Wolverine #34

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  • Writer: Larry Hama
  • Penciler: Marc Silvestri
  • Inker: Dan Green
  • Letterer: Pat Brosseau
  • Colorist: Glynis Oliver
  • Editor: Bob Harras
  • Chief Editor: Tom DeFalco

    Who's in this issue?
  • Sgt. Doolin
  • Ms. Golightly (a hostage)
  • Hunter in Darkness
  • Athabasca Ike
  • Morris
  • Wolverine


    Definately one for the keeper if you wish to find out more about Logan's origin. What Doolin babbles about after he was shot is perhaps one of the greatest hints as to what Logan was like before the Weapon X project. Good issue, great artwork, good story. I'd recommend this book.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #34:
    "The Hunter in Darkness"


    Taking a one-man camping trip up in the Canadian wilderness, Logan is met by two Canadian mounties named Sgt. Doolin and Morris. They think Logan's not normal for being butt-naked out in the middle of nowhere eating a raw fish. But Logan had camping permits, so they left him alone. Morris shows Logan a wanted flyer. Doolin and Morris were looking for a guy named Athabasca Ike who escaped from his own trial, gunned down a whole family, and kidnapped the family's youngest girl (Ms. Golightlys). He was last seen heading towards Logan's direction, and they warned Logan that he was dangerous, and that he should stay out of his way.

    The winds then shift, and Logan catches the scent of Ike and the girl. He joins Doolin and Morris to go help track down Ike. They wanted to catch him before dark since they were afraid of the Hunter in Darkness that was roaming around the woods during the night. Morris argues that it was a legend, but Doolin tells one of his old stories about how he had shot it, but still, the beast had escaped.

    As they continued their search in Morris and Doolin's jeep, they were ambushed by Ike. Ike killed Morris from a distance using a rifle. The bullet passes through Morris in the chest, Logan in the leg, and the jeep's fuel tank. The jeep crashes into a hillside. Logan and Doolin barely get out before the jeep blows up. Logan puts on his Wolverine outfit and the two goes searching for Ike. As night falls, Logan is attacked by the Hunter in Darkness. To get a clear shot, Doolin uses a flashlight to find his target. But in doing so, he allows Ike to find Doolin. Logan yells at Ike to shut off the light, but it was too late. Ike shoots Doolin in the chest, while Logan is hurt by the Hunter in Darkness. As Logan allows his healing factor to kick in, Doolin is starting to babble past memories, about the time in Germany during the war. The Hunter in Darkness too seems to be thinking about something after it tastes Logan's blood, as if it remembered its taste. Logan then thinks to himself whether the Hunter in Darkness did remember him, since Logan had once encountered it when he was stumbling through the Canadian wilderness after the Weapon x project, and had saved it from a trap.

    While Logan was, too, lost in his past, the Hunter in Darkness wanders off in search for a victim. Logan, finally healed, begins to go after the Hunter. When Doolin saw his posture, he realized that it was not the Hunter whom Doolin had shot in the past, but it was Logan. Then Doolin starts wondering out loud how that could be the same person (Logan) who had the voice of the corporal that he served under during WWII. Meanwhile, the girl had escaped from Ike, and had ran into Logan. She screamed. Ike lights up his lighter to look for his rifle, but in doing so, the Hunter finds him, and eats him alive. As Doolin memories flashes before him, he finally remembers the name of the corporal. It was Logan. And Logan was surprised since not once did he tell him his real name.

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