Wolverine #4
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Who's in this issue?
  • Bloodsport
  • Archibald Corrigan
  • Gen. Nguyen Coy
  • Jessica Drew
  • Karma
  • Lindsay McCabe
  • Chancellor Ranjamaryam
  • Roughhouse
  • Police Chief Tai
  • Tyger Tiger
  • Wolverine


    Pretty good story. If you don't have the money to start collecting Wolverine from #1, then #4 is a good starting point too since the issue's fairly affordable. Once again, the story is in Madripoor as Logan still assumes the identity of Patch. With the introduction of Roughouse and Bloodsport, you're guaranteed quite an interesting story to come.

    Rating (from 1 dot (not recommended) to 5 dot (highly recommended)



    In the beginning, we see both Roughouse and Bloodscream attack the Chancellor. We do not find out why.

    The Chancellor to the Prince of Madripoor has been found dead with a horrified look on his deathly white face. Patch goes to the investigation scene to take a look at the body before the police hauled it away. Of course, Logan's true motive was to find the scent and backtrack.

    Later on, we see another scene where Bloodsport and Roughouse attacks another one of Tyger's men, Archibald Corrigan. Tyger, at that time, was the ruler of the Madripoor underworld, and Bloodsport was hinting that "a new order was coming".

    Meanwhile, Logan continues on his investigation, and it leads him to Karma at the Soverign hotel, a high-class hotel in Hightown Madripoor. He enters her room, and questions her forcefully (since she had been with the Chancellor earlier in the day). He asks her who General Coy was, and she replies it was her uncle, and he asks what his business in Madrippor was, and she replies for power. Logan gives her a choice on what side she should choose (either the good or the bad), and leaves just as silently as he had shown up.

    In the streets of San Francisco, Jessica Drew and her friend Lindsay McCabe are seem roaming through the street, and has a random encounter with Bloodsport and Roughouse, but merely a random encounter. Discovering a woman that was covered in blood, Jessica investigates, and finds a room full of dead people and on the wall was enscribed "The Tyger is Dead". Jessica returns, and tells Lindsay that she suspects that they've jumped right into the middle of a gang war.

    Back in Madripoor, Logan and Tyger is attacked by Roughouse and Bloodsport, who tries to kill them. But Karma shows up, and using her powers to control minds, manages to help Logan and Tyger escape. Tyger is hurt, though, and Logan tells Jessica and Lindsay (who had arrived from San Francisco to tell him about their discovery) to take her to a safe house so that Bloodsport and Roughouse won't be able to find her.

    In the Soverign hotel, we discover that Bloodsport and Roughouse were actualy working with Karma's uncle, Gen. Coy, and they reported their unsuccessful attempt to eliminate Tyger. Coy then devices a plan to trap Logan and dismantle Tyger's organization.

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