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A Mutated Way of Life
       by "Mrs. Richard Cranium"

Chapter One - In Search Of

A newspaper over her head to help keep her hair dry from the rain, she sighed. She had forgot her shoes as well in her rush for the mail and her wet feet gave her a chill. She reached the to door and protection of the overhang of the pretty house. She shook the paper to dry before going in.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and sighed. Her long reddish curls were now damp and clung to her head; She pushed them out off her forehead so she could see her deep blue eyes. She laughed at herself. 'What a mess' she thought.

"Could be worse, Ally" a voice called from the kitchen. She turned to see her sister at the table with a magazine and a cup of coffee in hand. The leggy dark haired woman looked at her a little amused. Her eyes were staring at her over her coffee cup. They were identical to Ally's but they always seem to 'dance'. She was wearing sport bra and spandex leggings even though it seemed a bit chilly for it.

Allyson (or Ally) looked at the mirror again in attempt to fix her curls. "Did I wake you Hayley?"

"Nope," she muttered diving back into her coffee, "Alex left a note for you. She's worried"

She looked at herself in the mirror, 'When wasn't Alex worried?' she thought to herself. She turned to face her sister. She walked forward shaking her wet dress lightly. They searched each other's face for answers with their deep blue eyes locked on each other. They looked identical as they stared, except for the contrast in their hair. Hayley's raven locks fell loosely to her waist. They both had dark olive complexions and small frames. Unlike Hayley, Ally hid hers beneath the bulky wet dress.

Hayley, Allyson and Alex Adams were triplets. Born with the gift of telepathy, they had never needed many words between them. Their older brother Justice had always said they had a bond by birth that he never understood. Justice who was also telepathic saw communication between the three he never could grow to understand. They had other gifts but being born telepaths, they exercised their abilities daily.

Ally broke the stare. She looked drained. She sat across from her sister at the butcher-block table and put her head in her hands as she leaned on the table. "Stay out of my head, Hayl. I want to think." she sat up slowly pushing the rest of her hair from her face with her hands. "Plus I am tired."

"I thought you had made a decision?" Hayley looked up at her sister.

Ally stood up and made her way to the coffeepot and poured herself a cup. Hayley continued to watch her. She seemed shaky and that was unlike AL.

"I did" Ally sighed "They must have gotten to him, again," She glanced at Hayley, "Even if they didn't I owe him to tell him." She mindlessly patted the front of her belly.

Ally thought of him for the first time that day. The way he held her and whispered in her ear when they were alone in an embrace. She felt her face get hot as she thought about their own unique bond. It was unlike the one she shared as a triplet or telepath. It was a bond that came from their intimacy, she could touch his mind easily. They always seemed to find each other. This was upsetting he had never been away this long but his mind had been played more times that a violin. She hoped they would find each other soon before they had company.

"You should let Alex or I go with you," Hayley mumbled. The triplets seem to think it was them against the world, that is until Ally fell in love. Hayley shook her head.

"I will be okay" Ally nodded at her sister. She cradled her cup of coffee and sat down next to Hayley. "I get bursts of energy." Then she looked at her sister, " He is in my head. I can find him. I shouldn't be too long."

"How is the bambino?" Hayley smiled. Her smile was bright as if to cheer her sister up.

"Okay, I guess" she shrugged, "This is new to me too."

'STUBBORN' Hayley thought.

'AND YOU ARE NOT', Ally shot back as Hayley lit a cigarette.

"You don't want me in your head stay outta mine", Hayley pointed her cigarette at her.


Ally started towards the grand staircase by the door. "I will start all the prenatal stuff when I get back."

She nearly collided with Alex. "Whoops" Alex mumbled. She stared at Ally through the same deep blue eyes. "You are leaving?" she challenged her sister. The stunning blonde looked at Ally, then to Hayley who shrugged her shoulders at them. Alex stood there in her dress suit waiting for an answer and searching her sister's face.

"Alex please don't start." she turned away from her invasive stare. The triplets were as alike as sunshine and rain. Aside from the hair color they were all identical.

"Let us go," Alex pleaded.

"This is too personal this time," Ally looked towards her feet.

"At least don't break our contact," she touched Ally's arm lightly. Ally nodded at the compromise.

"How about Justice? You gonna tell him?" Hayley piped in. She got from the table and joined them at the staircase. Ally's face fell. 'Of course you weren't'. Alex and Hayley looked at each other.

"Break contact and we will get Justice to come with us when we look for you," Alex said but it was Hayley's look that got her attention. Ally knew Hayley's temper and was worried she would fly off the handle. Alex and Hayley crossed their arms.

"I will not be long," Ally sighed and tried to look more hopeful. "Really," she added with a forced smile.

Alex and Hayley exchanged a look as Ally ran up the stairs. 'Who is she trying to kid?' they both thought.

Ally ran to the room and shut the door quick. She leaned against it. She was scared. She was scared to tell him, she was scared he wouldn't remember. She knew she was in for a world of trouble. If they haven't caught up to him she would be okay.

She didn't think he was very far but it would take some time to find him if she wasn't still in his mind. Alex and Hayley would follow her and bring Justice too. She knew they weren't kidding. They worried for Ally but more for the unborn infant she carried. She worried about that too. She could fight but the baby seemed to drain her. She would be okay, they were after Logan not her. He loved her she knew that. Once she found him she could help him. She would feel them approach a mile away.

She moved towards the bed and sat down. She held the chain around her neck, 'Please let him be okay.'


Downtown was hot and humid. Jean Grey felt the heat as soon as she stepped out of the post office. The sunlight was bright and she could smell the faint sent of roses from the flower salesmen . She smiled to herself amazed at this beautiful day. She found the car with Scott Summers at the driver's seat. As she reached for the handle she saw a rose on her seat. He smiled at her as bright as the sunshine.

"So, you just didn't feel like coming in huh?" she tossed him a crooked smile.

"You ready?" he asked as she picked up the flower.

"Scott........: she grabbed his arm. Jean's telapathy was going nuts. She heard someone screaming in her head. She walked from the car and soon started to run. She heard Scott behind her. It was a female...... was it Storm? Don't let it be Rogue. She ran faster now , she could hear Scott on her heals. She stopped at a corner and started down the back alley. Why did everything seem to happen in alleys?

She stopped and put a finger to her lips. As they approached she noticed something fuzzy and red. They got closer to see it was hair. Jean kneeled down to cradle her head. Scott searched her wrist for a pulse. She had been attacked or in a battle of some sort but why? Scott nodded to Jean when he felt her pulse. Jean's mouth dropped as she stared at the other redhead.

"What?" he looked down at the woman. The gash above her eye had started to heal. "How?" he whispered to Jean.

Scott looked at her again she was lovely. With high cheeks, sharp facial curves full lips and hair that encircled her face while Jean held her. She looked quiet and peaceful, very angelic.

"Her wound closed like she had a healing factor like Wolverine" Jean whispered to Scott. Jean felt the other mutant's muscles go stiff and she opened her eyes slightly. Her deep blue eyes looked very tired. 'LOGAN?' the voice intruded in Jean's mind. The woman was weak and gave to Jean's hold as she fell back into Jean's arm.

"We better get her back to the Professor," Scott pointed to the other wounds which had NOT closed, "Even Logan needs a safe place to rest and heal." He put an arm under her legs and one under her back and lifted her from Jean's lap.

"She knows Logan, Scott," she announced.

An eyebrow shot up, "How do you know? Did you read her?"

"No," she stared at the woman, "she told me."

"COME BACK HERE" Rogue chased the little girl around the Kitchen Island in the x-mansion. The child stopped at Rogue's request long enough to find a toy levitate it and send it flying at Rogue's head. Rogue ducked behind the island. 'Thank goodness Logan had been working on my training'. She stood up in time to get a nerf ball in the head.

Logan was perched at the breakfast nook by a window. Holding his newspaper lightly he smiled in amusement at the sight. "Need more time in the danger room Rogue?" he laughed.

Rogue didn' t answer but stuck her tongue out at him. 'GREAT now I am acting like he.' More time in the danger room was not what she wanted right now. She started in pursuit of the 4 yr. old again.

"Good Kiddy, Kiddy, Kiddy..........where did you go?" Rogue started looking around the kitchen.

Logan retreated back to his newspaper and cigar.

Storm walked in and got herself a glass eyeing Rogue. She looked at Logan for an answer but he didn't seem to notice them from behind the paper.

Rogue continued her solo hide and seek.

"What are you looking for Rogue?" she gave in and finally asked. Storm started to pour her juice by the fridge.

"Imp," Rogue said with a sigh. Imp was the name Logan had given to elf-like child and it stuck.

He must have been paying some attention, Storm thought to herself. He had a grin playing at his lips as he took a drag from his cigar.

"Jordan? Why Rogue?" Storm asked.

Rogue stood up straight and faced Storm. "Well Cyclops asked me to baby-sit them a while and when I was chasing Justin, Imp made off with my wallet" she told her in a quick breath. Then jumped under the table in time to avoid another flying toy assault.

Storm was not so lucky, she was hit in the back of the head with a toy truck. Stunned she rubbed her head. " Well she can't be far," Storm mumbled, "What about Justin and the baby?"

"They're with Bobby."

At this Logan looked up. Bobby was probably bald by now he thought as chuckled to himself. Then he got hit with a flying toy.

"Okay, 'nuff, Imp," he stood up and reached behind the chair he sat in and produced the wild-eyed child. She giggled and started to flee from Logan but fell to the floor. Her shoelaces were tied together. Logan shrugged.

Rogue retrieved the child by Logan's feet and her now empty wallet. She sighed , "Why are these kids here Storm?"

"Charles did not elaborate."

Logan but her a look. It said leave it go ............ A small sound caught their attention. Justin stood their arms folded in defiance. Rogue blushed had he heard her asking about them? Had she offended him.Bobby came in with a crying infant who wanted out of his arms. Storm took the child and it quieted. Bobby waved his hand at Justin carefully. Justin smiled at the frozen treat.

"Storm, I was told to get you. The Professor wants to see you. The others are there already." Bobby said causally. Logan walked up as if he expected to be invited. Nothing was said and he left the noisy room. Toys began to fly in the air again.

"Too many telepaths," he mumbled.

"Is not," Imp huffed at him. Justin turned to Bobby as Storm gave Bobby the now noisy infant back to him. The voice was just above the cry. "Next time can you do flavors?"

Too many telepaths he thought. Humph, it felt like Déjà vu. Logan searched to find what her wanted in the x-mansion, to be alone. He had woke up with a bad headache. He could not remember the last time he had a headache. Imp was a cute kid. It was hard to stay grumpy around her.

Maybe he would see Beast in the infirmary. Check on his healing power. 'No, too many tests he thought. Maybe he would see Jean. He smiled at the thought. 'Boy would that get to Red-eye' he thought. Then he scowled again. He forgot they were in a meeting.

He found his way outside to "borrow" Scott's bike, after he got some air and some beer he would feel better. He made a mental note to get Rogue in the danger room.

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