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At Risk
       by "Redspark"


Deep in the jungle, high on a cliff, a fire burned through the night. A dark figure poured a silver liquid in to the flames, and the blaze heightened. A thick stream of green smoke slithered through the air, and entered the heart of the figure.

Lightening crahsed, and he proclaimed,

"The world will soon be destroyed! The thunderous crash of waves unnumbered shall crash upon the shores! Winds shall rip homes and trees from the land! The earth shall split in two, and fire will cover the planet! And all very soon!"

Many kinds of beings inhabited the land. Humans, and mutants among them. There was one mutant, in particular. He was Professor Charles Xavier. He ran a school for gifted mutants. He was also the founder of the X-MEN.

Samantha Red, Codename: Redspark, stood looking out the window in the mansion. The room was deserted, and she liked the quiet. In serenity, she could think and daydream and ponder.

Her thoughts were broken as she felt fingers trail down her arm. She looked and saw Logan, (Wolverine). He looked behind him at Samantha as he walked across the room. She smiled coyly, as did he.

When he was gone, Samantha sighed. Ever since they'd met one another, those few months ago, when Samantha came to school, and ended up being an X-MEN member, they'd flirted. Beyond amount, they'd wanted one another, so it was a mystery how they could be so close, yet so far apart.

Sometimes, Samantha was saddened by this thought-that she loved Logan.

Later, Samantha once again gazed out the window. She could fly. That and create and control fire. As she wondered what it would be like to fly amongst the stars, two hands were placed on her shoulders. Someone was up against her back.

Before she turned around to face him, she knew it was Logan. Her deep eyes, that possessed a chocolate hue gazed in to his. They entered a little world all their own.

No words were spoken. None were needed. All that mattered was that their fantasies, their wishes came true.

"X-MEN!" Professor Xavier's call sounded on their communicating devices.

Logan and Samantha were slightly dismayed as the feeling they dreamt about were canceled. The X-MEN gathered around the Professor.

"Is there trouble?" Scott Summers, Cyclops asked.

"I'm afraid so. There is a legend. It's based around a concoction. This is called Vayin. Vayin is a chemical not thought to exist, but if it surfaces, and someone mixes it with fire, the world would end in thirty-six hours. But I'm afraid it has come true. Someone has mixed them. I've managed to find his location."

He typed in to the computer. It showed a tall, muscular mutant with green eyes, and sandy blonde hair.

"That's an evil mutant?" Jubilation Lee, Jubilee asked.

"Yes. Do not be fooled by his looks. He is in the Amazon. You have to go find him, and kill him, to break the spell."

So in several minutes, the X-MEN loaded on to the jet, the Blackbird, and were off.

When they arrived, they got out and looked around. They were in a clearing of trees, huts. Twenty small huts stood around in a tiny village.

"So...We have visitors." A voice behind them said.

"We come to find Dusk." Scott told him.


"He plans to destroy the earth!"

"Of course he does. He has been searching for the Vayin for years, and has finally found it. He is a great leader. He cares for his village."

"Do you really want to die?"

"We die in favor of Dusk. You are welcome to stay."

So they did. And in the meantime, Rogue went out, and searched for Dusk. But she had no luck.

The next day, early in the morning, Samantha flew through the trees. She had to find Dusk. But she too, had had no luck. Suddenly, she was grabbed and pulled down. She found herself staring in to a pair of emerald eyes. They belonged to;


"Ah, one of the visitors. I have been notified about you."

Behind her back, she built up a mass of fire. Dusk snapped a finger, and hands were clamped to her her. She felt her strength, and her power drained. She fell to the ground, and looked up. She saw a tall, husky mutant.

"What did he do to me?" She asked Dusk.

"He has drained your powers, temporarily. But you won't be needing them. Now come with me."

And she followed him. She knew his worker wouldn't let her escape.

"What do you want with me?"

"To kill you."

Samantha's heart skipped a beat.


"Do you think I'm stupid? I know you and your friends aim to kill me."


"Yes!" Dusk's eyes narrowed.

Samantha gathered up all her strength, and;


Logan had been asleep, but he shot sitting right up. Samantha's cry wasn't loud at that distance, but he knew he wasn't hallucinating. Pulling on a pair of pants, he ran out the door and through the forest. He sniffed, having a wolf's heightened senses, for Samantha. He knew her scent, and realized then- it had been in his dreams.

Samantha was slapped for screaming for help. She hit a wooden wall. It was a hut, well hidden in the forest.

"IN!" Dusk snapped. Samantha entered, and she wondered why Dusk hadn't killed her already. Then it hit her.

"Take off your clothes." He ordered.

I knew it.

Logan ran as fast as he could through the woods.

Dusk's eyes lit up as Samantha pulled off her shirt.

Samantha's scent grew stronger.

Samantha backed up in to the bed, and fell backwards on to it. She crawled backwards, shaking, and breathing heavily, fearing for her life.

"Now you'll be quiet." Dusk told her as he pulled off his shirt, and climbed on to the bed, kneeling over her.

SNIKT! Long, metal claws thrust through Dusk's throaght. His eyes widened, and he was dead. The body was pushed off the bed.

Logan slumped down next to Samantha.

"You okay, darlin'?" He asked her.

She nodded. They looked at each other, panting.

And that was the bursting point. For too long, they had desired. And to have them both there, alone and topless in seclusion, was too much too handle. Logan swept Samantha up in his arms, and lay her down on the bed.

They kissed. It was long, and fast-paced and passionate. Quickly, they removed their clothes, and Logan drew up the blanket around them. He ran his hand down Samantha's face, and aroused, slipped himself in to her. Her breath caught in her thraoght, and then she sighed, to finally have him.

As he went in and out of her, she created a fire bubble around them, protecting them from ending it before it had too. She ran her hand down his chest.

In a few moments, they were tired out. Logan held her close to him in his arms.


"Yeah, darlin'?"

"I...I...Love you."

"Samantha, you know I ain't scared of a lot of thing, but I didn't want to lose you today."

He kissed her again, and then they fell asleep.


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