Wolverine #45

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  • Writer: Larry Hama
  • Penciler: Marc Silvestri
  • Inker: Dan Green
  • Letterer: Pat Brosseau
  • Colorist: Steve Buccellato
  • Editor: Bob Harras
  • Chief Editor: Tom DeFalco

    Who's in this issue?
  • Albert
  • Elsie Dee
  • Emmy Doolin
  • Hunter in Darkness
  • Jubilee
  • Lady Deathstrike
  • Masque
  • Ronald Parvenue (entrepreneur)
  • Sabretooth
  • Wolverine


    Pretty cool book, if I may say so myself. I'd still like to know though who this mysterious lady is who tried to kill the Hunter in Darkness with a high-powered rifle. Other than that, it's REALLY cool to see how Logan would be attacked at the same time by not only Sabretooth, who was still believing that Logan was his son, but also Lady Deathstrike, who had planned this New York City revealing of The Hunter in Darkness, for she knew Logan would not resist the opportunity to save the Hunter in Darkness from captivity. And they definately got the right title for this book: certainly, there are a LOT of claws over Times Square here: Sabertooth's nail claws, Lady Deathstrike's cyber-claws, Wolverine's adamantium claws, and The Hunter in darkness' natural claws. If you like plenty of action (or potential action, for that matter), do check out this book.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #45:
    "Claws over Time Square"


    Down in Midtown Manhattan, Logan is being followed by Jubilee, who kept insisting to Logan that she was not following him, even though Logan looked as if he was planning to do something after hearing about The Hunter in Darkness showing up in New York City, to be displayed at Times Square. He takes up a position over a billboard that was advertising the Hunter in Darkness.

    Meanwhile, in some apartment close by, a mysterious lady (for whom I still can't figure out yet) had a high-powered rifle aimed directly near the stage where the Hunter in Darkness was to be displayed on. And down below the city, in Morlock Tunnels, Albert was working on rebuilding a more highly-sophisticated body for Elsie Dee that would be many times better than the one Pierce had built. And over in Brooklyn, Sabretooth had just crawled out of the river and knocked down an innocent civilian for her money and a would-be criminal for his clothing.

    Back to where Logan was: as he watches, he soon discovers that he was right above a giant projection TV. Pretty soon, Parvenue and Lady Deathstrike shows up in a helicopter to display the Hunter in Darkness. (Lady Deathstrike was with him because of her business proposition with him, which in reality, was just an attempt to use him to lure Logan there so that she could finish her fight with him). Down below, we see that Sabretooth had also showed up too, because he also expected to see Logan there after sensing that Lady Deathstrike would be there.

    Back to the mysterious lady in the apartment: she fires, but misses, merely grazing the Hunter in Darkness. Logan senses something was up, and Parvenue, hearing the shot, commands his pilot to fly them away. Logan leaps out onto the top of the cage. Lady Deathstrike sawWolverine do this, and she leaps from the helicopter onto the top of the cage to fight him. Not only that, Sabretooth now joins in this, leaping from atop a street lamp onto the cage too. The city suddenly blacks out as down below, Albert had spliced the city's main power line for his own use in making Elsie Dee a new body. As the three fight in the darkness, Jubilee provides some light with her plasma blast, but unfortunately, that blinds the helicopter pilot, who loses control, sending the cage below crashing into a water tower perhced atop a building, stunning all three temporary. Unfortunately for them, the Hunter in Darkness was now free, too.

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