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       by "Roguea77"

The wind whipped through the ancient truck with a vengeance as it rattled down the ice-ridden highway. Outside the cab he noticed, the snow had started falling harder again, still all was quiet. He guided the truck along the snow-covered road through the Canadian Rockies silently pondering what it was he was looking for. He came to a clearing, hoping to find a lake; instead what he found was an old building. He maneuvered the truck off road until it could go no farther. Something was lying in the snow just ahead of him. Why curiosity got a hold of him he never would have guessed. Still Logan lit another cigar and crawled out of the truck.

Whatever it was it wasn't moving he mused as he took a casual approach. As he got closer he realized that it wasn't a dead animal like he'd thought. No, it was a person. He got even closer and realized that it was a female. "My lucky Day" muttered Logan as he stood over the woman. Immediately his senses went on high alert. No sooner had he become aware of the situation the woman burst to life, landing a punch alongside Logan's jaw that sent him backwards. She had belted him square in the mouth with a blow that would've shook a mountain. Logan fell back. Dazed.

"If you wanted me on my back sister, why didn't ya say so?" he kidded as he stood up. The woman, however, was not smiling. She spun around and caught his chin with her foot.

Logan spat blood, "My kind of woman" he said hunkering down into a fighting stance, "OK sister let's see how tough you really are." In almost and instant they both sprang into a series of artful and evil blows. One countering the other, they fought for several minutes before Logan unsheathed his claws.

"Now I'm Mad," he growled as he wielded his adamantium claws. The woman froze and then she too unsheathed a pair of claws exactly like his.

"What the hell are you?" he demanded.

She stood shorter than he, her hair was dark brown and so were her eyes. Logan eyed her, "I'm gonna ask you again, then I'm gonna start swingin', lady or not, what the hell are you?"

Her lips parted, "I'm you," she said slowly.

Logan stood face to face with her, eye to eye, "A copy" he said over in his mind, "What will they think of next." Immediately his thoughts strayed to the building in the foreground. He had hoped to find some answers there. Instead he was now face to face with another question.

Logan retracted his claws, "I don't want to fight. I came here to find something." The woman didn't like the sound of his proposal, she sprang forward with a growl and started swinging. Logan then reacted any way a normal mutant would react. He hit her. Like a snowball she hit the ground and did not move. Logan remained on alert, not believing that she would fold that easily. When he was satisfied that she wouldn't get up he began walking back to his truck.

Midway, he stopped, "This is too easy" he thought.

As he did the woman sprang from behind and landed on Logan's back, "It's gonna take more than just a sucker punch to keep me down!" she exclaimed before punching him in the face. The force at which she punched him rattled his insides. Suddenly Logan's claws protruded – acting on instincts of survival – he rammed them into both sides of the woman. She howled in pain, Logan held strong, not budging until she finally fell backwards. He then got back to his truck, found some rope, and tied the mystery woman up. He loaded her into his truck and then started back to Westchester.

The place hadn't changed much since he'd left. Everything was the same except there were kids playing in the front courtyard. He later spotted Ororo Munroe, sitting on a bench, conducting a class. He knew he'd catch hell from her later when he breezed in. "Logan what do you think you are doing?" she asked curtly when he unloaded the woman,

"Didn't plan on doing any huntin' when I was up North Ororo, It just happened," said Logan as politely as he could manage before he walked inside.

She was quick to follow, "This concludes today's lesson," she said hurriedly dismissing the students. They immediately scattered and that left her free to join Logan, who, by now was halfway to the medical unit.

When she arrived, Jean Grey and Scott Summers were already there tending to Logan's find, "And she just attacked you?" she heard Jean say as she walked inside. "Yep" said Logan, "Then she pulled a pair of claws on me bout the same as mine." He then demonstrated by popping his claws.

He could see Jean was less than impressed, "I'll run a DNA sequence on her to see if it matches up with any mutants we've encountered in the past."

Logan nodded, "Be sure you knock her out before you do it. Cause when she wakes up she's not gonna be happy."

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