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The Joke
       by "Shadowcat"

She Hulk: "I, Jennifer Walters, was the victim of a Prank." "The Perpatrator? WOLVERINE." " Why did he do this?" "He claimes that my boyfriend, Henry McCoy (Beast), and I were too noisy and kept him awake for two nights in a row."

Beast: "It was SO embarrassing when I turned on the Mainframe of the Computer on and instead of the Main Menu, a NUDE picture of Jennifer and Me doing the NASTY or just a KISS, depending on Your view of Sex."

Wolverine: "I'm NOT a bad guy, but I DON'T like my peacful sleep disturbed." "My healing factor seems to work better that way." "It was jarring to hear Jennifer yell at Me, because: (1) NO Woman raises her voice above a talk to Me, and gets away with it, and (2) Why is Henry dating someone with NO sense of humor?" "He deserves better."

Silver Fox: "I told Him, Logan, to leave Them be." "I hated what Dark Beast told me to do, because I love my husband, but he DESERVED it."

Forge: "I was confused, since when does Logan like photography?" "But his wife, Silver Fox, is ALWAYS trying to get him to try NEW things." "Later, I was HORRIFIED about what Logan DID with the camera." "SHAME on him." "But, his wife got her Revenge." "You should have seen his face!" "WHAT a KODAK moment!"

Wolverine: "I hate my wife's nagging, but a Man DESERVES his rest, especially after helping another guy cut trees down." "DAMN, my whole body was sore!" "I set up the camera, and the picture of Jen and Hank, DOING the NASTY, (but I will admit that Jen is a Good Looking Woman." "No wonder other men, including me, wants to bang her), and the picture was transformed to the Main Computer's Mainframe." "Forge is a Genius, is there ANY machine that Forge CAN'T make?"

She Hulk: 'Henry showed me the awful picture." "There on the Mainframe of the computer was NUDE picture of Hank and Me for ALL to see." "I was SO ashamed!' 'I was my normal, mousey self when I saw it, then I became Angry, and turned into GREEN behemoth, known as The She Hulk, or Shulkie, as The Thing likes to call me." 'He wasn't there, so I cried on Hank's shoulder." "What a comfort, those arms as powerful as mine (as She Hulk, of course)." "Anyway, Silver Fox, Logan's wife, helped me get My Dignity back, by showing Logan a DOCTORED photo of her own."

Wolverine: "It was a good dinner, the next day, but then Hank decides to show Jennifer the photo." "She went into the lab, and then I heard the She-Hulk call my name (plain Jen's voice is twice as soft as Heather's, my wife's (Silver Fox) is a middle voice, and She-Hulk's sounds like the perfect female barritone, for some reason)." "NO Woman calls me a 'Jerk' and lives, expecially, a DUMB GREEN BROAD."

Silver Fox: "'What's THIS!' " "I heard Jennifer yell, followed by, 'Hey JERK, get in here!' " "My response was to tell Logan, 'Nothing dear, finish your food.' " "But go fight an Earthquake!" " Anyway, I pretened to be shocked, because I had already seen the photo." "I helped Dark Beast (Henry's Evil Self) with pulling a Prank of my own, a DOCTORED photo of Me and Wolvie on our Honeymoon.' "the photo that Wolvie and Evryone, saw on the Mainframe was Him screwing Jubilee from behind." "I also had a Bombshell (fake of course) of My Own, telling Him I was LEAVING Him for SABERTOOTH, Victor Creed." "I wish I had a camera!"

Beast: "Dark Beast, my Evil Self, that emerges when I get angry, helped me to formulate a plan of Revenge, but I needed Silver Fox's help and she obliged." "While in my Indigo form (purple black) I retain the charm of Henry McCoy (Smurf blue) in case You were wondering."

Jean Gray: "Personally, I wasn't involved, but I thought I ought to go in the Lab and see what the big whoop was, since I heard Everyone's thoughts." "Logan asked for sympathy, but I had to agree with Si;ver Fox, Jen, and Beast that logan needed to be taught a lesson."

Wolverine: "I was HURT when Jennifer showed me the DOCTORED photo of Me and Silver Fox's Honeymoon." "It was a photo transposed of Me and Jubilee from TWO different photos of Us." "BOY did that HURT." "So did Silver Fox walking out with her bags packed while Jeannie opened the door for her." "I BEGGED her for sympathy and she said, 'No, sorry, You're GUILTY, take your lumps, BIG MAN.' " "I was SO hurt."

Silver Fox: "It WAS funny coming back inside and telling Wolvie that I loved him and would NEVER leave him for that Goof, Victor Creed (Sabertooth)." "What a KODAK moment!" "He was SO surprised and grateful, that he NEVER thought of this kind of Joke again, besides he KNEW that Dark Beast was NOBODY to mess with."

Wolverine: "We ALL had a good laugh." "But I didn't know how the photo was DOCTORED." " Henry showed me two overexposed images of Me and Jubilee from another photo." "the real photo was Silver Fox on my chest, in bed, in the Honeymoon Suite." "That sure was WONDERFUL." "As for DARK BEAST, He scared Me (and I'll KILL anyone who exposes this Secret) because I RESPECT anyone who can stand up to Me and because if I KILL Dark Beast, I KILL Beast, and I love Him like a little brother.' I wish I was PEACEFUL as Him, (And I'll KILL anyone who exposes this SECRET.)

The End

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