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Danger Room
       by "Wolviechick Middleton"

Wolverine threw a punch at Nightcrawler who ducked easily and aimed a kick at his opponents chest. He hit his enemy, sending him backwards, but the Beast after him just came straight back, hitting Nightcrawler in the jaw, sending him three or four meters backwards. Wolverine lunged for the kill, but Nightcralwer just teleported off. Wolverine covered his nose and looked up, drawing his claws, and saw that his opponent was climbing up towards the roof. "Stupid elf," he grumbled as he ran after him.

"Clumsy oaf," Nightcrawler laughed as he let go of the flagpole that he was holding on to. He landed right behind Wolverine but got an elbow in the side of the face. Nightcrawler fell to the floor apparently unconscious. Wolverine grinned.

"Can't fool me elf," he said wickedly as he put his clawed fist above his head but Nightcrawler teleported off. Nightcrawler teleported back behind Wolverine. Wolverine turned around only to be whipped across the face and knocked down with Nightcrawler's tail.

"Jesus, Kurt!" Logan said holding his cheek. "Why the hell did ya do that?!"

"It's the name of the game mein frund...computer end simulation."

The scenery around them faded and revealed the true form of the Danger Room. The door opened as Logan took Kurt's hand to get up. Jean Grey walked in.

"Jeanie what are you doin here?" Logan said getting up. "Aren't you supposed be on some mission?"

"Scott took over and got me off the team."

"Dickhead, letting a fine girl like yourself take the sides of the teams just because your a girl," he said, trying to get a smile but he didn't get one; instead, he got an annoyed look.

"Logan, there are a few problems in Japan with the Yoshida clan and because you have a direct connection with the clan, Charles thought you might be best for the job."

"Great a job with them...the only thing I wanted to have to do with the Yoshida clan was...Mariko," Wolverine said not looking straight at his friends.

"Logan plea..."

"Alright...but you owe me," he said, smiling

"I don't owe you anything, now get ready," she demanded leaving the Danger Room.

"Great," Logan said again.

Then he noticed that Kurt was laughing at him.

"Shut up elf...at least I can score," he snarled, the furry blue man stopped laughing abruptly.

Wolverine knocked on Jean's door.

"If you go by the name of Logan...go away," she said through the door.

"Darlin I need to talk."

"You of all people?"

"Yeah...me of all people," he said quietly but so Jean could still hear.

The door opened. "Yes, Logan."

"I don't want to do the Yoshida job..."

She looked at Logan and finally said, "OK, that's fine; I'll just have to find someone else...are you ok, Logan? You don't usually turn down a job like that."

"Yeah I'm fine...just a bit tired that's all."

"Logan you needed to talk?"

"Not much."

"Is it about...?"

"You can say it...Mariko," he said, sick of all the times people would avoid saying her name just in case they upset him. "Yes and no, it's alright if I don't do this job?"

"Yeah, it's fine. I'll assign Kurt for it ok?"

"Ok thanks," he said, feeling more at ease.

She turned to walk away but Logan grabbed her wrist bringing her close up to him a chance like this he couldn't ignore.

"Logan," she said warningly.

"What?" he said smoothly. "Can't I feel a bit better."

"Logan not like this," she said, "you know I'll tell Scott."

Logan brushed his hand on her cheek. She closed her eyes. She knew Logan could soften her...he does it to every girl he likes.

"Logan I..."

"Shhhh," he said before their lips met and resulted in a kiss.

Blood rushed through Jean's body as their lips met. She broke away. "I'm sorry Logan I can't and if you're not doing the job I suggest you leave."

He let go of her and she closed her door. Logan stood there, remembering the kiss, remembering the curves of her body and the fact that the only thing holding her back from wanting to go further was Scott. "Damn him," he thought before an loud BAMF occurred.

"Facing your own Danger Room I guess mien frund?" Kurt said as the last wisps of smoke disappeared.

"Yeah yeah, whatever ya think Elf. Just get ready for Japan 'cause it's gonna be mighty cold tonight," he said before walking away with a smile on his face.


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