Wolverine #24

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  • Writer: Peter David
  • Artist: Gene Colan
  • Letterer: Jim Novak
  • Colorist: Mark Chiarello
  • Editor: Bob Harras
  • Chief Editor: Tom DeFalco

    Who's in this issue?
  • Aldo (a street-kid)
  • Ganif (ringleader of the street-kids)
  • Rashi (a street-kid)
  • Rose (a street-kid)
  • Snow Queen (aka Gitte)
  • Wolverine


    Well, with a cover like this one, I really didn't expect too much from this book. And the book began off a bit slow. But it got better as the story progressed, and it turned out very good at the end. Not a bad small story by itself.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #24:
    "Snow Blind"


    This nice one-issue storyline takes place back in Madripoor as a story is being retold. It involves this assassin-lady named Snow Queen who, in her briefcase, carried a bomb. Outside, she gets mobbed by a bunch of street-kids. One of them, named Aldo, steals her briefcase, and she gives chase after him. Rose, another street-kid, runs for help, and finds Logan. Logan senses her fear, and goes to investigate.

    Meanwhile, Aldo had taken a hidden spot, and opened her briefcase. Inside, he finds all these "American money" and what he thinks to be a radio (which was actually a bomb). He pushes a button on it. It starts counting, but he thinks it's just broken.

    Logan had just found the lady, and has a word or two with her. Suddenly, Logan feels as if the whole world was going around him. He freaks out, and next thing he knew, she was gone! Logan now realizes who she was. Back in the days when he worked for Canada, he had learned that she was a hotshot assassin whose abilities included the ability to short out the perception of the world.

    To search for her, he gets some information at a bar about the whereabouts of the kids. The barkeeper tells him about this guy named Ganif who was the ringleader of the kids. Logan decides to pay a visit to him. (and meanwhile, the bomb still ticks)

    Logan locates where the ringleader is, and demands that he listens to Logan so that he can help save Aldo. Ganif agrees, since Logan had said that he could've killed them earlier, but he was trying to help them. Giving Logan a headband that Aldo had worn once so that Logan could recognize the scent, Logan heads out to track him down.

    Meanwhile, the Snow Queen had Rose as her captive, and was using her to lead her to Aldo. They manage to find the boy. Luckily, just in the nick of time, Logan leaps in before she has a chance to shoot him. They get into this hard fight with each other. She uses her powers again and manages to wound Logan. She shoots him, thinking Wolverine dies. Then she shoots at Aldo. Rose takes the bullet, and is almost hit off the roof, dangling with one arm. Logan though was NOT dead, and slices her silencer on her gun. She gives him another good hit. Aldo rescues Rose, but Snow Queen gets her breifcase back. Logan helps Rose to stop the bleeding, and seconds later, they here a big explosion. The bomb had gone off, killing Snow Queen.

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