Wolverine #84

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  • Writer: Larry Hama
  • Penciler: Ron Wagner
  • Inker: Reinhold, Younger, Palmer, Milgrom, Labat, Banning
  • Letterer: Pat Brosseau
  • Colorist: Steve Buccellato
  • Editor: Bob Harras
  • Chief Editor: Tom DeFalco

    Who's in this issue?
  • Albert
  • Bloodscream
  • DeLong (a biologist)
  • Elsie Dee
  • Guardian
  • Hunter in Darkness
  • Harry Tabeshaw
  • Vindicator
  • Wolverine


    This actually is one of the better books as of late. Plenty of action (Logan and his friends vs. the Hunter in Darkness and its kind), tragedy (death of Simpson), and suspense (Logan's attempt to make it to the freight-loader suit through many hungry Hunter in Darkness-type beasts). It also looks as if Bloodscream might find a substitute being in his quest for the immortal whose blood Bloodscream needs in order to cure him of his need for blood to live when he hears of how old the Hunter in Darkness was. Lots of foreshadowing to an issue that will be done too about Elsie Dee and Albert's adventure to the past in their quest to uncover why Logan's adamantium skeleton could have existed in the past. But in my opinion, what makes this book worth getting is the action that this book supplies, and the suspense that builds up with the final confrontation between Wolverine and the real Hunter in Darkness is very gripping, and, as usual, the fight ends with a most unexpected twist to it.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #84:
    "Things that go Bump in the Night!"


    Trapped in the Arctic research station in the dry-freeze facility where the Hunter in Darkness-type beasts couldn't get into, Logan and his friends are faced with the possibility that they would not escape alive. Already, they had dumped Sverdrup's body outside for the beasts to devoure in order to buy some time. In need for the sattelite transmitter in the main lab so that they could radio for help to get Simpson to medical attention, Wolverine and Guardian makes a dash outside through the herd of the beasts to obtain the transmitter. Logan fends off the beasts while Guardian grabs the transmitter. They just manage to make it back into the dry freeze and shut the door. Unfortunately, by that time, the storm outside had picked up, and Simpson had died. DeLong commented how he had always believed that the Hunter in Darkness he had hunted in the past was the last of its kind, and Tabeshaw replies how it seemed as if the beasts were behaving as if they had been displaced in time.

    When asked about the beasts, Delong, being the biologist, says how they might have a leader that they were following whom they could try to neutralize. The leader could be the most aggressive male, but then, it could also be the oldest and wisest. They soon discover that that was it after one of the beasts takes out their power generator in a strategic move. Logan decides to go for the loading suit that Sverdrup had used to fight the Hunter in Darkness while wearing Simpson's thermal suit to mask his heat signature since he believed that the Hunter in Darkness-type beasts had some kind of infrared vision since they hunted only in nighttime. While his friends covered for him, he makes a successful dash for the suit.

    Elsewhere, Albert, Elsie Dee, and Bloodscream are still looking for Wolverine. Tiring, Bloodscream calls for a break since he didn't have endurance like the two androids have. While doing a long-range scan, Albert discovers that the Hunter in Darkness was still alive, and he was shocked because he thought the Hunter in Darkness should have been dead by now since they had brought it with them when they journeyed to the past. Elsie Dee said that it could be possible since he wasn't human and he wasn't a wolf either. Meanwhile, Bloodscream begins to think how if the beast was able to survive that long, then just maybe, it was immortal too, and that just by chance, the potion that he needed could perhaps use a substitution of the blood of an unaging beast instead of a man. Bloodscream asks the two why they were temporally displaced, and Elsie Dee tells him of how they were sent back in time by Spiral as part of a deal (recall that issue?) for their anti-neutron missle that they had. In the past, they searched for Logan to the point where they had to shut down their systems since their batteries were running very low, and left the Hunter in Darkness to a pack of creatures that were just like itself.

    Meanwhile, Logan, now donning the freight suit, battles it out against the beasts, and finally comes face to face against the real Hunter in Darkness, who was the leader. Allowing his animal side loose, Logan pops his claws in preparation to do battle against the Hunter in Darkness. The Hunter hears the popping of the claws, and now begins to sniff. It recognizes Logan, and Logan was wondering how it aged so fast. Just like that, all the creatures retreat and the Hunter in Darkness disappears. Logan and his friends were safe.

    Back towards the South, Albert had located their air vessel (their modified Stealth bomber). It was located on the bottom of Hudson Bay.

    The next morning, while returning from Canada, Logan pays a visit to Silver Fox's gravesite at their cabin.

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