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Wolverine - July Fourth Super Spectacular
       by "RAM"


Gambit: C'mon Rogue, give Gambit a kiss.

Rogue: Gambit ... Can't control mah energy absorbin' powahs.


Logan: Rogues got cooties!

Jubilee: It's Fourth of July, it's time for the fireworks show!

Logan: 'Ey darlin', I saw Jean and Cyke makin' out in the back of the mansion. Wanna do the same?

Jubilee: Maybe after the fireworks show.

(CREATOR)RAM: Jubilee, we can't have the Fireworks until after the fanfic!

Jubilee: Oww. Fine, just let there be a mall in the fan fic!

Logan: Cyke Jean, stop doin' what yer doin', we've gotta fan fic t' do!

Part One: The Bar

The night was very hot, and the only thing that helped you become even a little bit cooler was the humid, balmy winds.

"It's a feakin' Friday! There's nothin' else t' do but go t' the bar. 'Ey Cajun, wanna go t' the bar," Logan asked Gambit.

"Okay," Gambit yelled.

"'Ey Scott, how 'bout you," Logan asked Cyclops.

"No, I'll stay here," he replied.

"Jean," he asked. "No," was her answer.

"Storm," Logan asked, and she replied, "Fine."

Jubilee asked, "Can I go, huh. I'll die if I hear Cyke tell Jean one more time that he loves her," and Logan responded, "Okay, darlin'."

"What 'bou Hank. Don' he wan' come too," Gambit asked.

"Hank, Charley, wanna come to the bar," Logan asked. "I'll go," Hank said, but the Professor only said, "No."

Me and the others that were going to the bar hopped into Gambit's truck, and left. "When we come back?" asked Gambit.

"Later," was all that Logan grunted.

At the bar the ladies all got some Coke, and the men got some beer. "Gambit go t' play cards. He suspect Logan do arm wrestling," Gambit said.

"'Ey Hank, when was the last time ya had a beer," Logan asked Hank.

"I've been drinking for a long time," he said.

"Okay, Hank, play ya pool?" Logan asked.

"You're on," Hank said.

"Who do you think will win," Jubilee, asked the other girls.

"I think Hank," Rogue said.

"Yeah," Ororo replied as well. "I think Wolvie will," she said.

It turned out that Logan did win, but that didn't mean Hank couldn't beat him in an arm wrestle. "Care t' arm wrestle?" Logan asked Hank.

"I will beat you," Hank said.

"Don't be to sure, bub," Logan said.

"Wolverine will win," the girls agreed. Hank and Wolverine both started growling, their muscles flexing hard, trying to take down the other's arm. Logan was winning, but barely. The growling became louder and louder, and Logan won.

"Let's go change the music," Storm said.

"Yah," Rogue replied.

"Let's go," Jubilee told the girls.

Storm grabbed a few quarters and put them into the jukebox. They went through the music, and suddenly found a good song. They started dancing, and three guys came near them, and asked to dance. After about three songs the dudes left, and the girls were all alone again. Logan was beating the crap out of all who challenged him in arm wrestling, Hank joined Gambit at the card table, which Gambit was winning a lot.

The girls decided to go outside and talk in privacy. "Wow, I never knew that bars could be soooo boring," Jubilee said.

"Yeah," Storm and Rogue said. Suddenly the guys they danced with came out of the bar, and said, "We're sorry, we couldn't help but listen. Didn't you like dancing with us?" asked the one that danced with Jubilee.

"Well, that was the funnest part of the bar and …" her voice was cut off by the guy that danced with Rogue. He said, "Well, you're going to have the best time of your life now."

They leapt at us, and then we noticed that they were mutants, each possesing super strength. "I've heard of you, chick. You're one of those fancy pants X-Men. Well, I brought my own protection from you," he told Rogue showing her a thin shirt covering his entire body. They knew everything about the girls, and used their knowledge to an advantage.

Thanks to Logan's heightened hearing, he heard the ruckus. "'Ey, Gambit, Hank, the girls need our help," Logan yelled.

"Gambit come. I hold, if he win put money under hat," he said, pulling off his hat.

"Well, if it isn't the dancers. Looks like we came just in time," Hank said, transforming into the hairy Beast.

"Logan, they're mutants too," Jubilee yelled.

SHLINK. Wolverine revealed his claws.

"Well, seein' how yer messin' with my girl there, you're askin yourself one question; Seein' how that's WOLVERINE, who's claws and bones are covered in adamantium, the strongest metal known, can I get t' Him without him tearin' me t' shreds? Well, do you feel lucky messin' with my girl now," Logan asked.

There was no reply. "What a miraculous speech. Since you're messin' with Storm, my companion, you better think twice. You're also seekin' trouble, because I know if I need help, Gambit and Logan will help," Beast said.

"You messin' with Rogue there. Do you t'ink you can dodge Gambit's energy cards," Gambit asked.

Soon the guys went for the X-Men, leaving the X-Women tied to the bumper of cars. Wolverine had already clawed his way through the first mutant, leaving nothing but a ripped up, torn apart, bloody corpse. He was cutting the girls free of the bumpers. Gambit finished his kill second, and Hank third.

"Logan, thanks," Jubilee said, and Logan replied, retracting his claws, "It was help back. You helped me an' I helped you."

"Sugah, can we go home now," Rogue asked Gambit.

"Will you let Gambit collect his money," asked Gambit, walking back into the bar.

"Thank you Hank," Storm said to Beast, who was transforming back into a man.

"Hey, can I drive the car back to the mansion?" asked Jubilee, when Gambit came out.

"No," was everybody's reply.

"Hey Gambit, I'll drive," Logan said.

"No Gambit drive," Gambit said.

Soon Gambit and Logan were fighting over who got to drive. The argument was soon over when Logan revealed his claws. "You drive," Gambit said, hopping into the car next to Rogue.

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