Wolverine #122

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  • Writer: Warren Ellis
  • Penciler: Leinil Francis Yu
  • Inker: Edgar Tadeo
  • Letterer: Richard Starkings, Comicraft/EM
  • Colorist: Jason Wright
  • Editor: Mark Powers
  • Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

    Who's in this issue?
  • McLeish (aka White Ghost)
  • Member of the Triad (or the Movie Producer's son, from Wolverine #119)
  • Wolverine


    FINALLY, the ending to this story, and in my opinion, this ending was one of the better endings as of late for the Wolverine series. My hat off to Warren Ellis for coming in at such short notice to do this four-part miniseries for Wolverine and creating one of the best stories as of late among the Marvel comic books. Lots and lots of mindgames within this entire book; it isn't just another one of those mindless books where Logan kicks the crap out of his enemy, but rather, one of those that plays with Logan's mind, and requires Logan to play the same game right back at McLeish in order to defeat him. This story does foreshadow something very mildly: with all these adamantium-laced bullets, along with Logan's comment on how he'll never find out where McLeish got all this adamantium, which, if one has been following Marvel comics for awhile (in particular, Wolverine and Captain America), is a very rare metal. I think most of us know that Logan is getting his adamantium back really soon, but we'll probably learn the answer to where this supply of adamantium is coming from in the same issue that he gets his adamantium skeleton back. Overall, this was one of the best Wolverine story as of late, though a bit drawn out at times for a four-part series, and the crew behind this storyline (Ellis, Yu, Tadeo, Wright) should be given a big pat on the back for a job well done.

    I will be looking forward to the next story though, as in the back, they say that Bloodscream and Roughouse will be back, though I do hope Marvel has done their homework and does have to remember where they had left Bloodscream and Roughouse since they last appeared in this book (remember, Roughouse was helping Sister Salvation rebuild her mission in Central America in the early Wolverine issues (#20s), while Bloodscream was traveling through time with Albert and Elsie Dee (#80s). Then again, if Bloodscream's around, that should mean that Elsie Dee and Albert shouldn't be too far behind either!) Also, one of those rare times that I actually read through the "Cutting Edge" letters in the back, and I noticed how one person mentioned the idea of giving him only adamantium arms (I would think he means claws). I don't know where he got that idea (hope he didn't borrow it from someone), but I just find it funny how Marvel totally ignored that question. *sigh* I guess they already have their mind made up about how much adamantium Logan will be getting back (probably the whole kit-n-caboodle, I bet).

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #122:
    "Not Dead Yet: Pt. 4 of 4"


    Close to a berserker rage, Wolverine storms off towards the direction of the small town that lie ahead on the road that he was on, killing the hired hitmen who were ambushing him along the way. Arriving at the town, Logan is flooded by bright lights shining overhead, and from speakers boomed the voice of McLeish, who claims to have killed the people within the town. Logan steps onto a boobie trap laced with a gasoline bomb, which explodes, firing shrapnel everywhere. The pain knocks some sense back into Logan, who tries to think about the situation he finds himself in.

    The voice over the loudspeaker reveals how the explosion that Logan had set off in the past to kill him ironically saved him as well: the explosion from the motorcycle blew, thrusting McLeish into the water with a broken back, but saving him from the more violent explosion that followed with the boat. The voice claims that the Triad, a type of gang, rescued him, and in return, he was to kill Logan. The voice continues on to say that Logan has killed all the murderers that the Triad had sent along with McLeish, some of the best-paid murderers in the world, and that McLeish wanted the person to kill him to be Logan, which would then make Logan the best murderer in the world.

    Upon entering a building, Logan is ambushed by another hired murderer. The voice tries to spurn Logan into entering another one of his mindless berserker rage, but Logan was able to knockout the hitman without killing him. Entering the shack, we see a man in shadows, whom at first, Logan believes to be McLeish. The man in the shadows reveals himself to be *not* McLeish, but the son of the movie producer / triad member that Logan had killed in the explosion when Logan was trying to kill McLeish (see Wolverine #119). The man would kill Logan with adamantium-laced bullets into Logan's head, but he made the fatal mistake of standing close to Logan with the gun pointed at Logan's head, babbling about how he, himself, was a good enough triad, and was good enough to be hired by his employers to kill Logan. Logan easily guts him with a set of his claws.

    As Logan stands in the room, he calls out to McLeish to come out, saying that he smells the whiskey on McLeish's breath. From behind a door, McLeish fires an adamantium-coated bullet, dipped in poison, into Logan, which taxes Logan's healing factor to its limit. Logan asks what kept McLeish going, and McLeish's reply was ten years of hate. As McLeish was having a cough spasm and clutching his poor heart, Logan tells McLeish how he pitied him being such a "pathetic" drunken loser, which was the only reason why he drank with McLeish in the past. Logan goes on to playing with McLeish's mind, telling him how he worked for Canadian Intelligence in the past, how he had McLeish checked out back then, how McLeish had a son that McLeish never mentioned to Logan, how it was funny that McLeish claims to have spent ten years getting healthy for one night to try to kill Logan. McLeish says he and his son had broke off connection for a long time, and lives in British Columbia. Logan says his son was dead now, and dares McLeish to kill him. McLeish demands to know what Logan had done to his son. Logan, with two claws extended, one on each side of McLeish's head, threatens to pop out his final claw into McLeish's skull. McLeish suddenly coughs up blood, and dies. (I'm guessing from the shock which caused a heart attack) As McLeish lies on the floor, Logan says out loud how he didn't know where McLeish got all those adamantium from, and how he never had met McLeish's son. Before Logan leaves the town, he pours gasoline all over the shack and McLeish's body, and sets the shack on fire.

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