Wolverine #64

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  • Writer: Larry Hama
  • Penciler: Mark Pacella
  • Inker: Dan Panosian
  • Letterer: Pat Brosseau
  • Colorist: Javins/Tinsley
  • Editor: Bob Harras
  • Chief Editor: Tom DeFalco

    Who's in this issue?
  • Aldo Ferro (a Weapon X program assistant)
  • Jubilee
  • Maverick
  • Sabretooth
  • Shiva
  • Silver Fox
  • Wolverine
  • John Wraith


    This issue had so much promise in the beginning to be a good book. Supposedly, this book was to resolve everything that has been happening in the last two issues. We were supposed to see the grand finale where all the former Weapon X members go one-on-one against Ferro, or what Hines had called, the Psi-Borg. But by the time I reached the end of the book, I really was left hanging. So many questions were posed in this one issue, and none of them were answered. For one, Silver Fox had disappeared in the last issue. Now, she suddenly reappears in this issue, and is killed by Sabretooth. Go figure. Then, without any warning, Shiva shows up, whose primary target now is not Logan, but is for Ferro, who we discover is the mystery codename Vole. Then, when the Psi-Borg (Vole) had become a tree (don't ask why), it grabs Sabretooth and disappears. By this time, I found myself really lost in the book. Lots of good fight scenes, as well as unleashing Wolverine against Sabretooth, and art by guest penciler Mark Pacella looks very promising. But even that doesn't save this issue from a very confusing ending.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #64:
    "What Goes Around ..."


    Wolverine is having a fit as he demands to know where Silver Fox had disappeared to. He begins to trash the computers that were around him. Sabretooth, bored, wants some action and joins in the destruction of Ferro's computers. Maverick tries to talk some sense into them by reminding them of their main objective, but even Wraith, who Maverick thought would have more sense, joins in. Wraith explains to him that by destroying these computers that Ferro must consider to be important, that would help in brining Ferro to them.

    Back above, Jubilee tries calling to the mutants down below that Jean Grey and Professor X were there. (Little does she know that they were just images, and that it was really Ferro). Jubilee exclaims how it sounds as if the mutants are wrecking the computer equipment below, which causes the images of Jean and Professor X to disappear.

    Ferro shows up below and tries to stop them. He reveals his true figure (a borg known as the Psi-Borg). Immediately, Wolverine is on him. As they duel it out, the Psi-Borg exclaims how Wolverine is the one he really wants because he wants to find out how Logan's age-suppresant factor works.They continue battling it out onto an elevator. The cables snap, and the elevator falls far down to the bottom. Sabretooth, Maverick, and Wraith gives chase. Down below, the Psi-Borg once again fools with Wolverine's mind. The borg talks about whether Logan ever wondered what was in the medicine pouch that Silver Fox had gave him. In the meantime, he is also using his psi-beam to make Maverick, Sabretooth, and Wraith dillusionary. He talks about how his job during the project was to give all the Weapon X subjects the worst, most terryfing memory implants, and he, in return, was supposed to get the same age-suppresion factor that all of them got, but the Professor had cheated him of it, and he had to work it out on his own, and it would've been easier if the test subjects were around, which is why he lured them onto his island.

    In Logan's memory, he suddenly finds himself back at a wood cabin, where Silver Fox was. It was his birthday. Logan doesn't resist in trying to fight his way out of this memory because it, to him, was one of the sweetest moments of his life. But then, he realizes that Sabretooth was supposed to kill Silver Fox that day too. Logan tries to fight the memory, saying that the memory of him and Silver Fox was all a lie. But the Psi-Borg reveals that it was real, but all he implanted was the bad stuff (about Sabretooth killing Silver Fox) because that's the only way the pain would be deep enough to be felt: by taking the best moments of the Weapon X subject's lives and twisting them to be the most tragic moment in their lives. Even still, Wolverine finds Sabretooth about to kill Silver Fox.

    Back above, Shiva suddenly appears and demands that Jubilee take him down to Vole, (aka the Psi-Borg), who was his main target now. Jubilee boots him down into the cellar where the fight was going on.

    As Shiva falls, his computers locates Vole, and targets himself towards him. In the moment where Sabretooth is killing Silver Fox, Shiva takes out Vole, which frees Wolverine and the rest of the Psi-Beam. Immediately, Wolverine is on Sabretooth, and slices him deep in the throat. Silver Fox though, is found dead on the floor. In a last minute attempt, the Psi-Borg, using a Psi-beam, commands Sabretooth to him. In the figure of a tree, the borg grabs hold of Sabretooth and disappears. All that was left was a little twig and a pod which was found at the place where the tree had been. Maverick crushes the pod in between his hand.

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