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Forewords from the author, M. Keith Davis

Something different...

"Why would Rahne Sinclair want to be with the X-Men? How would she reconcile that way of life with her faith? Wouldn't a character like her eventually have a nervous breakdown or something? Would she ever kill anybody? What effect might her faith have on some of the rougher characters in the Marvel Universe?" These are questions I sought to answer when I first set out to write this story in 1990. I wanted it to be a homemade graphic novel--daring, cutting edge, and uncensored. Well, I only pencilled five pages and crudely inked them years later...but the story stayed in my mind. So here it is, written out in an html format and  illustrated with the five original pages, some new art, and some scans from Marvel comics by other artists.

This is a full-length adventure spanning the globe, other dimensions, and time itself. It is rated PG-13. There is some mild language in it, and it deals with some serious topics such as child abuse, killing, sex, and religion. If you are not familiar with the main character, Rahne Sinclair, then you will want to click here for some Background Information. There is a a homepage for her that was started December 1999, you can view it here: Wolftracks! Wolverine is a major character in this story also.

BE SURE TO BOOKMARK YOUR PLACE. "Acceptance" is 19 parts long, plus the prologue and epilogue, plus links to illustrations. Each part is between 3 and 7 pages in MS Word 97. It's not a novel, by any means, but you don't want to lose your place.

I would like to take this time to thank my editors, Crystal Davis (my lovely wife), Donnell Carlisle (Mom!), and Alystraea!

Begin the story!

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