Wolverine #98

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  • Writer: Larry Hama
  • Penciler: Ramon Bernado
  • Inker: Napolitano, Milgrom Morales
  • Letterer: Richard Starkings, Comicraft
  • Colorist: Joe Rosas
  • Editor: Bob Harras

    Who's in this issue?
  • Prince Baran of Madripoor
  • Gen. Nguyen Coy
  • Expediter
  • Jean Grey
  • Imak
  • Ivan
  • Dirt Nap
  • Rose
  • Police Chief Tai
  • Tyger Tiger
  • Wolverine


    All I can say is WOW. In this single issue, most, if not all, of Logan's connections in Madripoor is wiped out. Archibald Corrigan is dead, O'Donnel is dead, Rose is dead, Police Chief Tai, Prince Baran, and Gen. Nguyen Coy all with the same fate, too. My personal opinion is that this was just not right to kill all the characters that took many issues to develop when Wolverine first started out all in one single issue. In doing so, this almost eliminates any chance of Logan ever returning back to Madripoor to visit old friends (with the exception of Tyger Tiger). Art is pretty good, but I'm still shocked at the way all these characters were eliminated with one stroke of an issue. Definately not a smart move.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #98:
    "Fade to Black"


    In tattered clothing, Logan awakens to realize that Archibald Corrigan was dead, O'Donnel was dead, and he was inside the Princess bar, which has been thrashed. Logan has no memory of what had happened in there. He notices how they were all killed by claws, and popping out his own claws, he notices how they were covered in blood. Logan is furious that he could not remember what had happened. He tries hard to remember: he remembers that Expediter had sent them back to Rockefeller Center, and how he opened the package and in it was a key and a piece of paper with some kind of address on it, but he couldn't remember anything afterwards. Logan stumbles over a body to discover that Rose was not dead yet, but was close to it. He asks her if he did this, and her replies seem to indicate that he does. He stumbles outside and in his pocket, he finds the piece of paper and the key. But Police Chief Tai was there, and he takes the key and paper from Logan as evidence. Logan is arrested.

    As requested by Logan himself, he is locked up in a maximum security cell and manacled to the wall. While in his cell, his super-sensitive hearing (now very sensitive due to his regression) catches a phone conversation by Police Chief Tai. Above Logan, a rat tells him that he had been set up. Logan thinks that he's hallucinating now, but the rat reveals himself to be Dirt Nap. Logan then remembers who the rat was, but the rat escapes. Outside the cell window, Tyger Tiger arrives and drops off Logan's costume, as well as a hacksaw.

    Outside the prison walls, General Coy and Prince Baran pays Chief Tai for holding Logan in the cell. Chief Tai takes a walk to disappear. In the meantime, General Coy sends Ivan and Imak, two thugs, to beat up Logan. Armed with hand claws, Logan realizes that Ivan and Imak must have been responsible for killing the people inside the Princess Bar since clawmarks were everywhere. Logan pulls his arm out from the manacle, while in the process, ripping out some flesh from his arm. It wasn't nothing that his healing factor couldn't handle. Logan immediately kills the two thugs. Prince Baran sends in the rest of the people that he and Gen. Coy had brought along, but Logan, allowing his animal side free, dispatches them with ease. He threatens General Coy and Prince Baran. General Coy blames it on the prince, and with a pistol, blows out Prince Baran's head. But from outside, Tyger Tiger fires and kills General Coy. Logan hitches a ride with Tyger Tiger. He notices how there was blood on her hood, and she informs him how Police Chief Tai was jaywalking, and supposedly, her gas pedal had gotten stuck at the same time. She was able to retrieve the article that Police Chief Tai had taken as evidence. In it, Logan sees the key and the address. They head on over to the address where once again, they encounter a WC door. After a parting kiss, Logan heads into the door, where he meets up with Expediter who informs him to come with her to learn of his fate.

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