Wolverine #15

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  • Writer: Peter David
  • Penciler: John Buscema
  • Inker: Bill Siekiewicz
  • Letterer: Ken Bruzenak
  • Colorist: Glynis Oliver
  • Editor: Bob Harras
  • Chief Editor: Tom DeFalco

    Who's in this issue?
  • Ba'al
  • Prince Baran of Madripoor
  • Archibald Corrigan
  • Bert Corrigan
  • Jessica Drew
  • Johann (Prince's aide)
  • Kwan (a policeman)
  • Lindsay McCabe
  • O'Donnell
  • Chief of Police Tai
  • Wolverine


    Boy, is this stone corruptive or what?!? The mere presence of the stone has made anyone near it "mean and nasty", as Logan puts it. Wish Marvel can keep solid storylines like these nowadays. A very complete and comprehensive job by the staff.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

  • WOLVERINE #15:
    "Homecoming: Pt. 5 of 6, 'The Gehenna Stone Affair"


    Now back in Madripoor, Logan encounters Police Chief Tai harshly questioning McCabe on the streets of Madripoor about what she had done with the gem. Logan (still in his Wolverine costume) intrudes, takes out a few of the policemen. McCabe manages to escape. Logan grabs Tai and tries to knock some sense into him by asking why he was doing this since it really wasn't at all like him.

    Later on, after changing back to his Patch outfit, he heads on over to O'Donnell's bar. Inside, he discovers O'Donnell and McCabe fight. After giving him the boot in O'Donnell's sensative area, McCabe storms out, yelling at Logan for butting in while also revealing the fact she knew her secret identity from Drew), leaving O'Donnell and Logan alone. O'Donnell tells him about what has been happening lately (plus he also tells him that he knew that he was Wolverine from McCabe), about the visit by the Prince's aide and all. Meanwhile, Archie storms in, and was about to yell at Logan, but Logan stops him and tells him to sit down while he listens to O'Donnell's story first.

    Meanwhile, on the streets of Madripoor, Bert is walking along, when he encounters a prostitute. She was then attacked by the followers of Ba'al. Bert tries to help her, but he is taken out. Luckily, Drew was also there, and the two manages to chase the followers of Ba'al away. Bert and Drew ends up following the followers to where they were going. Drew was shocked to discover that they were heading over to the Prince's palace.

    Back at the bar, O'Donnell tells about how he ended up giving the stone to the Prince's aide, how he had threatened McCabe, and all. Then Chief Tai and his men bursts in. A big brawl inside ensues, but Logan stops the fight by grabbing Tai and threatening to kill him. He finds out that it was Tai's orders which the other policemen were following. Tai tells Logan he wanted the fragment of the gem, and how he couldn't stop thinking about it. At this moment, Logan starts pieceing the pieces of this puzzle. He finds out that the stone they were talking about looked similar to the one Logan had saw, except a different fragmentation. Upon finding out that the Prince had the fragment now, Logan suspected that the stone was near whole now, and as it was nearing whole, all the pieces...each fragment of it was beginning to become more corruptive. They head on over to the Prince's Palace.

    Drew heads on over to the palace, and since he was the Prince's secret private eye, she gains access inside. To her surprise, she encounters the Prince...and Ba'al, together.

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