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       by Nicole Wright

Eien (pronounced Ian) had been living with the X-Men since she was 16. She grew to love everyone of them in their own unique way. She could confide herself to Kurt, learn things from Hank, get ‘fatherly advice' from Xavier, joke around with Bobby, admire Ororo for being the other black female in the house, do cool brother/sister things with Scott, annoy the hell out of Jean for being so close to Scott, but she ran into problems when it came to Remy and Logan.

It's been two years and she was turning 18, an adult and this made her happy and concerned. Happy because she could finally do what she wanted. Besides Xavier, Hank, Logan, Remy and Ororo she was the oldest kid living there. The thing that concerned her was Logan and Remy. She grew very fond of the both of them and now that she was considered a grown up she didn't know how to handle those feelings now.

Remy: "Bon anniversaire!"

Eien: "Rem it's 8:00, don't I get to sleep at least until 9:00?, it is my birthday after all."

Remy: "You're right chere. Ya know since you're 18..."

Eien takes her head from under her pillow and looks at him.

Eien: "What?"

Remy: "Can I join you?"

Eien gets out of bed and walks over to him. She lets herself float so she can look into those red and black eyes she loved so much. She held his face in her hands and barely touched his lips with hers.

Eien: "And do what Mr. LeBeau might I ask?"

She rubs her hands through his hair and plays with his ponytail. He places his hands on her hips and heads for the bed, but he can't move.

Remy: "You know chere, I could show you if you'd let me move."

Eien: "Oh Remy you Cajun devil you!" She bites him gently on the neck and he squeezes her tighter around the waist. He tries again to move and succeeds. Rem sits her on her bed and kneels before her.

Remy: "Chere, I wanted you for a long time."

Eien: "I know, I know."

Remy: "Whas da matter love? Remy won't hurt you, you know dat."

Eien: "I know it's just that ..."

Remy: "Oh I know, it's because of Berserk man, huh?"

Eien: "I can't help that I like you both. You've been open while he hides his feelings."

Remy: "Well what does dat tell you sweetheart?"

Eien: "That I have a lot of things to think about."

With that Remy was outside in the lake behind the property and Eien was back in her warm bed. She began to drift when she heard Rem yelling to her from outside.

Logan: "What's the Cajun making ruckus for?

He standing in her doorway smoking a cigar.

Eien: "Logan it's my birthday today which entitles me to anything I want for 24 hours. Please put that thing out, you know I hate them."

Logan puts it out for her, comes in her room and shuts the door.

Eien: "You too, huh? Ok what will it be with you?"

Logan: "What do ya mean darlin'?"

Eien: "Well Rem came in thinking he would finally get some with me, that's why he ended up in the lake. What do you want?"

Logan walks over to her and sits on her bed. He takes a deep breath and hands her a gift.

Eien: "Ooh presents! What is it?"

Logan: "Open and see."

She rips it open and inside is a velvet box. She looks at him and raises an eyebrow. She opens the box and she gasps. Inside in an emerald and diamond pendant necklace.

Logan: "Here let me put it on. Since were having a formal party for you, I thought you should have something ..."

Eien: "Thank you Logan, I love it."

She reaches over and gives him a big hug. Her door bursts open and in comes a soak and wet Remy.

Remy: "Babe what in the hell ... hey whas going on here?"

Regardless of all the noise Rem made she never let go of Logan, but Logan pulled away from her.

Logan: "None of your business Cajun."

Remy: "Da chere is my business Canadian."

Eien: "I swear if you guys start fighting, I'll send you to Hell and you know I can if concentrate enough."

Remy: "Sorry honey but why did you have t' do dat? Couldn't you at least put me in a cold shower?"

Eien: "Serves ya right for waking me up. Everyone knows I'm not a morning person. Now, I love you both but get the hell out."

Remy: "Did Logan get you dat?"

Eien: "Yup. Besides the attempted molestation, where's my other gift?

Remy: "Uhh ..."

Eien: "Exactly. You got until 8:00 tonight bub."

Logan gives her look.

Eien: "What I can't take your word. Remember anything I want today boys and since I'm up I want to take a hot bubble bath."

Remy: "May I join you chere?"

Logan: "Back off!"

Remy: "Ladies choice mon amie."

Eien: "In that case ...why don't you both do rock paper scissors."

Logan: "Are you serious?"

Remy: "I hope she is."

Eien: "Yes I am. The winner gets a prize and so does the loser."

They sit in silence for a short while. Remy ready for the competition and Logan really not up for this, he already did the hard part and now this game. Giving in, he participates. They shake their fists in the air and count 1,2, 3. Remy got paper and Logan got rock.

Remy: "Well I win chere, whas my prize?"

Eien gets up and hugs Logan.

Remy: "Hey, I thought I was da winner!"

Eien: "Oh shut up Rem, you did win, I'm consoling the loser. The prize is as follows, Rem you get to run my bath and Logan you get to pick my clothes for today."

Logan: "Some prize."

Eien: "Did I mention Logan you get to lotion me downand dress me."

Remy: "What about me? Don't I get to something to ...with you too?"

Eien: "Fine, you can clean my tub when I finish. Hey you shouldn't been a bad boy this morning."

Logan like the game after all. He felt so weird doing these things with her and Remy, but it was something about her.

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