planet. Logan sees Aria below and grabs her onboard as Torgo flies by.

    As the pilots group up, the plan was to use a diversionary squad to attack Galactus, while a smaller squad, led by Torgo, would come from behind to strike and destroy the Elemental Converter. But the diversionary squad was no match for Galactus, as one by one, they quickly fall under the power that Galactus posessed. Logan suddenly has a plan that he believed was better: he and Aria ejects in midflight. Logan lands on the elemental converter, while Aria parachutes right in front of Galactus. Using her will-controlling powers, she attempts to take over Galactus's will. For a moment, it appeared that it had worked, but Galactus breaks free of her control and takes down Torgo's aircraft. Logan tries to tear apart the elemental converter with his claws, but his claws instantly shatters against the elemental converter. He tries unsuccessfully to destroy the elemental converter, realizing he overestimated his own abilities, and now only did he fail, but he realize that the entire planet was doomed to die because of his failure, and because he was responsible for shutting down the planet's defences, he was at fault for the death of thousands of inhabitants on the planet.

    Galactus finally notices Logan, but Logan was quickly saved by the Starjammers vessel. Raza tries to reason with Logan that he had done all he could, but now was the time that they had to leave. Logan says he wasn't going to leave without Aria and Torgo, but then, Torgo and Aria appears. Torgo says Aria's attempt to control Galactus's mind had hurt her considerably, and she was in grave condition. Torgo leaves her with Wolverine and the Starjammers, and heads back to stall Galactus, only to be killed by one of Galactus's energy blasts. The Starjammer's vessel quickly leaves the planet and heads off into space. As they leave, Logan watches as down below, the planet is consumed by the elemental converter to convert the planet's mass into energy which Galactus would then devour.

    The ship's medic shows up, and informs Logan that Aria could not be saved anymore. Though her body could be revived, her soul was gone, lost in her attempt to control Galactus's mind.

    Much later, back on Earth, Logan meets with Carol Danvers (Warbird) on a dinner date and spends the rest of the evening telling her what had happened.

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