Wolverine #7
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Who's in this issue?
  • Chaz
  • Connie (driver to Hulk)
  • Archibald Corrigan
  • Gen. Nguyen Coy
  • Dex
  • Jessica Drew
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Karma
  • Laurence
  • Lindsay McCabe
  • Prince Baran of Madripoor
  • Roughouse
  • Tyger Tiger
  • Wolverine


    Very well-written. Bringing the Hulk into this brief series was a good idea, especially since the writers added some pretty humorous scenes to it (i.e. when Hulk beats up the bikers who damaged his car.) Art's good again. This story about the rival gangs warring for control of Madripoor's underworld is fairly encaptivating.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)

    "Mr. Fixit Comes to Town"


    Mr. Fixit, who was really the Grey Hulk, was hired by an American crime boss to do away with Coy for his failure of delivering the opium, and so, Mr. Fixit heads for Madripoor with some pretty humorous events that occurs along the way.

    Back at the palace, the Prince had planned to dump all of them (Logan, Drew, Tyger, etc.) into his deepest dungeon until he recognizes McCabe as an American Actress whom he adored. Instead of throwing them into his dungeon, he treats them as his guest now. He shows McCabe his private gallery which had various statuettes of her from various roles that she had played.

    The scenes breaks up a bit here. In this one scene, Logan tells Tyger that the Prince had an offer for her that she shouldn't refuse. Knowing her distaste for drugs, Logan told her that the Prince felt that Coy might be a threat to his throne, and didn't like how the situation was getting out of hand. So a deal was in the works.

    Later on, at the Soverign Hotel, Karma was almost attacked by Roughouse, but Logan shows up and takes the drunk Roughouse out while Karma controled his mind and made him sleep. Karma tells Logan that she worries for her uncle since she found out that Mr. Fixit was showing up to finish him, and that no matter what, she had to stand by him since he was the only chance for her to locate her missing brother and sister.

    Mr. Fixit arrives in Madripoor, and is attacked by some henchmen. Logan helps, for he suspected that Mr. Fixit was indeed the Hulk, and manages to confirm it later that night when he finds Bruce Banner in Mr. Fixit's room during the daytime (for at this time, Bruce Banner pretty much existed when the sun was out, and the Grey Hulk existed when the sun was down. Logan decides to have a little fun with the situation.

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