Wolverine #30

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  • Writer: Jo Duffy
  • Penciler: Bill Jaaska
  • Inker: Joe Rubinstein
  • Letterer: Jim Novak
  • Colorist: Steve Buccellato
  • Editor: Bob Harras
  • Chief Editor: Tom DeFalco

    Who's in this issue?
  • Broker Andover (one of Coy's men)
  • Gen. Nguyen Coy
  • Genji (one of Broker's men)
  • Hikaru (one of Broker's men)
  • Karma
  • Dr. Page (mad scientist)
  • Pinnochio
  • Target (a soldier)
  • Ricky (Target's cousin)
  • Wolverine


    *duh* now that I've read this issue, everything finally makes sense. So if you decide to read this storyline (The Lazarus project), whatever you do, PLEASE pick up this issue or else you'd be just as lost as me. Bill Jaaska seems like a good artist, but in my opinion, I really didn't like how the people looked a bit too cartooney.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #30:
    "The Lazarus Project Pt. IV: Family Matters"


    Back in Madripoor, Dr. Page and Broker are talking, while Dr. Page is working on Pinocchio. We discover from their conversation that Broker was the one who conceived this Lazarus project, which included Pinnochio, while Dr. Page was the one who created Pinnochio, which was an offspring of the Lazarus project. Later, Broker's men, Hikaru and Genji, rushes in, telling Broker about what happened in Rumika, and how the Master Form was just left there in the ashes.

    Broker tells both to calm down, and tells them to hunt down some information on Patch, for he suspected that Patch was Wolverine, who at that time, was still thought to be dead by the world.

    Meanwhile, Logan, Target, and Karma arrives at Madripoor. Target was lost in thoughts about his past, about how he and his cousin had lost their family, and how where they enlisted in, they tried to make them into killing soldiers, and then later, Ricky and Ted (Target's real name) were separated by Dr. Page after they volunteered for the next phase of the project.

    After docking, they make their way into the palace, with some mind-controlling help from Karma. Coy is freaking out now at the palace since the Prince was away, and had put full responsibility of the project on him, and that Logan was coming for him. After getting into the palace, Dr. Page activates Pinnochio. It and Logan battles it out. Karma has this shouting match with Coy about family matters. He questions why strangers should matter, and she replies that they were human beings. Target adds that everyone is part of someone's family.

    Just then, Pinnochio falls to the ground, surprising Logan. Pinnochio then does a memory scan of Target after the word "Human Beings" and "Family". Dr. Page tries to cancel it, and threatens to override. Pinnochio then says something that Rick had told him as a child when they played catch. Target was surprised. At this point, Dr. Page was threatening Pinnochio to wipe out its organic material, but Logan knocks her out. Logan was about to finish Pinnochio off, but Target told him to hold on, since he wanted to see if Pinnochio could recognize him (since by now, Target has realized that inside Pinnochio was his cousin Rick). Pinnochio though was still unable to recognize him, and almost kills him. Karma then psionically tries to talk to Pinnochio, trying to bring back his old memories. Pinnochio finally recognizes Target as being Ted, his cousin.

    Dr. Page was about to kill his organic parts within Pinnochio, but Logan just manages to knock her out before she could hit the button. Logan then was abuot to kill Coy, but Karma stops him. Instead, Karma threatens her uncle, declaring that her debt to him was paid off, and that he'd better not harm another person or else.

    Later, Logan searches for Broker. Upon entering, he discovers that they had all seemingly commited suicide. But little did he know, Broker was just faking it. Broker escapes.

    Back at the palace, Coy had just been notified by a representative of the Prince that Coy was going to be responsible for all the Prince's losses, as well as all damage that the fight might have caused in his palace. And Ted and Ricky are trying to figure out what to do from here. And as for the Lazarus Project, it has been stopped, and the master form (which in truth represented NOTHING in all of this except being a symbol) will cease to be hunted down.

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