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The Sister
       by "Bunny"

Sabertooth mulled over the information he'd just heard Professor X give Wolverine...

Saberthooth: (thinking) So, Wolverine has a sister, eh?

Wolverine: Jubes? My sister? But ... how?

Professor X: Well, you were abandoned by your father, right?

Wolverine: Yeah, so?

Professor X: Well, along the way, he and Jubilee's mother got together.

Wolverine: (tightly) And, he abandoned them, too...

Professor X: Yes, he did.

Wolverine: I've gotta tell her.

Professor X: Perhaps you should calm down first, think over what you want to say?

Wolverine: Yeah ... I ... I'm gonna go catch a smokes ...

Sabertooth's grin widened as he saw her come in from the other door ...

Jubilee: Hey. How ya doin'?

Sabertooth: Much better now that you're here ... But, maybe you could see about these cuffs...

Jubilee: Why? What's wrong?

Sabertooth: (pitifully) They're causing sores.

Jubliee: (sympathetically) You poor thing! Here, let me see ...

Wolverine came in and went to talk to Jubilee. He knew it was late, but, heck, the kid was a bit of a night-owl anyway ... Geez, this explained so much! The instant connection, the love, the protective instinct ... He was actually shocked when she wasn't in her room, though ... Suddenly, he went cold, and ran towards the room where they were keeping Sabertooth ...

Jubilee gasped as the cold water hit her. Sabertooth could hold his breath a longer time than her, and that really scared her. He had a vice-grip on her, and she couldn't even blast him ... Where was Wolverine? He'd kill Sabertooth when he caught him. That is, if he did catch him ... She coughed and sputtered as they broke the surface, and he jumped onto the bank with her.

Sabertooth: (as if they were just having a normal conversation) I overheard something very interesting, little girl ...

Jubilee: (struggling vainly) I'm not a little girl! Let go of me!

Sabertooth: (easily restraining her) Did you talk to Wolverine?

Jubilee: (apprehensively) W-why?

Sabertooth: It turns out he's your big-brother ... And, your gullibility gave me the ulitmate revenge ticket ...

Rogue: Hey,where's the fire, sugar?

Wolverine: (practically growling) Get out of my way; I gotta find Jubilee!

Rogue: Why? Somethin' wrong?

Rather than bother with explanations, he just pushed past her and ran out into the night air ...

The heat felt oppressive, the blood pounding in her ears. She couldn't think, couldn't do anything, at least she couldn't feel anything yet, either ... Filled with shame at her inability to fight him, she just turned her head away, and let the hot tears flood over her cheeks ...

The next thing she knew, the heavy weight was off her, and she was acutely aware of every sound the night made ... Especially the faint, familliar, "snikt" ... and then the sound of growling, snarling, punches ... She couldn't see, because she couldn't move ... She was now more than aware of the bruising and cuts, as her whole body began to rebel against the slightest of movement, and she was overcome with the intense, throbbing ache ... Then, it was over. She felt a pair of strong, yet gentle arms lift her up and take her close ... That was the last thing before she passed out and slumped over onto Wolverine's chest.

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