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Wolverine and Rouge: Romance Story
       by Tiffany Steppe

It was dark outside as Wolverine wandered down the stairs toward the lounge. He had been restless for two nights in a row, not that it was that unusual, but still. He lowered himself onto the sofa and absently flicked through the channels on the television. However he wasn't paying much attention to it. His mind had been elsewhere lately.

Oh there you go off in the clouds again, he thought to himself. Ever since he and Rouge had got into that faithful fight.... He thought back.

"NOO!" Rouge flung herself at the mutant accros the room in and effort to get it off her companion Storm. She wasn't moving, not a good sign.

"You!" she screeched at Sabretooth, who grinned and twittled his claws at her. She was enraged. "You killed Storm!" Just then the X-bike came screeching up to them and Wolverine jumped off. He ran full tilt toward Sabertooth and Rouge, just barely got out of the way. The two encircle each other, sizing up the opponent. This was definitely not their first meeting and not their last either. Rouge stood on the outside feeling helpless. That's when it happened: A clap of thunder and a bolt of lightning headded straight for Sabertooth and Wolverine. Rouge could see that Storm was not dead after all but more importantly the bolt of lightning was headed straight for Wolverine who was on top of Sabertooth. In one flying leap she hip checked Wolverine off his quarry and the lightening bolt went into her back.

"AHH!" Rouge screeched in pain rolled over on her back. Her shirt was burnt and she was hardly breathing. Wolverine rushed to her side and tried to revive her. Nothing happened.

"There is only one way to do this, Storm!" Wolverine said as Storm bent over Rouge. Her lightly placed his hand on Rouge's head for just a few seconds before Storm quickly removed it. Wolverine felt very drained. As he waited for Storm to get his bike back to the mansion to tell the others, Wolverine was once again on top of Rouge. He felt something stir inside: it had happened before but not this strong. He looked down at Rouge and brushed a strand of white hair out of her face careful not to touch her skin.

Wolverine popped back into reality when he heard a sound come from the kitchen. His knuckles itched slightly. He got off his perch and wandered slowly to the kitchen. Rouge was in the kitchen drinking from the milk carton. He leaned against the door frame watching Rouge carry out what he knew Scott would call 'a breech of ettiquet'.

"Caught ya in the act." he said. Rouge spun around and dropped the milk on the floor.

"Oh my god Logan!" She bent down and picked it up. "You scared me half to death!"

"Sorry darlin', you been there to many times already." Logan bent down and helped Rouge clean up the mess. "Ya lucky I wasn't Scott ya know.

"Yeah, I know." They threw the milk soaked towels into the sink and went to the sofa and sat down. Rouge pulled a blanket over her bare legs. Her mini short and tanktop matchin pajamas had Pooh Bear on them. Logan noticed as she snuggled up to him for warmth. He wore sweatpants and a t-shirt.

"Ain't you cold?" Rouge asked, turning the T.V. on and flicking channels.

"I don't get cold easily darlin'" was his reply.

"Hey let's watch this again!" Rouge said excitedly as the title "Wind in the Willows" crept accross the screen. Wolverine groaned. But he found himself wanting to stay in the company of Rouge whose head now lay against his side. Rouge repeated the first few sentences and then was silent. About half way through the movie Wolverine awoke. Rouge lay with her head in his lap, she was fast asleep. He switched the T.V. off and carried Rouge up to her bedroom and placed her in bed. Then, finally tired, he went to bed himself.

The next morning Wolverine awoke to a surprise. He unsheathed a set of claws and would have used them if not for him noticing that it was Rouge.

"What are you doing!" he roared. "Don't ya ever sneak up on me like that!"

"Don't be such a grouch!" Rouge yelled back. She had found out a long time before that that was the only way to communicate with Wolverine in the mornings. Logan noticed how nicely her clothes fit her. He quickly erased the thought from his mind.

"I coulda killed ya," he replied in a softer tone. Rouge slid onto the bed next to him and began to cry. "What's wrong darlin" Logan asked, concerned, knowing that Rouge didn't cry easily.

"Have you ever loved someone so much that you can't tell them and if you do you're afraid it'll sound so stupid?" Inside, Logan answered with a big Yes.

"Can't say I have," he lied. Rouge took in a deep breath and rolled onto her side, looking Logan straight in the eye.

"I love you Logan!" he was stunned. "I love you! aren't ya gonna say something?"

Instead Wolverine moved her silk scarf in front of her mouth and kissed her. Rouge ran her gloved finger tips down his back. It drove him crazy. He growled and nipped Rouge's shoulder and got a little jolt of power taken from him, bu it only spurred him on. He drew closer to Rouge and he could feel Wolverine come up inside. Fighting it back Logan let a little growl out in Rouge's ear.

"Don't hold him back Logan!" Rouge whispered loudly as she wrapped her legs around his waist and used both hands to scratch down his back. He was trying to hold back Wolverine too much.

"Are ya sure you want that" he said, rolling on top of her. As soon as that scent of vanilla perfume reached his nose he didn't need an answer. Wolverine was unleashed and they both dipped into the deep end. Totally in each other. Like a high.

To be continued........

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