Wolverine #69

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  • Writer: Larry Hama
  • Penciler: Dwayne Turner
  • Inker: Chris Ivy
  • Letterer: Pat Brosseau
  • Colorist: Steve Buccellato
  • Editor: Bob Harras
  • Chief Editor: Tom DeFalco

    Who's in this issue?
  • Brainchild
  • Gaza
  • Jubilee
  • Professor X
  • Rogue
  • Sauron
  • Wolverine


    Dwayne Turner is the new artist at the healm here. With a square-jawed, huskier Wolverine, Turner takes this series in a new direction artistically with his skills. This time, we have three X-men together: Jubilee, Rogue, and of course, Logan, roaming in the Savage Lands looking for someone. Such a pity that in this book, they did not even think about bring in Ka-zar for a cameo appearance. All they do is mention his name once. (Then again, Ka-zar isn't that popular of a character at the time this issue was produced). I was a bit surprised to see them immediately go from such a hard-hitting villian like Epsilon Red and immediately throw Wolverine into another fight with such a dangerous enemy as Sauron. It might have been nicer if this one issue didn't move at such an accelerated pace, but overall, this book is pretty good.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #69:
    "Induction in the Savage Land!"


    Landing in the Savage Land on the Blackbird, Logan, Rogue, and Jubilee sets up camp there. Their mission there is to investigate some rumors that were around about the chance that a "quarry" of theirs were alive. After setting up camp (with a few encounters with a triceratops and a T-rex) Rogue takes to the sky while Wolverine takes to the land in search of this "quarry" of theirs, while Jubilee is told to stay behind and guard their camp while working on her homework.

    Down on the ground, Wolverine discovers a war party where a bunch of mutates were gathered. Unusual to him, not only the mutates were there, but a bunch of different barbarians (natives to the savage lands) were there too. This confuses him for a moment because these natives are usually feuding with each others, and wonders if perhaps the person with the power to unite them is the one they are searching for.

    In the skies, Rogue investigates a magnetic anomaly that had been jamming their radio communications. She encounters a mysterious ancient citadel that Ka-zar had told her about. This particular citadel she encounters is the source of the magnetic disturbance. Upon entering the compound, she encounters Brainchild, who she judges to have lost his mind by the expression on his face. From behind, Rogue is knocked out by Gaza.

    At the camp, Jubliee is continuing her studies as well as her observations of the dinosaurs outside who were trying to get in. From above, Jubilee is kidnapped by a native and a pterosaur (a flying dinosaur).

    At the temple that Wolverine finds, a person was to be sacrificed. Logan enters to stop them from sacrificing the innocent victim, and finds himself fighting all the natives there.

    Back to the sky, Jubilee is dropped into a cave. The only way out for her is a long plummage down a steep ravine.

    To Rogue we go where we see her chained to a table. Brainchild is babbling how she would make a good sacrifice to the mutant who was ruling them. Rogue is about to say the name until Brainchild stops her, for it is forbidden. She recognizes a sign there that did represent Sauron.

    Back into the temple, where Logan still fights the natives. He demands to fight the head of the natives. Sauron appears before them, and Logan immediately throws himself towards Sauron for an inevitable clash.

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