Wolverine #126

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  • Writer: Chris Claremont
  • Penciler: Leinil Francis Yu
  • Inker: Edgar Tadeo, Gerry Alangulian
  • Letterer: Richard Starkings, Comicraft/EM
  • Colorist: Jason Wright
  • Editor: Mark Powers
  • Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

    Who's in this issue?
  • Jean Grey
  • H.Y.D.R.A. members
  • Jubilee
  • Sabretooth
  • Shadowcat
  • Viper
  • Wolverine


    Some may consider this to be a landmark issue because this is the first issue where Sabretooth reappears with adamantium-coated claws and skeleton. Others might justifiably refrain from getting this issue because of how brutally Logan is beaten up in this issue, and those who are accustomed to seeing Logan do the seriously beating-up against his adversary will be very shocked at how Sabretooth almost easily disposes of Wolverine near the end of this book. My personal feeling about this book is that it's one of those "good" books. I can't say that it's a great book, but it's a good book. The battle scene between Logan and Wolverine was well-plotted out, but it seemed to lack the extra "oomph" which would capture the reader's imagination (perhaps I'm just too critical, but I would feel that more blows and bodily expressions, while at the same time, less talking during the fight would have made the fight more dramatic). Lots of nice reflections to Logan's past in Madripoor, though I felt that the explanation on how Logan ended up promising to marry Viper was understandable, but a bit rushed. Kitty stays behind to help Logan, which I feel is a good decision on the part of the writer because most of the other women who were involved (Jean, Tyger Tiger, Yukio, and a few others) were more intimitely close to Logan, while Kitty represents to Logan for his past what Jubilee represents to Logan currently (as a sidekick). Although it appears to the reader that Kitty is killed by Sabretooth at the very end, I hope that it isn't true since Kitty has been part of the X-Men for so many years, and her place among the X-Men has been too well-established to kill her off.

    Just a small thing I would like to point out: at least to me, the phrase "I'm the King of the World", said by Sabretooth as he was about to deliver the final blow to Logan, has been overused as of late. I suppose this phrase now is the one phrase which will forever be linked to the movie Titanic as someone who feels that they're at the pinnacle of their life, where nothing could go wrong. Although I suppose this phrase does fit in for what Sabretooth must be feeling as he was about to kill Logan, personally, I'm just sick of hearing this line over and over again. You see it used in comic strips. You see it used by various TV shows. And now, it's being used in comic books too. Sheesh, I don't think we'll ever escape from this movie one-liner.

    Overall, this series so far has a good story: this issue was much easier to read when compared to the last issue, #125. The art crew of Yu, Wright, Tadeo, and Alanguilan once again did a great job with the artwork, and Yu's first serious challenge of doing a Wolverine vs. Sabretooth all-out battle was handled very well. Although I would've liked to know how Sabretooth found out about this wedding, along with what Viper's role in all of this will be in upcoming issues (my assumption will be that she will have something to do with giving her life or at least sustaining serious injury to save Logan), these dilemmas can easily be resolved in later issues.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #126:
    "Blood Wedding"


    After Wolverine's startling revealation that Viper was his wife, all the women who were a crucial part of Logan's life in that room were left stunned. Jubilee burst out loud to Logan about how they were the good guys, and Viper was the bad guy. Logan though said it didn't matter, and Viper says that if they didn't believe Logan, Phoenix and Psylocke, being telepaths, could simply scan Logan's mind to determine the truth themselves. After Viper leaves the room, Phoenix blasts Logan verbally about his irrational actions of giving his word to marriage to an evil woman like Viper, and storms out of the room. Every other woman in the room follows Jean's lead in verbally yelling at Logan, all except for Kitty, who was left troubled.

    The next day, all the women present leaves back for home on a plane except for Kitty. Logan asks why she stayed behind, and her reasoning was that she felt she needed to be with a friend in need, leaving Lockheed, her pet dragon, to Jubilee's care. Kitty asks Logan about this "promise" that Logan had made to Viper about marrying her. Logan explains how in the past, a woman named Seraph had built the bar where Logan hung out quite often, and at that time Viper was a freelancer. One day, Sabretooth attacked the bar to get to Logan. Seraph gave her life to protect Logan, while Viper got them home. In return for rescuing his life, Viper asks him to marry her at Seraph's final request, which he had to accept since Viper had saved his life.

    As Kitty and Logan continues discussing about the events which lead up to this promise, on another building across from them, members of HYDRA was on the roof to assassinate Logan with rounds of depleted uranium bullets to his skull, now that his skeleton lacked the adamantium to protect that type of unjury. From behind, they are killed by Sabretooth, who says "Nobody kills the runt but ME!"

    Logan continues with his story about how Seraph was the one who taught him at a time when he was a reckless punk that all actions have consequences, and how one deals with them defines their morality.

    Later on that day, the wedding hour nears. Kitty and Logan, all dressed up, heads on over to a field outside where the ceremony would take place. Kitty tells Logan that her attempts in contacting Tyger Tiger and Jessica Drew to be part of this wedding failed. Outside, Logan is met by Viper and a minister, where they exchange vows.

    Suddenly, Sabretooth appears, and after killing the minister, comes after Viper, asking Logan how he would expect to take a bride and not have him kill her. To Viper's luck, Kitty was able to grab a hold on her, phasing her just as Sabretooth's claws ran through her. Viper though is left stunned for some unknown reason. Kitty knocks Sabretooth down with one foot sweep, and Logan attacks Sabretooth, claws extended, in a no-holds-barred fight. His claw wound on Sabretooth's face was healed almost instantly (due to Sabretooth's healing abilities). Kitty gets Viper off to safety as Viper continues to stumble on, claiming how she feels like her body's been twisted inside out. In the meantime, Logan and Sabretooth continues to duel it out. Seemingly, Logan has the upper edge here, using his own skills to his advantage. The two fall into the outdoor fountain, where Logan emerges seemingly victorious with a limp Sabretooth next to him.

    From above on a balcony, Kitty thinks about how odd the fight between the two seemed to have been going: how Sabretooth was rolling with Logan's punches, how the shots didn't involve bone hitting bone. She thinks about the sensation that Viper was feeling from the "phantom" wound that Sabretooth had inflicted onto her, something which felt similar to what she herself had felt when she had faced Logan when he had adamantium during a sparring match. She recalls how even though she had phased at the time when Wolverine attacked, she had still been affected, though not mortally, because the molecular density of adamantium was so dense that it still affected her.

    Suddenly, she realizes what was really going on with Sabretooth. She yells out how he wasn't down yet. Sabretooth rises up, and promptly snaps off one set of Logan's claw. Kitty also warns Logan that Sabretooth's claws were forged of adamantium, and Sabretooth reveals that he had an adamantium-laced skeleton, too. He promptly begins beating up Logan, snapping off his other set of claws, how when Logan had adamantium, that only made them equals, but now that Logan was adamantiumless and he had the adamantium advantage, there was no sure way for Logan to beat him. As they battle on towards the cliffside, just when Sabretooth was about to deliver the final blow, Kitty phases through Sabretooth to save Logan. As she pushes Logan aside to safety, Sabretoth gives her a shove, and she pushes Logan too hard, Logan falling off of the cliffside into the ocean below. Left hurting badly since she had phased through Sabretooth's adamantium skeleton, Kitty says even if she dies, Logan would avenge her, and with that final statement, Sabretooth delivers a fatal blow to Kitty.

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