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Finding Emotions
       by "Ali"

The sky was a brilliant blue, clear of any clustering whisps of cloud. Rogue was laying peacefully in Remy's arms. Without warning, Kurt appeared in a cloud of smoke, breaking the silence. "Sorry to interrupt but the professor wants to talk to us." Then he disappeared again. After standing up, Rogue slipped her hand into Remy's and they made their way to the school.

"Ok people listen up, Jean's just found out that Sabertooth is planning an attack on someone. I don't think we need to figure out who." Scott said quickly, glancing over at Logan who was deeply inhaling smoke from a lit cigar.

"You stop staring at me, pretty boy? I ain't open for display." Logan said, narrowing his eyes in obvious frustration.

"Indeed powerful leader, he may have a new object of obsession or he may be working for someone or...."

"Ok, Hank, I get it," Scott cut him off. Logan stalked out of the school and made his way to the woods nearby. Hours passed by, the serenity there was so powerful, nearly makeing him forget the hardships he's encountered over the years. The aqua pond began to ripple under the soft beat of the rain. Logan was suddenly aware of his surroundings as he could sense blood and fear.

He stood up and readied himself for any threat he knew was coming his way. He looked alert and ready as he extended his long adamantium claws. His eyes still and narrowed in concentration, the rain drops traced paths down his strong, lean body and slender silver blades. He sniffed; it was getting stronger, fast. Logan was almost surprised when a sleek figure hurled itself at him. He extracted his claws just in time to catch her in his arms. He stared at the girl, just held her so that he could see them. The midnight colored hair like damp silk slung around her neck, chestnut eyes somewhat deprived of their colour. Her full rose lips letting out quick sharp breaths. Suddenly she spoke, "Don-"

"Take it easy darlin'," Logan cut her off. He looked down at her frail body. Her thin t-shirt clung to her. "Who are you?"

Before she could answer the girl fainted.

The End

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