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       by "Marie"

Logan was sitting in the living room of the mansion with a beer in one hand and enjoying a hockey game that was on TV. When the doorbell rang. But nobody went to get it.

"Sheesh. Am I the only one that can get the door?" complained Logan.

Logan opened the door to find that no one was standing there but he could smell them. But then Logan looked down. There on the front steps was a basket. He bent down to see what it was.

"Holy shit." Said Logan looking straight into two pair of blue and gray eyes. Then looking at a note that was attached to the basket.

Logan picked it up and read it:

* I'm sorry to do this but I have to. It's the only way that they will be able to live. I know that you will take good care of them. I love them so much but there lives and mine are in danger. They will grow up to be mutants, they are 6 months old, and are twin brother and sister there names are Cole and Willow. Please take care of them. Thank you. *

Logan looked down at the babies. "Poor things." he got the basket and took it in the house.

In the distance a women stood alone. "Good bye my sweeties take care of each other. I love you both." With that the women turned around never to see her children again.

Logan went up to see if Jean was in her room "Shit she's not there." Then he turned to go to his room taking the babies with him. After a while both babies where asleep and Logan was getting hungry and decided to go down to the kitchen to get something to eat. Just as the X-Women came in the house.

All the X-Women where putting their things away when Logan came in the kitchen.

Logan saw the women and did the unthinkable. He ran and skidded on his knees and wrapped his arms around Jean's legs.

"Logan are you mad? Let go of me." said Jean.

"Sorry Jeannie." He looked around and gave Jean, Storm, Rogue and Jubilee a hug. "Ladies, Women you know I love y'all, But where the Flamin' hell have ya been?" said Logan.

"Uh-oh." said Rogue.

"Yeah he's lost it." said Jubilee.

"No I haven't lost it." said Logan.

"Logan calm down please." said Storm.

"Ok but... I ... Oh forget it just follow me. But be quiet." Said Logan leading the women to his room. When they reached Logans room he turned around. "Now be careful and don't make a lot of noise." Then they all walked in to see the babies sleeping in a basket on Logan's bed.

"Awww." said Rogue

"They're so cute." said Jubilee.

"Logan where did you get these babies?" asked Storm and Jean nodding her head agreeing with Storm.

"I found them on the front step o' the mansion." said Logan handing the note that was attached to the basket over to Jean to read.

Jean read the note "Oh poor things. They are in danger and they're going to become mutants. There also twin brother and sister and their names are Cole and Willow." Said Jean looking up at the other women. "Well we should go get some things that they will need from the baby store."

The other women agreed and got ready to go to the store. "Logan you will stay with them." said Jean.

"What? Why? Hello these are 2 babies." complained Logan.

"Well for one they already took a liking to you and second it will give you something to do and it's would be good for you." said Jean leaving Logan with the babies.

3 hours later the whole mansion had heard about the babies and went to go visit them in Logan's room and the women and some of the men had set up everything in his room for the babies.

"Well people it's been a long day and it's 12 at night and we all need some sleep so every one go to sleep." said Scott.

With that everyone went to sleep. Until about 3 in the morning when everyone was woken by the babies crying in Logans room.

Everyone was standing outside of Logan's room thinking on going in to see what's wrong.

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