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Wolverine/Batman: Feral Knights
       by Zuned Khalifa

Part 1

Batman silently rappelled down the rooftop. He had for several weeks suspected misdemeanors on the new government project, Project Eternity, that had to do with genetic experimentation. He had used his influence at Wayne Industries to prevent funding it, but a private organization based in Gotham called IntelleKt industries had shown interest. After the disappearance of several citizens, he discovered their remains only to find them drained of blood. His contacts on the streets were sure it was the work of the project.

His low-level moles were unsure of what did it, but they were certain it was from the project as well. He was tipped to the next night these occurrences would repeat and he had been following a trio of bizarre, pale men.

As soon as he saw one of them reach to bite the neck of, he was certain they were vampires. He swung down. "I suggest you men back off until we can somehow undo what has been done to you." The lead vampire dropped the homeless man he was to feed on and approached Batman. "We are more than human now! Why would we go back o mere mortals!" They rushed Batman. Bruce barely had time to throw a specialized batarang. It exploded to release gas.

"Ahh! Garlic gas!" He grabbed the hobo and went to run when a vampire grabbed his shoulder and tossed him hard. He stood up to fight back but there was little he could to against three of the US' deadliest Navy Seals. "Now you die Batman!" SNIKT! A lithe figure swooped down. "Lines you use don't improve much once you're undead, huh bub?" Wolverine muttered in his gravely voice. His adamantium claws flashed in the little light present in the alley. Batman stood up, with another explosive batarang in his hand. The vampires were silently felled by Wolvie's quick claws and the garlic gas. "Huh! That reeks worse then gambit's cookin'!" Wolvie grimaced. He helped Batman to his feet. "Thanks Logan. But I'm afraid this means I was right about this project." Wolverine nodded.

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