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Wolverine's Realm

Welcome to Wolverine's R.E.A.L.M.: my page dedicated to the one and only Wolverine. In it, you will find as much Wolverine information and miscellaneous items to satisfy your ol' Canucklehead craving. So feel free to browse through, and if you've got any comments, tell me! (See below for methods)

And about the picture gallery...thank you to all who have been following my small guideline. It really helps to make all the webpages out there a more enjoyable experience when you don't see the same pictures posted over and over on the web. (If you ask me, it REALLY gets dull seeing the same picture at over 20+ sites...) So continue to be nice...don't abuse the privelage. Download them for your own collection if you'd like. But please don't reuse them in your web page. As someone had said, it's an honor among web page creators not to use other people's scans.

Remember to submit your fan creation to me!
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