Wolverine #103

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  • Writer: Larry Hama
  • Penciler: Val Semeiks
  • Inker: Chad Hunt
  • Letterer: Richard Starkings, Comicraft
  • Colorist: Joe Rosas
  • Editor: Bob Harras

    Who's in this issue?
  • Elektra
  • Ogun
  • Wolverine


    An okay book. Once again, Elektra has decided to take Logan under her wings to help him back on the path of a honorable warrior instead of a mindless undisciplined beast. In this issue, Logan definately does not look human at all, which I guess was the idea in the first place. If you're into stories about honorable warriors and discipline, then this would be a great book for you to read. But for the general population, this book is not as good as one would expect it to be. Not a whole lot to really learn or talk about in this book.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #103:
    "Top of the World, Ma!"


    Under the care and command of Elektra, Wolverine is to be trained by her to restore his discipline and to restore his humanity. She hits him a few times on purpose to see how he reacts, and is disappointed to see that Logan still allowed the beast to do his actions instead of the man within. She reminds him about the teachings that he had learned: about how the sword remembers, about what a righteous warrior must do to be a warrior. She tricks him into going into a freezer where she locks him in so that he can use his head to think of a way to get out. In the meantime, she tells him of how she had hit a lowpoint once in her life, but now, she has been able to crawl back out and become a better person. After he breaks free from the freezer, they have a brief fight where Logan had to prove that the man was in charge, and he was able to after he sheathed his sword into Elektra's sheath, which was much harder to do than to draw it.

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