Wolverine #121

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  • Writer: Warren Ellis
  • Penciler: Leinil Francis Yu
  • Inker: Edgar Tadeo, Gerry Alanguilan
  • Letterer: Richard Starkings, Comicraft/KF
  • Colorist: Jason Wright
  • Editor: Mark Powers
  • Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

    Who's in this issue?
  • Ai-Chia
  • A Hired Hitwoman
  • McLeish (aka White Ghost)
  • Wolverine


    What the last issue was like, this one definately took us deeper into this mystery. Although, yes, it's another one of those books that just prepares us for the inevitable showdown between Logan and McLeish, this particular issue definately took us one step further into seeing just how problematic and psychotic this McLeish character really is. McLeish doesn't kill because he has to ... McLeish kills because he wants to, and not just any type of killing: his kills have to be done with class. The ambush scene was a little bit unnecessary (again, one of those things that seems to be thrown in there just to take up space), though when they brought up the issue of using adamantium-loaded clips, this could foreshadow us that adamantium is quite abundant, and that Logan's skeleton could eventually be rebonded with the adamantium, though the question of *how* it would be done remains to be seen. Once again, excellent work was done by the artistic crew of Leinil Francis Yu and Jason Wright, especially with the scene where Logan is ambushed, along with a particularly excellent cover pinup. Great job by Warren Ellis; I was particularly impressed with the scene in the forest where Logan is surrounded by tape recorders of McLeish's conversation with him in the past (activated via motion detectors). Very "psycho" in my opinion, which further backs up our belief of just how psychotic McLeish really is. Issue #122, though long-overdue, will definately be one worth to get, though it will be interesting to see what kind of fight, if any, Logan will have against a wheelchair-bound McLeish. (though it does remains to be seen ... could this weird psycho really be someone *other* than McLeish? With what Marvel's creative crews have been doing lately (most noticeably, Kurt Busiek and his work on the Thunderbolts, which kept pointing us in one direction, but at the last moment, surprises all of us when it was actually the opposite direction), anything is possible).

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #121:
    "Not Dead Yet: Pt. 3 of 4"


    A flashback ten years ago, where a very drunk McLeish brags to Wolverine how he has killed hundreds of people with class because he was a classy man, along with how he first started killing at age thirteen when he killed his own mother, and exclaims how he loves what he's doing.

    Back to the present where Logan, on his Harley, is cruising on a lonely highway thinking about just how McLeish, a normal human being, was able to survive the explosion in the past, and deduces that someone must be playing some kind of sick game on him. Right before a fork in the road, he is ambushed by a hired hitwoman and her crew, who orders the usage of adamantium-loaded clips if Logan got too close. Although Logan is hit multiple times, he was still able to easily dispose of them.

    Another flashback back to Hong Kong, at the airport, where Logan was about to leave back for Canada. Ai-Chia, there to see him off, asks if Logan knew the man who killed her father. Logan says yes and he oftens drinks with him. She asks him why Logan drinks with McLeish. Logan's reply was that McLeish and himself were alike in many ways, and he had killed McLeish because he had liked Ai-Chia's father as a friend and saved a lot of potential victims in killing McLeish. Ai-Chia tells him how she doubts she'd ever let Logan touch her again because "There's dead people all over your hands", and also points out how Gweilo means "white ghost", which fits Logan perfectly.

    Back to the present, where Logan is battered, but triumphant. His bike was destroyed, and notices how the adamantium bullets were spiked with explosives. Questions remains unanswered as he wonders why McLeish had those people use regular ammo against him, and wonders whether McLeish actually wanted him dead yet, along with wonders exactly how *long* McLeish had been watching him. Logan then had to wonder which side of the fork road to take, but finally, gets a hold of himself, realizes McLeish is playing mindgames with him, and decides to take control of the matters at hand.

    In the forest, Logan finds himself detected by a motion detector which plays a tape of a conversation McLeish had with Logan. He discovers the dead body of Ai-Chia strapped to a tree. The tape then tells Logan to go up the road to a small town ahead where there would be more for Logan to see there. At this point, Logan pretty much snaps, exclaims how he'll kill McLeish when he gets his hands on him, and runs in the direction of the town.

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