Wolverine #137

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  • Writer: Erik Larsen
  • Penciler: Jeff Matsuda
  • Inker: Jonathan Sibal
  • Letterer: Richard Starkings, Comicraft's Oscar
  • Colorist: Mark Bernardo
  • Editor: Mark Powers
  • Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

    Who's in this issue?
  • Alien Pilot
  • Aria
  • Ch'od
  • Corsair
  • Galactus
  • Hepzibah
  • Millie (one of Collector's followers)
  • Misc. Prisoners on the Collector's Prisonworld
  • Raza
  • Torgo
  • Uroc the Invincible
  • Wolverine


    Well, I have to say that in my opinion, this story has definately redeemed itself with the appearance of Galactus. The bigger, the better! Of course, as I think back to when this story had began, I can't help but think just how many different characters have appeared in this series, from back on Earth in the first two issues when Logan was squaring off with some of Earth's "second-string" superheroes to the aliens that he had to fight on the prison world here. As it was Mr. Larsen's intent to bring a whole bunch of superheroes and/or supervillians to the title for Wolverine to square off against, he has definately been able to do that for the five issues so far. My only concern is, though, whether five issues is enough because the number of different characters that had appeared in this story arc is enough to cover at least ten issues, which gives the illusion that this story arc was overpacked with too many characters, thus, hurting the flow of the storyline.

    But anyhow, this was a relatively fun book to read. Aria, in my opinion, does way too little in this issue. After all, it was her plan to free the prisoners, but she makes Logan do all the dirty work, all because she had her abilities held at bay by the inhibitor collar that she wore. Also, it was never really explained why Corsair and his Starjammers were on this prison world: were they held as captives by the Collector? Did they come there under their own will or against their will? etc. Although these type of loose ends do not hurt the storyline at all, it is more of a nuisance when you don't know the bare technicalities of the situation at hand and how this situation was set up. For me, with the appearance of Galactus and the inevitable showdown between Logan and Galactus, this book had redeemed itself in that, in my opinion, the story didn't feel like it was going anywhere: yes, Logan is recruited by this alien girl to go to this planet to free a few prisoners held against their will. Ho hum of a storyline right there. Galactus at least makes the whole situation more interesting and breathes life to this story arc.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #137:
    "Countdown to Destruction: The Great Escape Pt. 5 of 6"


    The guards on the prison world continues their unsuccessful search for Wolverine. Corsair and his followers have teamed up with Torgo to locate Wolverine. Corsair reasons that their tactic should not be to find Wolverine, but rather, prevent him from carrying out his objective to free everyone from their cells in this prison world. Raza, one of Corsair's followers, believes that to find Wolverine, they would have to start with Aria since the two of them must have had some type of plan before they arrived on the prison world.

    Elsewhere, three guards have interrogated Aria in a room. From above, Wolverine attacks from his hiding spot in the air duct, and with Aria's aid, quickly takes out the three guards. Aria tells Wolverine that they must locate the main power grid, and to get there, they would take the same system of ducts that Logan had taken to get to her.

    Moments later, Torgo, Corsair, and the rest of the Starjammers, along with the Ovarian, shows up in the room where Aria had been. Torgo believed that they might still be roaming around in the Corridors. Raza, knowing how careful Wolverine is, believes that he and Aria had escaped through the air ducts. Corsair, knowing from Torgo about Aria's plan to free everyone, believes that the only way for her to free everyone was to shut down the planet's security system, and wonders where they would have to go to do that.

    Logan and Aria locates the main power grid. Aria tells Logan that to shut down the power grid, there was four circuit breakers which had to be shut down in a certain order. She stands guard while Logan shuts down the circuit breakers. He finds that there seemed to be five breakers, but decided to just do the same sequence that Aria had told him while disregarding the fifth breaker. After flipping the breakers, a being called Uroc the Invincible suddenly appears to kill Logan. Logan attempts to slash at Uroc, but breaks off a set of his claws inthe process, realizing that his bone claws were useless against Uroc's hide. As Logan makes a run across the stone bridge to get away, Uroc's fist smashes into the bridge, causing it to collapse. Logan manages to get a grip onto the side of the wall as Uroc falls. As he begins to climb back up to get out, explosions start occuring around the power grid, as Logan believes he had shut down the power grid.

    Elsewhere around the facility, the prisoners had been freed from their cells and were causing havoc within the facility. Torgo comments how these prisoners were fools, and had they realized what dangers they were in, they would be begging for the collector's protection.

    Logan escapes from the power grid station by hitching a ride on a pilot's ship, and heads off towards the hangar bay. As they arrived to the hangar bay, he notices the riot going on below between the guards and the prisoners. Back on the ground, Logan is confronted by Corsair and the Starjammers. Raza tries to tell Logan that he was making a grave mistake and that the Collector was actually protecting these aliens, but Logan wouldn't listen since he believed none of these aliens had done anything wrong. Corsair has Aria as his hostage, which prevents Logan from doing any more fighting with Raza. Suddenly, all around them, the hangar begins to cave in and the ground begins to shake. Corsair tells Logan that when he had shut down the power grid, he not only freed the prisoners, but made the planet detectable to outsiders. Logan doesn't see what's wrong with that, but Corsair tells Logan that this planet was constructed "with the express purpose of protecting all the aliens held here ... in an effort to prevent their species from becoming extinct!" and that the prison world was actually a refuge for endangered alien races. Logan asks what they were being protected from, but he got his answer as the planet devouring menance, the galactical being known as Galactus, appears.

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