Wolverine #47

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  • Writer: Larry Hama
  • Penciler: Gerald DeCaire
  • Inker: Don Hudson
  • Letterer: Pat Brosseau
  • Colorist: Steve Buccellato
  • Editor: Bob Harras
  • Chief Editor: Tom DeFalco

    Who's in this issue?
  • Deidre (a policeman)
  • Jim (a policeman)
  • Megan (a child, sister to Sean)
  • Sean (a child, brother to Megan)
  • Silver Fox
  • Mr. Singh (a storeowner)
  • Tiffany (worker to Mr. Singh)
  • Tracy (a problem-riddled young adult)
  • Wolverine


    A refreshing story that takes a break between those big storylines, especially since the next storyline is the big one about Logan's Weapon X days. Interesting story by Larry Hama...this jerk Tracy really deserved to be shot and killed, especially the things that he chooses to do to people who had once gave him a chance after his drug rehab. Artwork by guest penciler Gerald DeCaire is okay. More cartooney than say Silvestri, but it's kept fairly clean, which is good. Overall, a good in-between book, even though you really don't need to have this one.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #47:
    "Dog Day"


    In the streets of New York City, Logan had a brief incident with a traffic control officer who had tried to ticket his motorcyle for parking too long in the streets, but in the process, she had encountered various S.H.I.E.L.D agents while running a background check on Logan. She ended up not ticketing Logan.

    Meanwhile, the mother of Tracy arrives home, discovering Tracy in her apartment putting certain valuable stuff into boxes to sell so that he can buy drugs. His mother orders him out, but he would not leave. She heads to the bedroom, obtains a gun, and threatens Tracy that she'd shoot unless he leaves. But she was weak, and Tracy managed to get the gun from her, and then he beats her up physically, sending her into intensive care.

    Back in the streets, Logan encounters a scene where there was a rabied dog. The two officers, Jim and Deidre, were very reluctant to shoot and kill it, despite Jim missing the dog a few times. In the end, though, Deidre, the female cop, had to kill it. Logan tells her that could be considered excessive force, but Deidre said that she had kids to worry about, as well as a dog, and that what she had just done was tough enough.

    Back to Tracy. After taking his mother's car, he heads on over to his former work place that was owned by Mr. Singh. Taking the money out of the drawer, he kills Mr. Singh and his former coworker Tiffany in cold blood.

    As Logan was riding away from that scene that he was just involved in, he was thinking about back in the days when he and Silver Fox were living together, and how his dog one night had returned, bitten by a rabid racoon, and it had been up to him to shoot it.

    Back to Tracy: He hits a parked car, but continues driving under the influence of alcohol. Two kids, Megan and Sean, were about to cross a street. Checking both sides for cars, they see none and begin to walk their bikes across the street. Next thing they knew, Tracy in the car was rushing right towards them. Deserting their bike, Megan and their dog manages to run away, but it looks as if Sean will be hit by the car.

    At a signal light where Logan was waiting for the light to change, Tracy meets Logan there in his car. Tracy begins to think that Logan is a cop. After the light changes green, Logan checks out the front of Tracy's car, and Tracy thinks he notices the kid's bike handlebar in the grill. To stop that, Tracy rams his car into Logan's motorcycle, sending Logan flying into the street, and falling behind Tracy's car. Next thing Logan knew, Tracy floors his car in reverse, ramming it into Logan. With his claws, Logan manages to disable the car. Tracy wonders why Logan isn't dead yet, and fires his gun at Logan. Still, Logan is not brought down, as his adamantium skeleton and mutant healing factor was protecting him. Tracy soon ran out of bullets though. As Logan approached him, he was still having flashbacks to when Silver Fox kept telling Logan to put him out of his pain (the dog). Next thing they knew, Tracy is gunned down by the two policemen that Logan had encountered earlier. Deidre was saying how Tracy had almost ran her two kids down (Sean and Megan). And as Logan departed, he explains to her that he had not killed his dog when they had been talking about it earlier...Silver Fox had done the deed.

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