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Don't Go
       by Nicole Wright

"Animals kill only for survival. They don't kill out of anger or vengence. Maybe what I've really been fighting is my human nature."

She was standing in the rain shaking from the coldness of the drops of water tapping her head and shoulders. Her eyes were looking down at the soaked street and his black boots. She balled up her fists to help her control the anger that welled up inside her, ready to explode.

She saw him shift his weight as if waiting for her punch. She looked up into his baby blue eyes to see if what he told her was the truth. She was the same height as him, but his eyes were shielded by his cowboy hat. She closed her eyes once more because she knew what he said was the God honest truth.

When he held her and uttered the words 'I have t' leave ya darlin',' she felt her whole world collapse around her. Her mind was racing like an out of control roller coaster. Her heart felt liked it stopped after he himself made it beat faster and harder since they met.

Tears began rolling down her face onto her tennis shoes. He couldn't tell if she was crying or giggling because of how her shoulders were shaking. He removed his hat and it fell to the ground. He took his hand and tilted her head up to see what she was feeling.

When he saw that she was crying he wrapped his huge arms around her shoulders placing one hand on her head. Thunder rumbled and a loud crash of lightening lit the sky for both of her fears were crashing all at once, lightening and being left alone. The noise made her jump and cry even harder for both of her fears were crashing all at once, lightening and being left alone. She wished she could let go like that, but she knew what and who he was.

She grabbed the straps of his tank top and twisted them in her fingers burying her face in his chest hair. She started to say something, instead she pushed off of him and ran down the street. He yelled her name and started after her.

She knew she couldn't out run him but she was going to try her best. She heard him call out and she looked back to see how far ahead she got. Looking back she slipped on a manhole cover and twisted her ankle. She fell to the ground and held her foot in agony.

He bent down to pick her up but she only fought himoff. She could never overpower him so she gave up and allowed herself to be carried. He set her in front of him on his motorcycle and rode her home. When they got to her house, she asked him to put her down and opened the door. Hopping on one foot she took her injured one and gave him a good kick. He went down and she lost her balance and fell inside the vestibule.

She scooted back on her elbows and shut the door with her foot.

"Just leave me alone!!! If you're gonna go dammit just go you hurt me enough tonight."

She used the wall to stand back up and got to the door. She went for the deadbolt when she saw a set of his claws cut through her oak door like butter. He used his fist to come in sending wood flying at her. She fell back to the floor and tried to crawl away from him.

Angry now he grabbed her foot and she screamed in pain. He hadn't realized he held onto her sore ankle until she yelled 'let go'.

"Be still and stop kicking me!"

"Let me go and leave. I don't want you and I don't want you here, leave!"

"I'm not gonna leave 'til you calm the hell down!"

In an instant she lay still, breathing heavily. She looked in his eyes starting to cry again.

"Please don't leave me. I need you."

"I have t' darlin' for your own protection and safety."

"You've been here this long and nothing's happened."

"I still have t' do it baby, I care too much for ya to see anything bad happen."

"I..love you, please ... "

"You know my life is full of so much bullshit that I can't plant any roots. They hurt the ones I care about, especially people like you."

"I may not have what you do, but you trained me in case something did happen."

Frustrated she began banging her fists against his chest in a King Kong like rhythm. He picked her up off the floor and carried her upstairs.

He kicked open her bedroom door and threw her on the bed pinning her down with his hands.

"They will show you no mercy just to get to me don't you get that. They don't care about people's lives. They take what they want with force, by any means necessary. I'm tryin' t' save your damn life!"

He hadn't pinned her legs down and she started kicking again to get him off her. She accidentally kneed him again and he fell off the bed. She wiped her eyes and leaned over the edge to see if he was ok.

When she leaned over far enough to touch him he lunged forward and pinned her back down. When she looked up his claws were in her face ready to strike.

"Stop fucking doing that!"

"It was an accident I'm sorry, please calm down, I'm sorry."

He calmed down and receded his claws. He sat up and sat next to her setting his back against the wall. He closed his eyes and banged his head against the wall leaving a big dent and spiderwebbish lines in the plaster.

He picked her up and set her in his lap as if she were a baby and kissed her forehead.

"If I don't leave, they'll kill you."

"Fine. If you must leave, just leave. The longer you stay the harder for the both of us it will be."

She gave him a kiss, got off the bed and limped into the bathroom. She ran a bubble bath and started peeling off her wet clothes. When she got in the tub she heard her bedroom door shut and the tears began falling down her cheeks.

She put her knees up to her chin and quietly sobbed secretly wishing he would come back to her.

"May I join you?"

She slowly rose her head and saw him standing in the doorway. Surprised she could only nod her head. She watched him come out of his clothes and step behind her in the tub.

"I ... "

She put her finger to his lips to quiet him and laid her head on his chest. She closed her eyes as he took one arm and placed it across her chest and took his free hand to rub her hair.

"I love you," he whispered into her hair.

"I know ... I know."

After an hour he got out so he could put her to bed. He lifted her out of the tub and carried her to the bed. He went to get a bandage to wrap her ankle. He put one of his t-shirts on her and laid under the covers with her. He head was lying on his shoulder when he felt a tear roll down his arm. He didn't want to leave her but it was for both their sakes. Since he parted ways from the school for the gifted some ten odd years ago he was, again, on his own.

When he met her his life seemed at ease for a while. She was his salvation of sorts. She didn't care what he was, what he did, or what was done to him. She only saw what was in front of her ... a man. Not some wild uncontrolled beast, just a man.

He heard her sniffle and moved away from her. He got in front of her and wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her down on the bed. He pushed her shirt up with his teeth and began kissing her navel. He was going to make her happy before he left her, make her forget that he was already gone from her life.

The sun was peeking through her curtains when she woke up. She took her hand to lay across him. She sat up in a flash when realized he was gone. She sat back against the wall flinching from the pain and pleasure she received from him the night before.

She found his shirt she wore last night and put it back on inhaling his cologne. She grabbed the pillow he had laid his head on and held it tight. She turned to the window looking at the morning sun and leaned her head against the wall muttering only one word, "Logan ... ."

When she closed her eyes she heard the roar of a Harley go down her driveway.

The End ... or is it?

"Unfortunately, the best intentions don't always equate t' the best actions."


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