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The Eternal
       by Rodrigo Costa

He looked up to the cloudless sky. The wind was hot and humid. Typical of South-American countries, in the summer. Magnificent views. He lit the cigar that was in his mouth and smiled as a figure approached him. She called out to his name. The man was Logan, the X-man known and feared as Wolverine. The figure was Daniella, a strange and mysterious woman that claims to have information about Wolverine's past. "What did I get into this time?" - He thought while walking towards the mystical figure - "Won't I ever learn?"

- All those with a great spirit move with their hearts, Señor Logan.

He stopped. She looked at him with curiosity.

- Surprised that I could read your mind? Is it because of your blocks, or you just never expected a psychic in a place like this?

- A little o' both. - said Logan, puffing his cigar. She smiled.

- Oh, you don't have to give me this tough act of yours.

- It's not an act lady. I am... -

She interrupts him. - Besides, - she said firmly - I do believe that you're the best at what you do. If I didn't, you wouldn't even be here today. Will your friend be joining us anytime soon?

Logan knew he had to be extra careful with what he thought from now on. The woman had broken mental barriers that Jean, and even Professor X himself, failed to get through. He looked at the beautiful brunette again. As they walked to the woods and away from the little city at the bottom of the Inca empire, he thought back to what brought him there.

The first time he heard that voice was in a cold November night. He was in the X-mansion and Hank McCoy, the Beast, came to him saying there was a call from a 'friend'. Even though when he answered the phone he realized he had never heard that voice before, he decided to listen to the person, who finally identified herself as Daniella. She said she could provide information about his past. Logan grinned. "Really? - he said - And what would you like in exchange?" There was a pause. He continued: "Well? You ain't callin' just for fun. I know your type, sugar" "You know nothing" - Daniella's voice sounded calm, yet strong - "not who I am, or even your full name. But there's one thing you do know, and that's what I need. In the mail you'll find a first class ticket to Peru, which was more than we could afford. You'll also find some fake documents. You'll need them. The airport you are going to is not that big. Take a taxi. Tell the driver you want to go to Atamulga. If you want to you can bring that little friend of yours... Job-lee? But she'll have to buy her own ticket. I'll meet you in the city. Hasta". She hung up before he even had the chance to ask her important questions, like if she was nuts or how she got the X-mansion phone number. Could easily be a setup, but he just couldn't resist any information about his past. The doorbell rang. The mail had just arrived, bringing the ticket and the documents, as promised. There was also a note. "Don't miss your flight. The matter is urgent!" That was it. He decided to call Jubilee and ask her to come along, as back up. She was pretty good in the fighting action last time they met. Besides, even though he didn't admit it very often, he enjoyed her company.

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