Professor X
Codename Professor X
Real Name Charles Xavier
Height 6ft. 0in.
Weight 190 lbs.
Sex Male
First Recorded Comic Appearance X-Men #1 (vol. 1), 1963
Mutant Powers/ Attributes • Most powerful telepath on Earth
• Telekinesis
• Ability to read minds
• Access to astral plane
About Professor X The founder of the Uncanny X-Men, Professor Xavier's hope for a world where mutants and humans can coexist has often been faced with resistance by mutants with other views, such as Magneto. Xavier founded the X-Men to help pursue his dreams. Wolverine, as part of the X-Men Blue Strike Force Team, has been a very loyal companion to Xavier. Xavier, too, shows this same sense of loyalty, as evident in X-Men #25 where Xavier destroys Magneto's mind by wiping away his memories after what Magneto had done to Wolverine. Recently, due to frustration (plus the recent discovery of Magneto's dark side leaving a deposit in his psionic altar, as explained in Wolverine #104) and pent-up anger, accidently creates the imperialist being we kenw as Onslaught. Upon rescuing Professor X and defeating Onslaught, Professor X now has lost (perhaps temporary, perhaps permanent, it has yet to be seen yet) his psi-talents, and has voluntarily surrendered himself to the United States government under arrest for the destruction caused by a being that he had created from his psi-energy.

Other Allies of Wolverine
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