Wolverine #124

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  • Writer: Tom DeFalco
  • Penciler: Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Inker: Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Letterer: Richard Starkings, Comicraft/EM
  • Colorist: Jason Wright
  • Editor: Mark Powers
  • Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

    Who's in this issue?
  • Bystanders
  • Captain America
  • Mabel (a sensei)
  • Rascal (leader of the Rodents)
  • Rodents (Rascal's followers)
  • A Security Officer
  • Wolverine


    With Tom DeFalco once again writing the story and Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz as the illustrators, this team brings to Wolverine #124 a teamup between Captain America and Wolverine. The idea of a teamup between these two is definately not something new, since they've worked together a few times already in the past, but DeFalco does a great job putting together a good story to back up the nice artwork of Cowan and Sienkiewicz. Lots of funny part though in this book: the one I found most funny was when their fight spills onto the stage, and how one spectator comments "It's Cap, and ... uh ... some other guy!" This just goes to show just how much recognition the X-Men gets: practically none. From this issue, we can see that Logan doesn't seem too confident in his own skills anymore, after what had happened with him and the rookie X-Men Marrow back in a previous X-Men issue, and his encounter with McLeish in the last major Wolverine storyline. He seems bent on returning back to the basics to resharpen his skills. Yet throughout this issue, you can see that Logan doesn't seem too sure of himself at all. He was also close to beginning to question his own senses too. And in many ways, in this particular issue, he seems to see himself as the wild card in a battle, but not anywhere as good as Captain America (notes how during the fight, Wolverine's tone of thinking towards Captain America is almost one of admiration). Although I personally think that it would be a crappy reason to give Logan back his adamantium just because he doesn't think he's a good-enough warrior anymore, I feel that this issue really does show the internal conflict that Logan is having with himself, doing things that he's never done before such as questioning himself and the moves that he makes. In general, although the idea was not new and most of the book seemed to be spent on the fight itself, it was an enjoying one to read before the big #125 issue.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #124:
    "Invisible Destroyers!"


    Returning back from a training session with one of Wolverine's past sensei, Mabel (who criticizes how Logan still defends himself with a bent elbow) to rediscipline himself with the basic skills to becoming a disciplined warrior, while traveling through downtown Manhattan, Logan notices how two people were commenting about Captain America making a charity appearance at Madison Square Garden, and so he decides to head on over to the Garden, thinking about how Captain America can handle the publicity that he gets as a public superhero. On his way there, his senses seemed to sense something very wrong in the back alley of the garden. His senses tells him that there were a dozen men in the alley, but his eyes tells him otherwise. He thinks he might be going mad, but nevertheless, investigates it out.

    Entering through the back door, after moving aside a harassing security guard, Logan suddenly pops out his claws and seemingly begins to swing wildly in the air. The people in the backstage runs away, thinking that Logan was just some mutant who had lost his mind. Logan, beginning to think that maybe he really was losing it, began to doubt his senses, something which in the past never had failed him. He continues swinging wildly, battling something that he can't see. A few of the men backstage, who was to work with Captain America during his charity demonstration, tries to apprehend Logan, but without success. Captain America enters, and Logan looks as if he'll attack Captain America, but as a soldier, Captain America recognizes what Logan was doing and steps aside. Logan draws blood seemingly from air, and suddenly, a figure materializes before them, in some kind of costume which cloaked his presence. Donning one of the goggles that this man had been wearing, Logan was able to see the men that his senses had been telling him was there.

    The leader of these cloaked men introduces himself as Rascal, and his followers as Rodents. Seein how Logan had just uncovered them, Rascal orders Logan to be killed. Captain America joins the fight as Logan gives him one of the pairs of goggles from another man that he injures, and the two battles it out against Rascal and his Rodents. The action spills onstage before the audience, who thinks the entire thing is just some sort of show. The cloaked men uncloakes themselves, using the extra energy to power their weapons, but Logan and Captain America are still able to duel it out with them and defeat the Rodents. As Captain America finishes off the remaining Rodents, Logan gives chase after Rascal, who keeps babbling and blaming Logan for interfering with his plans to destroy Captain America. Rascal threatens to kill the audience, but Logan calls his bluff, and Captain America takes him down with his shield. Battle done, Logan and Captain America emerges victorious.

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