Wolverine #58

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  • Writer: D.G. Chischester
  • Penciler: Darick Robertson
  • Inker: Joe Rubinstein
  • Letterer: Pat Brosseau
  • Colorist: Ariane
  • Editor: Bob Harras
  • Chief Editor: Tom DeFalco

    Who's in this issue?
  • Bunyan (member of the NDL)
  • Barton Hoff (a logging-industry owner)
  • Jubilee
  • Lance (member of the NDL)
  • Monkeywrench
  • Paul (member of the NDL)
  • Pick Axis (member of the NDL)
  • Professor Xavier
  • Terror
  • Wolverine


    Weird book, if you ask me. I don't mean weird as in the book being weird, but the characters in this book is weird. For one, the creature called Terror who was working on Wolverine's side: he has some very interesting (and in many aspects, disgusting) abilities. The NDL (Nature Defense League) is a very radical environmental group. This group's actions makes Greenpeace's activities look like those planned by grade school environmental clubs. The fact that this book came right after the death of Mariko means that this story won't last long, but to tell you the truth, this book isn't really one to get if you don't need it.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #58:


    Still upset over the death of Mariko Yashida, Logan, now back at the X-Mansion, overhears a conversation between Barton Hoff and Professor X about the kidnapping of Alice Hoff, Barton's daughter, and how he believed the NDL (Nature Defense League) had captured her to intimidate him and make him back off his logging interest. Barton had came to Professor X in hopes of obtaining some help from Professor X's "connections" in rescuing her from circumstances that were beyond the ordinary. As they left the room, Logan sneaks into the room, hearing the conversation, and within a book that Barton had brought with him that contained mementos of Alice's belongings, Logan obtains Alice's scent and with Jubilee, who he plans to use as an accomplice so that he wouldn't be too conspicuous, heads to Oregon to locate Alice.

    In Oregon, Jubilee and Logan follows a guy named Lance. They discover him sabotaging some logging equipment with some grenade. Wolverine attacks, but not before Lance pulls a pin out of the grenade, blowing up one of the tractors. Lance tries to jump Wolverine, but Wolverine ducks, and Lance flies into a pile of shrapnel, killing himself.

    At the Morgue, Wolverine obtains the help of a gruesome looking being known as Terror, whose talent included taking on the abilities and sensations of other people's body parts. Taking an eyeball from Lance, Terror was able to learn about Lance and the NDL organization. He sees how the organization did capture Alice Hoff, and how Josh Bloodcede (Monkeywrench) was their leader, and was willing to go to extreme measures to help the NDL organization achieve their ends.

    Just then, NDL, with Monkeywrench at the lead, attacks them in the Morgue in their attempt to get Lance's corpse and give it a burial to the ground where it would feed the worms and soil of the planet, as well as killing Logan, Terror, and Jubilee since they were "unbelievers". Paul and Bunyan attempts to saw Jubilee in half, but Terror pushes her out of the way, and instead, he is sawed in half. Wolverine fights Monkeywrench, while Jubilee is still phased from a wrench that had hit her in the head when NDL had burst in. Terror looks around and finds the body of some corpse named James Chan and uses its body for his own.

    Wolverins is stunned by an explosion caused by one of Monkeywrench's spikes which he had integrated explosives into. He still manages to disable Pick Axis. Paul and Bunyan are about to attack Jubilee, but she blinds them temporarily with her mutant powers. Terror, with a new body, knocks Paul and Bunyan out with a well-placed kick. Monkeywrench manages to get Lance's corpse and heads out of the Morgue. Wolverine gives chase, but Monkeywrench manages to drive an explosive stake into Wolverine's chest. It wasn't anything that Wolverine's healing ability couldn't handle, but the only problem was how to remove the stake without having it blow him up into pieces.

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