Wolverine #26

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  • Writer: Jo Duffy
  • Penciler: Klaus Janson
  • Inker: Tom Palmer
  • Letterer: Jim Novak
  • Colorist: Glynis Oliver
  • Editor: Bob Harras
  • Chief Editor: Tom DeFalco

    Who's in this issue?
  • Gene Claymore
  • Bando Saburo
  • Masaki Weston (Bando's wife's nephew)
  • Wolverine


    Not a bad issue...it went by pretty quick, but it was another good short one-story book. It was interesting though on how many twists that could occur in this book, especially when Weston finds out that even if he didn't murder Saburo, Saburo would have died soon anyways because of cancer. Overall, a good book, even though the cover isn't exactly one of the most appealing Wolverine ones out there.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #26:
    "Memory of Peace"


    In Japan, six days ago, Logan discovers at the home of Bando Saburo death everywhere, despite this place once being a place of peace that Logan sought for. A bunch of hoodlums, street-gang-type people, tries to kill Logan, but Logan kills all of them.

    Back to the present in Madripoor, Logan is playing a mean game of poker with an art dealer-former scum named Gene Claymore. The odds were getting quite high.

    Recalling back in the days when Logan was adamantium-less, Logan and Bando Saburo was ahving a conversation about serenity, and the importance of spiritual ideas over material desire. Logan admires this cup that Saburo was serving to him. It was a simple, yet beautiful, red teacup with jasmine flowers painted on it. Saburo tells him it was the treasure of the House of Bando, and was priceless. Logan notices that they weren't alone, and Saburo tells him thatthe guy outside was Weston, his wife's favorite nephew since they were childless.

    Back to the present, Logan triples the stakes at the poker game. Logan did not plan to cheat, but he was not letting Claymore win.

    Just six nights ago, Logan had returned to the house, discovering everyone dead there...including Bando and his wife. Logan caught the scent, and managed to track the killers down.

    Back at the present, we see that Claymore had the priceless teacup that Saburo said was priceless. Logan wins the poker game, making Claymore bankrupt. Logan though tells him all he wanted was two things, and he'd call them even afterwards: he wanted the bowl that belonged to Saburo, and the name and address of the man who he got it from. Claymore reveals it was Masaki Weston, but he tries to lunge at Logan. Instead, he finds himself flying out of the top story of the building. His men was about to shoot at Logan, but Logan reminds them that once Claymore reaches the road, they'd be off of the payroll. Logan walks out with the cup with no protest.

    Logan heads on over to where Weston lived, and there he discovered that he was about to commit suicide. Logan lectures him about whether it was worth killing him for this worthless bowl in exchange for losing his uncle and aunt's love. Logan then shows him a letter from Saburo that had said that he had cancer of the stomach, and was dying, and that within a month at most, he would've died anyways, and Saburo would have gotten the bowl. Just then, Saburo's only servant tries to kill him, but Logan manages to dodge it and kil lhim. Weston attacks, but he misses, and Logan kills him too.

    Later, back in Japan, Logan heads to the graves of Saburo Bando and his wife to pay his respects. He leaves behind the bowl that they had treasured for so long.

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