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       by "Jean"

We begin this story in a dark room. A young woman sits in a chair, her mouth covered with tape. She is strapped to the chair, and 2 men watch her from the next room from a plastic window. They smile and talk between themselves. The clock ticks away, and finally chimes. One man pushes a button for the intercom, and the voice bellows in the room "Would you like a blindfold, Miss ReNas?" The woman shakes her head violently. She glares with an evil look in her eyes at the men. "You don't know how good this is for man-kind, Ana. It's for the good of the world." The man continues. She continues staring. The man picks up his finger from the button, and presses another. The room's faint lights turn off. The small room begins to fill up with a greenish-shade gas. The woman holds her breath, trying to preserve just a few more minutes of her life. Just then, the men in the room are heard screaming, and the plastic window brakes into millions of pieces. The woman feels the tape on her mouth rip off, and the straps holding her to the chair break. She hears a voice say, "Follow me!" She obeys, and follows the dark figure from the room. Before she can say Thank You to whoever saved her, the man is gone, leaving only 3 indentations in the wall. The woman runs from the building, and when she gets about 100 ft away, she puts her hands together, and a flame bursts from her hands, hitting the lab, and setting more flames to it than it already has. She runs west, hoping to find her family, but that's another story. We follow the "dark figure", Wolverine, or Logan, as he looks for his past, unknowing that this woman would come into his life again, in ways he couldn't begin to comprehend. We find him walking down a street in the quiet down of Thebelle, New York.

Logan walked down the street slowly; he was in no rush. It had been 2 days since he left his friends in the X-Men to find his past. The time was around 9 PM, and it was a humid night. He continued walking until he saw something very disturbing, especially in a particularly safe town like Thebelle, New York. A beautiful, young woman, possibly in her late 20s, stumbled out onto the road, a man behind her with a gun pointed straight at her head. "I'm sick of your type comin' in to my bar!" The man prepared his rifle to blow this woman's brain five miles from her head, but Logan ran and extended his claws. The man looked his way, and seeing this muscular man with adomantium claws running toward him, he pointed the gun his direction, and shot directly at Logan's chest, but missed and got his shoulder. The man ran away, dropping the gun, as Logan fell to the ground, his cotton shirt soaking up blood that was pouring from his arm.

Logan woke up indoors, his shoulder and head was bandaged, and before him was a blazing fire. He sat up. He looked around. Around him was the habitat of a small apartment. He sat on a pullout sofa, pillows surrounding where his head had been. "Oh good, you're awake." A tall, slender woman walked towards him. Her long, red hair and glowing reddish-orange glowed in the darkness of the room. "Where am I?" asked Logan. "You're in my apartment. You saved my life. Thank you." Logan remembered what had happened earlier. His fall must have knocked him out. "I'm Ariana. I'm, uh, Russian, people just call me Ana." The woman said. "'Name's Logan." Logan replied; trying to put everything that happened together that happened. "You should get some sleep," Ariana told him. Before Logan was going to say something in objection, but Ana pressed her finger to her mouth. "Ssshhh, you need your rest. We can talk in the morning."

The next morning, Logan awoke to the smell of bacon cooking on the stove. He sat up, and saw Ariana making breakfast. Logan got up, knowing he had healed from the previous night's conflict. Ariana heard him get up, and quickly turned around, pan in hand as if to attack. Realizing it was just Logan; she went from attack position to a welcoming smile and said "Good Morning, Logan." "Uh, yeah." Logan muttered, looking at the frying pan Ariana was holding above her head, as if to whack someone with it. Ariana noticed, and quickly brought it down, and smiled very nervously. "Sorry about that," she began. "Do you have some sort of mental problem?" Logan asked. Ariana's smile faded. "Let's just say there are people after me." She replied. "Want breakfast?" she asked. "Yeah, sure." Replied Logan. He sat at the table and Ariana served him eggs and bacon. "Who's after ya, darlin?'" Ariana clenched her teeth. "Please, don't call me darling." She closed her eyes and thought. "I'm a mutant. Lots of people are after me." She held out her hand. A flame sprouted from it, and sat in her hand. "Pirokenesis." She said. She closed her hand and the flame vanished. "That's why I was almost killed last night," she said. "But who scares you enough to attack someone with a frying pan?" Logan asked. " His name's Sabertooth." Ariana replied, with much hatred in her voice. Wolverine looked up from his breakfast and looked straight into Ariana's blazing eyes. "What does he want with you?" Logan asked, rage burning inside him just at the mention of his archenemy. "In the beginning, he was my only friend. I was a foolish child, then, probably only 20 years old. He showed me I didn't need humans to trust me. He handed me over to a lab. I was studied and almost dissected, until some guy broke out and the whole place exploded, and saved me just as they were gonna kill me from putting me in a gas chamber. I guess a lot of people have had the opportunity to save my life." I saved her after breaking out of the chamber, Logan remembered. I hardly remembered. But wouldn't she recognize me? She could be dangerous if she was a friend of Sabertooth's. "I escaped, but now the surviving doctors at the lab want me back," Ariana continued, "and they sent out Sabertooth. Now I've got a bunch a' lab doctors and Sabertooth after me. I have to be cautious. People are talkin' about seein' Sabertooth around, lately."

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